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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Community Groups Hold Day of FRACtion

It may be the long weekend, but organizations fighting against shale gas exploration in the province aren't taking any time off.

Stephanie Merrill with the province's Conservation Council tells CHSJ News 16 community groups will be gathering in Fredericton tomorrow to march in an Atlantic-wide day of action, or in this case, a day of "FRACtion."

She says it's encouraging to see such a high level of grassroots involvement.

The march kicks off at noon at the Old Burial Grounds and stops outside the Legislature where various speakers will voice their concerns over fracking, the process where fluid is pumped into formations of rock to release gas.

Quispam Hosts This Year's Provincial Party

The town of Quispamsis is hosting the official New Brunswick Day celebrations tomorrow.

Lots of activities are planned including a speech by the Lieutenant-Governor,military displays and exhibits by CFB Gagetown, music, and helicopter rides.

Mayor Murray Driscoll says it's going to be a first class event and you don't want to miss it.

The fun is taking place at the town's new Q-Plex and a free shuttle service will be running from 9am to 6pm at the Superstore and Co-Op parking lots.

Things kick off at 10am.

Splash Pads A Community Hit

Complete with rotating buckets, water guns and sprinklers, two Saint John neighbourhoods are now spending hot summer days at their new splash pads.

Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News splash pads are a great option for people who can't travel far to have summer fun.

Now that Crescent Valley and the South End have splash pads, Court says the city could eventually see them in all four wards.

Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder says he thinks their popularity is simple: people just love the water.

He says they gets kids out of the house and outdoors where they can exercise.

Listeners Debate Price Of Parking

Our listeners weighing in on the price of parking going up on our Facebook page.

Come August 1st parking meters and pay-and-display rates are going up to $1.75 an hour.

One man wants to know if the city will use the extra money to fix the streets.

Another woman says this is one of the poorest provinces in Canada and we already pay enough for food, rent and gas.

Someone else suggests taking the bus for 2.25 and leaving your car at home to save money.

In yesterday's CHSJ News Poll Question we asked if the increase in the uptown parking rate would make you less likely to come uptown.

Seventy-five per cent of you said yes.

Locals Recognized In Provincial Contest

Out of 14 hundred entries, 11 aspiring artists and authors from greater Saint John are being recognized by the province in the annual New Brunswick Day Writing and Drawing Contest.

Eight-year-old Zachary Raver from Hampton was one of the first place winners in the drawing component of the contest and will get to visit an area of the province he's never been to with his family.

Lee Ellen Pottie with the province's Capital Commission says many young New Brunswickers don't realize the rich cultural diversity the province has to offer, and by visiting an unfamiliar area the winners will develop a sense of pride in their province.

Other winners include eight-year-old Heather Totten from Saint John and 15-year-old Victoria Harvey from Quispamsis, who both placed first in the writing portion of the contest.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Calling All Trail-Enthusiasts

If you're a hiker, biker or an ATV-enthusiast, you're being asked to fill out a survey to help develop the country's first national trails strategy.

Poul Jorgensen with the provincial trails council tells CHSJ News it's the first time all the user groups have gotten together to see what types of trails are needed.

He says they're looking to find out whether you like to bike, hike or ATV, what trails you like best, and where you like to go.

Jorgensen says the goal is to create a unified vision for all trails across Canada, and to see what their next steps should be. To fill out the survey follow the link here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Power Outage In Rothesay And Other Areas

There are reports of a power outage in the Rothesay area.  According to the NB Power website, about 2500 customers are in the dark in Rothesay.  

A caller to our 648 3000 news line also telling us that power is also out in Baxter's Corner, Barnesville, and the Garnett Settlement.  No other details have been released.

Parking Rates Going Up

As of August 1st, it will cost you more to park uptown. 

On-street parking meters and the pay and display rates are going up to $1.75 an hour.  This includes two metered lots on Union Street and St. Patrick Street.

However, other off-street lots will stay at $1.50 an hour.

For those seeking for a cheaper option for getting around the uptown, the parking commission wants to remind you there is a free uptown shuttle available from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

Board Of Trade Pleased With Delay in Minimum Wage Increase

Saint John Board of Trade President Imelda Gilman says the delay in the bump of the minimum wage is a sigh of relief for small business owners. 

She tells CHSJ News the increase would have compounded the issues they are already facing, like bumps in fuel and energy costs, because a business can't charge more for their products in order to make up the difference.
She's says a global recession combined with a 19 percent increase to the minimum wage over the past 2 years was making it very difficult for small businesses to keep their head above water.

