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Friday, September 17, 2010

Police Recover The Body Of A Missing Boater

Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP recovered the body of 46 year old Charles Robert Lyons this afternoon from Nelson Lake.

He was reported missing on Monday after his boat was found a drift on the lake.
Foul play is not suspected but, an autopsy will be performed on Sunday to determine the cause of death.

Don't Feed The Ducks In Rockwood Park

(Stone At Entrance To Rockwood Park)
      (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Rockwood Park is about to come a no feeding the duck zone.

City officials will install signs asking everyone to stop feeding the animals.

More details about the campaign are set to be unveiled Monday morning when the Manager of Rockwood park, Ray Walsh, holds a news conference to explain why feeding the animals is hurting them.

Man Killed On Bicycle Identified

A man from Brooklyn, New York has been identified as the person killed yesterday afternoon on Highway Seven.
23-year old Andrew Wolf was part of a group of cyclists based out of Ottawa and was killed after being hit by a transport truck near Petersville Hill.
No word yet on whether charges will be laid.

Search Called Off For Grand Bay Westfield Man

RCMP has called off the search for a missing Grand Bay Westfield man.
46-year old Charles Lyons was last seen at a camp near Nelson Lake last Sunday. His boat was then found the next day drifting in the water.

If anyone has any information about where Lyons may be, they are asked to call RCMP.

Province Works Out A Deal Union

While the work to rule campaign continues for teacher assistants, labour peace has been found for another union.
Local 1253 which represents more than 2600 school bus drivers and custodians have reached a tenative deal with the Province.
No details are being released until a ratification vote has been held.

Conservatives Make Pledge To Hunters And Fishers

Those who enjoy hunting or fishing will be happy to hear the latest campaign pledge from the Conservatives.

If elected on the 27th, Leader David Alward says his party will make changes to the moose hunting season and give more people to take part.
Alward says there are some people who haven't had their name drawn in ten years and that is not fair.
The Conservative Party is also pledging to increase the catch limit of trout from five to ten.

Poverty Reduction Forum In Saint John

Taking stock of where they are and making plans for the future.

That is the goal of an anti-poverty forum being held in Saint John today with anti poverty activists from around the Province taking part.
Randy Hatfield is Executive Director of the Human Development Council and tells CHSJ News, it's no mystery there are neighbourhoods in the metro that need more help than others.
Hatfield says he is hopeful the Federal Conservatives will reverse their decision and keep the long form cencus as the information is vital to their work.

Conservative Candidate In Rothesay Likes Poll Numbers

(Conservative Candidate In Rothesay Margaret Ann Blaney)
                            (File Photo)

The Conservative candidate running in Rothesay, Margaret Ann Blaney is cautiously optimistic about the latest poll numbers which indicate the Conservatives could be on the verge of winning a majority government.

She does say the reception when campaigning door to door has been good, if that's any indication.

Blaney tells CHSJ News people are telling her they're getting more comfortable with Alward, the more they are exposed to him and one man compared him to former federal Conservative leader Robert Stanfield.

Work To Rule Campaign Continues

(T.A.'s Earlier This Week At HarbourView High)
           (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

It's day five of a work to rule campaign by Provincial Support Workers.

Demonstrations continue at schools around Greater Saint John.

Corrine Kilpatrick is set up with her co-workers in front of Glen Falls school and tells CHSJ News, the average salary for a teachers assistant is $17,000 dollars but this dispute isn't about cash but more hours to be eligible for a full-time pension.

Kilpatrick says the union is more than willign to get back to the bargaining table as soon as the Province offers something fair and equitable.

Liberal Leader Shawn Graham says he wants to resume negotiations with the union to go over recommendations laid out in a recent report in which he hopes will resolve the dispute.

Union Street Deli Will Be Turned Into Another Portland Pub

(Common Councillor Donnie Snook)
               (File Photo)

Turning the Union Deli on Union Street into a pub style restaurant will go ahead but not without some difficulty. The owner of the building, Jack Trainer had some trouble coming to an agreement with the city on what he will be allowed to do.

Common Councillor Donnie Snook is confident it won't turn into a dive but fellow Councillor Peter McGuire says he remains opposed because, in his view, that neighbourhood is too vulnerable to have another bar.

No entertainment will be allowed beyond 10:00 at night and it will be permitted to open at 7 in the morning for breakfast.

Sussex Fire Damages Town's Historic Train Station

Insurance adjusters are assessing the damage from a fire outside the historic train station in Sussex which now houses a military museum and tourist information office.

Sussex Mayor Ralph Carr tells CHSJ News the fire was deliberately set which is very disturbing considering the target which is of historical significance.

The fire began in a garbage can located in a breezeway which connects two buildings and is used by people as protection from nasty weather.

Carr also tells us there was smoke damage to the inside of the museum and tourist office but it could have been alot worse. There is no damage figure yet with the insurance adjusters still to do an assessment.

Graham Dismisses Latest Poll On Election

(Premier Shawn Graham)
         (File Photo)

The latest poll concerning the Provincial Vote is indicating the Conservatives are on the brink of being elected to a majority government. Liberal Leader Shawn Graham tells CHSJ News, the polls go up and down and the only one that counts is on election day.

He maintains his party is the only one that has brought forward a comprehensive plan that talks about the economy, education, health care, senior care and keeping people home.

N-D-P Candidate In Saint John Harbour Hopes To Steer Clear Of Dark Side

After two back to back debates, political pundits are saying the Province's newest party leaders performed well against their more experienced counterparts which includes NDP Leader Roger Duguay.

Saint John Harbour NDP candidate Wayne Dryer tells CHSJ News many are wondering why he, as a pastor, would pursue politics because there is so much mistrust among voters.

Dryer adds he came to the conclusion that after five years as a pastor, he could only accomplish so much. Dryer adds he and Duguay are on a similar journey both having a background in the clergy.

Green Party Leader Preaches Reform

(Provincial Green Party Leader Jack MacDougall)
                     (File Photo)

Green Party leader Jack MacDougall says his party's election platform is built on the legacy we are leaving and what we can do to improve that legacy.

MacDougall told a Board of Trade session late yesterday the Premier's promise of creating 20-thousand high paying jobs falls short of helping to pay down the deficit and won't work. He claims those jobs would only produce about ten thousand dollars in provincial taxes.

MacDougall says his party is also proposing to roll back planned corporate and personal income tax cuts for high income earners. He is also proposing reforms in forestry practices and will bring back tolls on the Trans-Canada Highway.