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Friday, November 12, 2010

U-N-B Saint John Looks Overseas To Boost Enrollment

(U-N-B Saint John Vice-President Dr. Robert MacKinnon)
                              (File Photo)

David Ganong, who chairs the New Brunswick Business Council, is concerned about the effects an aging population will have on the provincial economy in the future.

Universities are already dealing with fewer students to choose from. Student enrollment at schools in District 8, which is made up mostly of Saint John, has been getting lower and lower for years now.

University Vice-President Dr. Robert MacKinnon says U-N-B Saint John is trying to get around that problem by going out of its way to attract international students and is apparently working with the numbers increasing this year.

Ganong says another problem is that jobs are available in the province but the people who have the proper skill sets are not.

H&R Block Buys Help 4 Taxes

One of the best known voices around tax time has been Roger Haineault of Help for Taxes but he has now sold the business he founded to H and R Block.
Haineault had expanded Help 4 taxes and was operating 5 different offices in the Saint John area. H and R Block is the new owner.

The new name is Help for Taxes by Block. The sale was completed about a month ago. CHSJ News spoke to Haineault in Utah of all places and we asked him why he decided to sell. He told us it was for personal reasons and was not specific about his future business plans. Haineault does say he wants to remain involved with the Saint John community.

Province Seeks To Include The Unelected Parties

The Premier inviting the three unelected political parties the chance to take part in the legislature.
David Alward enlisting UNB Saint John political scientist Don Desserud to assist in the process.
Desserud tells CHSJ News the process is a reminder of Frank McKenna's 1987 sweep of the legislature.

He says at the time, people were concerned about having a one-party state and Desserud says the attempt to include other parties didn't really work but, it was an attempt.
Desserud says he hopes the Green party, People's Alliance and NDP will take advantage of the Premier's invitation.

City Pension Payment Won't Be Made On Time

A deadline of Monday to make a five million dollar payment by City Hall toward it's beleagured Penion Plan won't happen.
Finance Commissioner Greg Yeomans tells CHSJ News, he has been given no indication the payment will be made.

So what happens now is the Pension Board will send a letter to the Superintendent of Pensions indicating the payment hasn't been made which will roll out at the next council meeting on the 22nd.
Mayor Ivan Court is concerned about a nine million dollar payment over and above the five million that needs to be made because of the deficit which he says translates into a tax increase of 17 cents.
City Manager Pat Woods was expected to make recommendations toward the plan by this month but CHSJ News has been told there was disagreement on what the changes should be.

Robberies on the Kingston Peninsula

RCMP are on the look-out after two businesses on the Kingston Peninsula have been broken into.
The first was at the Kingston Irving where someone got through a window and stole quite a few cigarettes.
The second took place at Camp Glenburn where the main door was forced open but officers still don't know if anything was stolen.
RCMP are still looking into both robberies and haven't ruled out they may be connected.

Class Four Power Re-Stored At Point Lepreau

Life is getting back to some-what normal at Point Lepreau with the restoration of it's Class Four Power.

It came back on-line late last night after being knocked off the grid on Monday due to a fault on the isolated phase bus.
With the power back on, work in the reactor building has resumed including work on the calandria tubes.
An official with NB Power tells CHSJ News, the power was lost due to the heavy rain and wind and excess water got into the equipment at the substation.

Mixed Housing Project Update

On schedule and budget are two terms being used to describe work on the Abbey St. Andrew mixed housing project.
It is being constructed at the corner of Charlotte and Duke Street and crews have been busy since May.

Spokes-person Peter Jollymore plenty of people say they are interested in moving in and they haven't begun to advertise yet.
Jollymore says they hope to have the structure up and framed in by the end of next month and are still on schedule to be finished by the end of August.

By-Election Filing Dates Closing In

If your giving any thought to running in one of the six by-elections next month, time is ticking away.
You have until next Friday to put in your paper work with Elections NB. For the vacant ward three seat here in Saint John, four candidates are locked up including Anne-Marie-Mullin, Mark Leger, Danny Robichaud and John Campbell.
The search is also on for a councillor in Grand Bay Westfield with Stephen Evan and Allen Titus the only two names at this point.
By-elections are also scheduled in Alma, Beaubassin, Blackville and Riverview where a councillor is needed in each riding.
Nomination papers must be filed to Fredericton a week from today at two o'clock and everyone has until the 22nd to withdraw their name.
The by-elections are scheduled for December.13th.

City Hall Reaping the Benefits From Higher Education

A one time investment of 2 million dollars to aid the expansion of U-N-B Saint John and the city is reaping the rewards in the form of 1.5 million dollars in property tax each year.
That's a good deal according to Common Councillor Peter McGuire.

Fellow Councillor Donnie Snook says he's blown away at learning the university is providing the students who attend Hazen White St. Francis with 150 mentors.

Mayor Ivan Court points out it's no coincidece literacy levels in Crescent Valley have risen 66 per cent.

Hazen White St. Francis Goes Beyond Reading and Writing

One city school is providing breakfast for up to 150 students every day thanks to the P.A.L.S. program.

Hazen White-St. Francis gets volunteers and supplies from the program as well as funding for field trips.

Principal Jennifer Carhart tells CHSJ News, the breakfast program has some dedicated volunteers from the Regional hosptial.
Carhart they have a teacher who is an expert in dealing with students facing challenges at home who uses her expertise throughout the school not just in one classroom.

Rothesay In No Rush For Expansion of the MacKay

(Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop)
         (File Photo)

The provincial government is reviewing the need for extra lanes on the MacKay Highway and Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop says he fine with it.

He tells CHSJ News, he's glad he's on the same page as Finance Minister Blaine Higgs when it comes to improving safety at the on/off ramps by the fire station and Fox Farm Road.
Bishop adds Rothesay is in no rush for the addtional lanes to the highway.

Creative Way To View Art In District Six

(District Six Superintendent (left) Zoe Watson)
                   (File Photo)

A virtual online art gallery will soon be unveiled by School District 6.

The pictures on display are the creations of elementary school students in the district.

Superintendent Zoe Watson describes the initiative as one of a kind and doesn't know if it's being done anywhere else.
Watson says the pictures can be e-mailed anywhere in the world.