Living Wage Needed In Province

If you work fulltime in the province, then you shouldn't be earning so little that you're struggling to make do below the poverty line. 

That's the position being staked out by the Saint John Human Development Council as it does some number crunching on what constitutes a living wage. 

Randy Hatfield is the Human Developent Council's Executive-Director and he says while he understands that it may be difficult to meet some payrolls, we need to take a hard look what kind of income do people need in order to sustain themselves.

Word on milk going up in price by 4 cents a litre came shortly after it was announced the next rise in the provincial minimum wage will be delayed by six months to next April.

Saint John Human Development Council Says Living Wage Should Be Norm

Just one week after it's announced there will be a six month delay in raising the minimum wage in the province, there's word milk is going up in price by four cents a litre.

 Randy Hatfield of the Saint John Human Development Council is concerned about the rapid rise in food prices, which along with gas, are fuelling inflation and how the working poor will be able to keep up.

Hatfield tells CHSJ News they're number crunching on something he refers to as a living wage saying if you work fulltime then you shouldn't find yourself below the poverty line.

Hatfield finds it quite a coincidence the price of milk rises so soon after the minimum wage announcement.

St. Stephen Family Homeless After Blaze

A house fire on Queen Street in St. Stephen forcing a mother and her two young children, including a 10-month old, from their home late yesterday afternoon.

The Canadian Red Cross was called to provide assistance to the family who is staying with relatives.

A Red Cross volunteer arranged for the family to receive clothing and food.

Rothesay High Vandalised

Extensive damage caused the other night to the field and irrigation houses at Rothesay High.

Rothesay Regional Police estimate damage from the vandalism at around 2 thousand dollars.

 Police suspect it occurred sometime after 11:00 on Wednesday night and they're asking anyone who might have seen something or has information about what happened to give them a call at 847-6300.

Cargo Of Lobster Rolls Over On Highway

Traffic delays on Highway 1 at Lorneville are expected. A tractor trailer filled with thousands of lobsters rolled over early this morning around 2:30 winding up in the median.

The transport was heading into the city when the mishap occurred by Spruce Lake.

Two people were sent to hospital but their injuries are not believed to be serious.

The cargo will be transferred to another truck.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saint John MP Wishes Jack Layton A Speedy Recovery

As the NDP has officially confirmed rookie MP Nycole Turmel as the party's interim leader, Saint John MP Rodney Weston is wishing Jack Layton all the best as he undergoes treatment of a second cancer.

Weston tells CHSJ News he was surprised as anybody when Layton made the announcement to step down.

He says Layton is a fighter and wants to see him back in Parliament this September.

St. George Dam Not To Blame, Study Says

A new study revealing the St. George Dam had little to do with last December's flooding in Charlotte County. 

On December 13th the area received 174 millimetres of rain and snow melt in a 24 hour period, raising Lake Utopia by 13 feet. 

Engineer Ryan Berg says it wasn't the dam, but a natural obstruction that kept water levels from going down.

He says it was an outcrop of rock upstream of the Brunswick Street bridge that acted as a natural dam and kept the water levels from decreasing.

The dam's main gate was opened in two stages during the flooding, once on the 13th of December and once on the 14th.
Berg says even if the gate had been opened four days prior to the storm water levels would only have gone down an additional 2.2 inches. 
He says if the dam did not exist and the river system was in its natural state water levels would only have been 8 inches lower.

Book Of Condolences For Norway At City Hall

You can send your thoughts and sympathies to those still reeling from the shootings and bombing in Norway --  a book of condolences for the residents of Oslo is being placed outside of the Mayor’s office on the 8th floor of City Hall.

The book will sent to the citizens of Oslo by the The Honorary Consul for Norway in Saint John, Robert Jette.

The book will be available from 8:30am to 4:30pm until August 5.

Mother Wants District 15 To Not Participate In Film

The Bathurst mother who is against the filming of a movie based around the deaths of 7 high school students is asking the school district to not participate in the movie.

Isabelle Hains, who lost her son Daniel in the 2008 van crash, does not want Bathurst High School or any District 15 facilities to be made available for production. 

She says it's too soon for a movie to be made and the film company only wants to make money out of a tragedy.

The school district has yet to announce whether they will participate in the production.

The Phantoms, a TV-movie based on the 2009 Bathurst High School Basketball team after losing 7 players in a van crash, is set to film this fall.

