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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Medical Officer Warns Against Eating Rotten Easter Eggs

If you're entertaining the kids with some Easter-egg decorating this long weekend, the province's chief medical officer wants to remind you to avoid food poisoning.

Dr. Eilish Cleary issued a reminder that decorated hard-boiled eggs should not be eaten if they've been left at room temperature or if they've been in the fridge for more than a week.

Cleary says it's also best to use a non-toxic colouring dye when decorating Easter eggs.

Southwest Liberal Candidate Concerned With Unemployment

One of the other five candidates running in New Brunswick Southwest is Kelly Wilson, who's representing the Liberals.

Wilson tells CHSJ News people in her riding are concerned about jobs and unemployment, especially amongst youth.  She says unemployment for youth is the highest in the country at 16 per cent, and promises to work to bring new businesses and employers to the area if elected.

Wilson also says her riding would benefit from the Liberal's plan to create affordable child-care spaces for working families.

Candidate Brings New Party To NB For Election

If you've been driving through the riding of New Brunswick Southwest you may have noticed some different election signs out and about. 

Jason Farris is running for the Christian Heritage Party.  He tells CHSJ News its the only pro-life and pro-family party in the country. 

Farris says he wants to see more fiscal responsibility from the government for the sake of his kids.  He says the government needs to be able to say no to more government spending.

Southwest Green Candidate Wants Renewable Energy

With just ten days left before the big vote on May 2, candidates in the riding of New Brunswick Southwest are campaigning hard.
Janice Harvey is running on for the Green Party and tells CHSJ News running a political campaign is both tiring and gratifying.  Harvey says she is most concerned with the issues that aren't being talked about- like climate change.

Harvey says one of the issues specific to the Southwest riding is what will happen with Point Lepreau. She says her position is to decommission the nuclear power plant and move to a form of renewable energy.