Penobsquis Man Gets Idea To Counterfeit Money From Movie

A Penobsquis man has pleaded guilty to making counterfeit money.

Judge Bill McCarroll told 24 year old Cory Duncan the maximum sentence is 14 years in prison. Duncan returns to court September 16th for sentencing.

The court was told he got the idea from watching the movie "Fakers" and 11 hundred dollars in phony 100 dollars bills were circulated at stores in McAllister Place last March. His first thought was to use the funny money to rip off drug dealers but thought better of it.

In the pre-sentence report, Duncan blamed the stores for not being smart enough to detect the counterfeit bills which the judge told him was a pretty stupid thing to say.

Duncan and two other people from the Sussex area were identified through surveillance photos.

Canadian Blood Services Likes KPMG Report

The independent report on blood services in the province getting plenty of criticism but not from Canadian Blood Services which calls it "thoughtful" and "thorough".

Spokesperson Amanda Cullen is not surprised at the conclusion it would cost the province tens of millions of dollars to go it alone or partner with Quebec.

Cullen goes on to say their plans have been modified to take into account the concerns on patient safety that were expressed about transferring the blood processing lab to Dartmouth.
According to Cullen, the KPMG report does not recommend New Brunswick break away from Canadian Blood Services.

Cost Of Milk Going Up

Get ready to pay more for your milk -- the price of milk is jumping by 4 cents a litre on Monday.

The New Brunswick Farm Products Commission says the increase is due to an increase in fuel, fertilizer, and feed costs.

Milk sold in schools will also be increasing by five cents per portion when students return in the fall.

Jail For Truck Driver In Cyclist's Death

A truck driver has been sentenced to  two months in jail and pay a 1000 dollar fine for driving without due care and for spending more than 13 consecutive hours behind the wheel.

Last September, 29-year-old Jason Donald Dickison had just crested the Petersville Hill on Highway 7 when the fender of his tractor trailer bumped the back tire of a cyclist.

 23-year-old Andrew Wolf of New York was propelled 62 meters forward as a result, and died at the scene of the crash.

The prosecution calling Dickison's momentary lapse of attention inexplicable because Wolf and his fellow cyclists were in plain view, it was a two lane highway,and a clear and sunny day.

Dickison is allowed to serve his sentence intermittently, over a period of weekends.

Drivers Get A Bit Of A Break

If you need to fill up today, you'll be paying a bit less for gas in the city after the weekly setting although the price drop isn't all that great.

Self serve regular is down by less than a cent at $1.27.3 a litre and diesel is going for $1.30.1.

 Propane is listed at $1.12.8 a litre with heating oil at $1.13.7. Both of which represent a slight decrease from the previous setting.

Plenty Of Reaction To Blood Services Report

Saint John MP Rodney Weston is echoing the concerns of both the Saint John and New Brunswick Medical Society with the release of the KPMG report that concludes it would cost the province tens of millions of dollars to go it alone with its own blood system or enter into a partnership with Quebec.

He tells CHSJ News the independent review on the cost of blood service options if Canadian Blood Services moves their lab fails to look at the pros and cons of keeping blood processing in Saint John. It is scheduled to be transferred to Dartmouth in 2013.

Weston says it's a key point and he doesn't know why it was left out.

Saint John Dr. Andrea Garland says the independent report on the province's blood service options missed out by not exploring the option of keeping blood processing here in the city while the New Brunswick Medical Society argues the report does not indicate which of the alternatives to the current system would be ideal for patient safety which is its biggest concern.

Convenience Store Owners Tell Government "Give Us A Break"

The Atlantic Convenience Stores Association now weighing in on the debate over whether the next increase in the provincial minimum wage should be delayed by six months.

Association President Mike Hammoud tells CHSJ News he's not against someone making decent money but the prices of the top three sellers in convenience stores are gas, tobacco and lottery tickets are all regulated by government.

Hammoud also points out convenience stores are closing at the rate of one per day with 100 of them shutting their doors in New Brunswick over the past five years.

He argues raising the minimum wage by 19 per cent in just two years is too much for convenience store operators who already find themselves under financial pressure. Hammoud maintains there should be no increase as long as the economy is flat.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Brothers Big Sisters Need 100 Men

Big Brothers Big Sisters says a shortage of male volunteers will have them looking for a few good men -- 100 to be exact.

Spokesperson Deanna Gamble tells CHSJ News they'll be launching a campaign this fall called "1 year, 100 Men" as there are 130 boys on the waiting list looking for a match.

She says there are different levels of commitment so the program can suit anybody, such as in-school mentoring which only takes one hour a week.

She says it's a life changing experience for both the mentor and child.

Guilty Pleas For Pair Of Break-Ins

Two years in prison for 43-year-old Theodore Glenwood McMorran after he was arrested for break and enters into two St. Stephen area businesses on July 23rd.
McMorran pleaded guilty to charges of break and enter, uttering threats along with possession of marijuana and oxycontin.

Convenience Store Owners Say Wage Increases Have Been Too Frequent

The Alward Government is being called on to keep increases in the minimum wage affordable by the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association. 

President Mike Hammoud tells CHSJ News raising the minimum wage in the province by 19 per cent over a period of two years has been too much for many of the convenience stores as profits don't increase at the same rate.

Hammoud goes on to say it doesn't make sense to raise the minimum wage when economic growth is flat or negative.

Driver Gets Two Months For Attention Lapse

A truck driver will spend two months in a provincial prison and pay a 1000 dollar fine for driving without due care and for spending more than 13 consecutive hours behind the wheel.

Last September, 28-year-old Jason Donald Dickison had just crested the Petersville Hill on Highway 7 when the fender of his tractor trailer bumped the back tire of a cyclist.

23-year-old Andrew Wolf of New York was propelled 62 meters forward as a result, and died at the scene of the crash.

The Crown calling Dickison's momentary lapse of attention inexplicable because the Wolf and his fellow cyclists were in plain view, it was a two lane highway, and it was a clear and sunny day.

Dickison is allowed to serve his sentence intermittently, over a period of weekends.

Sewar Problem Causes Rotten Eggs Smell On Rothesay Avenue

The Nissan building on Rothesay Avenue had to be ventilated early this morning.

Fire Crews were called shortly before 5:00 after the strong rotten eggs smell of natural gas was detected.

It turned out to be a sewar backup which caused the problem.

Leaving Canadian Blood Services Will Be Expensive

The Provincial Government has finally released the long awaited report from KPMG on blood services. It concludes replacing Canadian Blood Services with a new provincial blood system would cost tens of millions of dollars. According to the report, partnering up with Quebec would also be expensive.

The estimated start up cost for both options is in the range of 23 to 40 million dollars. In addition, it's estimated the annual costs would be from 15 to 30 per cent higher than staying with Canadian Blood Services. The province contributes about 25 million dollars a year to C-B-S.

 Provincial Health Minister Madelaine Dube says her preferred option is to keep the Saint John blood processing centre open and is vowing to fight for that. It is scheduled to be relocated to Dartmouth a couple of years down the road.

Natural Gas Smell On Rothesay Avenue

Fire Crews called out early this morning shortly before 5:00 to the Nissan dealership on Rothesay Avenue where the strong smell of natural gas was detected.

The building is being ventilated. Enbridge Gas was also called.    

Word Of Warning From Board Of Trade

The President of the Saint John Board of Trade Imelda Gilman says the recent close call with American Iron and Metal almost dropping its expansion is a sign of possible trouble down the road.

Gilman tells CHSJ News there are many land use plans in the city but everyone needs to work together if the city is going to prosper with all of the major landowners such as the city and the port having their land use plans properly aligned.

She says by having everybody on the same page, it will make it easier for local businesses to grow and make the city more attractive to outside investors. Gilman believes the current development of a new municipal plan by Plan SJ can help make that possible.

Saint John NDP Candidate Confident Jack Layton Will Be Back

The woman Opposition Leader Jack Layton is recommending should replace him as interim leader is a rookie M-P but has three decades' experience battling within government.

Layton endorsed Quebec M-P Nycole Turmel as his preferred replacement while he takes a medical leave to fight a new cancer.

Turmel is a former president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which represents workers in the federal civil service.

Sources close to Layton say he chose Turmel because she's bilingual, experienced and unlikely to ruffle many feathers.

Rob Moir ran in Saint John for the NDP in May's federal election finishing second which surprised alot of people. It was the best showing yet for the party locally.

Moir tells CHSJ News if anyone can beat another bout of cancer, it would be Layton. Even though he looks frail and his voice is raspy, Layton vows he'll return to Parliament in September.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Merit Awards Recognize City Contributers

Some of Saint John's deserving citizens taking home merit awards in recognition of their hard work.  The Mayor handing out awards in eight categories including arts and culture, public service, sports and business. 

Glen Fillmore receiving a merit award for his work developing the Junior Police Academy, a program that pairs at risk youth with police officers.

Fillmore says he's absolutely surprised to be receiving an award.  He says the program exists thanks to the hard work of many people working behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, Sgt Don Cooper taking home an award for his volunteer work with minor football in the city.  Cooper says he got involved with football when he was in high school and this fall will be his fortieth year coaching.

Cooper says it's all about the kids.  He says he enjoys coaching, and that's why he does it.

American Iron And Metal Confident That Expansion Will Happen

The President of American Iron and Metal Herb Black says the expansion of the metal shredder at the port should be going forward as planned.

The port, NB Power, and the city held an emergency meeting yesterday and have worked out a tenative plan to get power to the project after the company threatened to take it elsewhere.

Black tells CHSJ News since there seems to be a solution, he won't be abandoning Saint John.

He hopes the power issue is the last hiccup in the plan and says he looks foward to prospering with the city.

Details about how the expansion will be powered will be dicussed at the next council meeting.

Kids N' Kops Academy Underway

City police are training some junior partners this week -- 12 children from Big Brothers Big Sisters are taking part in the Kids N' Kops program.

The kids are involved in a week-long academy where they learn about law enforcement.

Big Brothers Big Sisters spokesperson Deanna Gamble tells CHSJ News the kids gain a new respect for the law and the people who put on the uniform.

The cadets will be graduating this Friday in a ceremony at Rockwood Park.

Local NDP Candidate Says Party Will Forge Ahead Despite Leader's Illness

Political foes are offering their best wishes to N-D-P Leader Jack Layton, who has revealed he's fighting a fresh bout against cancer.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he's ``deeply saddened'' to learn of the new illness while Liberal Leader Bob Rae applauds Layton's courage.

Layton is taking a leave of absence as party leader in order to fight the disease.

Rob Moir ran for the NDP in Saint John during the last federal election and came in second for the party's best showing ever. He doesn't think this will curtail the party's momentum as there is a lot of strength in the party with a lot of young people eager to learn.

The N-D-P's federal council could choose an interim leader on Thursday.

New Police Headquarters Won't Finish On Time

There will be a delay in the completion of the new police headquarters at Peel Plaza.

Project Manager Bill Edwards says the contractors are estimating the project will be finished by April of next year but he feels that is an aggressive timeline.

Hsays costs are being kept in check but did not give a date as to when he thinks the headquarters will be completed.

As for the parking garage, he says that project is coming in on time and will be completed by February.

Father Drowns While Rescuing His Children

A weekend trip to Grand Lake to get some relief from the heat turned into tragedy with the drowning of a 43 year old Fredericton man identified as Mitch Clarke.

He disappeared under the water after helping to rescue his two young children. They got into difficulty after getting caught up in the stronger winds and waves that developed.

The two, who had life jackets on, were being pushed further out into the lake when Clarke went into the lake to get them safely back to shore.

He worked as Vice-President of Wilkins Building Supplies and a funeral service will be held Thursday morning.

Option Reached For Metal Shredder At Emergency Meeting

After three hours of discussion behind closed doors, Mayor Ivan Court says an option has been hammered out that would allow power to reach a metal shredder on the city's west side.

Court says the details of the option can't be released yet because the costs still have to be worked out.

Court says more information on the option will be available by next Monday when Common Council will vote on the issue. Court would not comment on whether the plan involved an alternative power route or underground transmission lines.

Meanwhile, President of the Port Authority Jim Quinn says he thinks the meeting has put them in a much better place than they were. Representatives from the province and NB Power were also in attendance and Quinn says the new idea takes into account the concerns of everyone involved.

Quinn says it's clear everybody wants the company to receive the power it needs to operate in Saint John.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mother Of Boys In Red Tragedy Critical Of Movie And Province

The mother of one of the teenage boys who died in the Bathurst van crash that killed 7 high school basketball players three years ago is speaking out against an upcoming movie about the crash.

Isabelle Haines tells CHSJ News the movie is opportunistic and exploits a tragedy.

She says if any profits are made, they should go towards increasing safety in student travel.

Haines is also critical of the province -- she says the production could potentially receive up to 250-thousand dollars in tax credits and she says that money should be used to hire licensed school bus drivers to take students to events.

It was announced last week that a TV-movie about the aftermath of the crash, tenatively titled The Phantoms,will begin shooting in October and air sometime next year.

JDI Hosting Two Day Job Fair

Get out your resumes -- JDI is holding a job fair over the next two days at the Lily Lake Pavilion in order to fill jobs in the forestry sector.

The company is looking to hire 82 people for local positions and 200 people provincially for jobs including truck driving and harvesting machine operators.

Irving Woodlands spokesperson Jim Ketterling tells CHSJ News they're looking to replenish their work force as baby-boomers begin to retire.

He says while experience in the industry is great, they are looking to train newcomers as well.

The job fair runs today until 8pm and tomorrow from 8am to 8pm at the Lily Lake Pavilion.

City Hall Will Re-Organize To 4 Key Departments

While the size of council is staying the same, the city itself is changing the way it works and does business.

The city will be revamped into 4 main departments -- growth and development, urban environment, transportation and environment, and Saint John Water.

City Manager Pat Woods says the change will allow the city to deliver key services such as snow removal and road repairs more effectively as well as making it easier for citizens and developers to navigate city hall by putting related services in one department.

He adds the city will also save about 150-thousand dollars a year thanks to the switch.

Hampton Getting The Once Over By Communities In Bloom

It's time to prune, pluck and weed.

Hampton is joining the likes of Tallanstown, Ireland and North Berwick, England in the Communities in Bloom Challenge.

The judges are visiting the town for an evalation today.

The non-profit organization is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility, beautification and to improving quality of life through community participation and a national challenge.

Results will be announced in Quebec City on October 29th.

City Fire Crews Quell Apartment Fire

An apartment fire last night at 54 Coster Street where there was heavy black smoke. Fire crews managed to contain the blaze to one room but the rest of the apartment sustained smoke and water damage.

Early yesterday afternoon, the smell of smoke at Sobeys in McAllister Place prompted a call to the fire department. Fire crews discovered a fan had overheated. The store did not have to be evacuated.

One person arrested this morning for breaking into the United Book Exchange on Charlotte Street. Several charges are expected.

Mayor Complains Common Councillors Are Getting The Wrong End Of The Stick

Mayor Ivan Court says the Common Councillors who voted down a big residential development on Loch Lomond Road have the wrong interpretation of the upcoming municipal plan.

187 homes would have been built with the infrastructure to sustain them already in place.

The plan, which still requires final approval later this year, says housing developments should be focused on the uptown core but

Court counters the plan doesn't shut out other developments, especially if they're in great locations wth water and sewage services available.

Court says he would like to see Plan SJ speak to council about the proper interpretation of the plan.

Meantime, Common Council is holding an emergency meeting tonight in closed session to try to salvage the expansion of American Iron and Metal. The company has said unless it gets the power that's needed, there is no expansion. Officials from NB Power and the Port Authority will also be taking part.

Pharmacists Warn Province Not To Rush On Drug Prices

Pharmacists in the province say they're quite willing to talk about lower drug prices but are worried the provincial government will try to rush things in order to get something in place as early as the fall.

The Executive Director of the New Brunswick Pharmacists Association, Paul Blanchard tells CHSJ News the province does not buy drugs in bulk which would lower the cost.

Blanchard says individual pharmacists do their own buying with corporations like Wal Mart, Shoppers, Sobeys and the Superstore buying in bulk.

The pharmacists are looking for an increase in the fees they get to distribute prescriptions. There is a legislated cap with the last increases in 2001 and 2009.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Special Meeting Called To Find Power For Metal Shredder

With the potential expansion of American Iron and Metal up in the air, Common Council is holding a special meeting tomorrow night discuss how to get power to a metal shredder on the city's West Side.

A-I-M president Herb Black saying the project may not happen after residents raised concerns about power lines going up on the Fundy Coast.

Councillor Bill Farren tells CHSJ News anything like this that doesn't go forward would be a blow to the community.

Mayor Ivan Court says the project is extremely important to Saint Johners and the meeting was called because they want to move it forward as quickly as possible.

Representatives from NB Power, Saint John Energy and the Port will also be on hand for tomorrow night's closed session meeting.

Mayor Stresses Importance Of Local History

With the city recently paying respects to one of it's first Mayors, former school teacher and current Mayor Ivan Court is stressing the importance of learning local history.

Court tells CHSJ News schools spend a lot of time on Canadian history, but not as much on New Brunswick History.

Court says anytime you can get young people connected to the past it's a good thing, because it will keep them from making the mistakes of the past.