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Monday, October 15, 2012

City Woman Dies In Hoyt Crash

RCMP are looking into a single vehicle crash in Hoyt that claimed the life of a 26-year-old woman.

It happened about 4:30 Sunday morning.

The woman from Saint John died at the scene from her injuries.
She was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle.

The Mounties say alcohol and speed are factors in this crash.

New Liquor Store Opens

A new NB Liquor store officially opened today in the Kennebecasis Valley.

The new store is located at 115 Campbell Dr next to the Superstore in Rothesay.

The store employs 10 full-time and three permanent part-time staff.

Fire & Police Investigate Two Blazes

On the day demolition was set to wrap up, fire causing significant damage to what's left of the old Animal Rescue League in the North end.

Fire crews were also called to Ludlow Street street for a vehicle on fire.

Acting Platoon Chief Marc Carey tells CHSJ News both calls came in just after 1am this morning.

He says the calls came in very close together with a single company handling Ludlow street and more resources diverted to Taylor Avenue.

Carey tells us fire investigators were at the scene today sifting through debris looking into the cause.

Cherry Brook Zoo Not Crumbling Says Director

Cherry Brook Zoo is surprised that Rothesay is hesitant to include them in their next budget.

Linda Collrin is the director of zoo development, and she tells CHSJ news the zoo just received full accreditation from the Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums. This means after an inspection they found the zoo's finances, workers, volunteers and animal care goes above and beyond national zoo standards. She says full accreditation is never given out if a zoo is facing closure.

Collrin admits that the zoo does have financial constraints, but she says they know how to work with a small budget like any other non-profit organization. She says they do depend on people visiting, donations and funding, but after 38 years they don't plan on closing anytime soon.

Collrin adds the Cherry Brook Zoo is actually a 2 million dollar debt-free facility.

BREAKING NEWS: Body Found In Harbour Is A Woman

Photo Courtesy of Tina Durelle
City police confirm the body that was found in Saint John waters over the weekend is that of a woman.

Sgt. Jay Henderson tells CHSJ news at this point in time there's still no details on her identity or cause of death. Police are still waiting for the rest of the autopsy results.

Henderson says we'll know more information either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, which is when the investigators will meet with the coroner to go over the results.

The body was found by a fisherman around noon this past Saturday at Long Wharf.

Report Supports Shale Gas But With Limits

A new report says New Brunswick should proceed with shale gas exploration but limit it to one to three sites to allow for research and development.

University of Moncton biologist Louis LaPierre released his report today following public meetings around the province this summer.

LaPierre says a moratorium on shale gas development as sought by the Opposition Liberals would stop research and not benefit the province.  But interim Liberal Leader Victor Boudreau says research can happen without allowing commercial development. LaPierre says a portion of any shale gas developed in New Brunswick should be reserved for use within the province.

Energy Minister Craig Leonard calls the report ``intriguing'' but says he needs more time to study it.

Opponents of shale gas development are concerned that water could become contaminated as a result of shale gas fracking.

Fracking involves the injection of pressurized water and chemicals to release trapped pockets of natural gas.

Courtesy of the Canadian Press.

MacKenzie Remains Optimistic About City's Future

Saint John is now moving in the right direction and, at least one member of Common Councillor, John MacKenzie from Ward 2 is optimistic that with all the enthusiasm, better days lie ahead.

He says Saint John will definitely grow as a city and he says in three and half years from now, you will see a significant difference.

Common Council is getting ready to launch a campaign entitled Invest Saint John which would be based on the Team Saint John concept of a few years ago.

Recycle NB Suggests Monthly Tire Checks

It could be time to get your pressure checked...and we don't mean your blood pressure.

Pat McCarthy of Recycle NB tells CHSJ News it's important to get the pressure in your tires checked regularly, because improperly inflated tires are less fuel efficient and thus bad for the environment.

He says they recommend that you check your tires once a month and when they are cold.

Starting today, a partnership between Canadian Tire and Recycle NB means you can stop by any location and get your tire pressure checked for free. Your name will also be entered to win a set of winter tires.

Fire in North End

Photo Courtesy of Doug Epton
Part of the former Animal Rescue League Building on Taylor Avenue going up in smoke. 

The first and second floors on the western side of the building were ablaze when fire crews arrived. 

They managed to contain the blaze to that side of the building and there were no injuries but the cause is under investigation. 

The building itself is dilapidated and scheduled for demolition.   

Common Councillor Predicts Big Changes Will Be Happening In The City

Saint John is at a turning point.........That, from Ward 2 Councillor John McKenzie tells CHSJ News you're going to see a far different and better looking city by the time the next municipal election is held in 2016. 

Mayor Mel Norton has said he wants to rebrand Saint John so that it's viewed as a dynamic city open to new ideas and innovation. 

Common Council is enthused about launching a campaign called "Invest Saint John" that would be based on the Team Saint John concept of a few years ago under then Mayor Norm MacFarlane.

Common Council has been told Plan SJ has become a national success story and is attracting attention from across the country.

Mayor Says You Can't Overstate Seriousness Of Pension Issue

Common Council wants to have a plan in place by the end of the year to revamp the city's financially beleaguered pension plan. 

That emerges from its weekend meeting to determine what the priorities will be for next year and by the time the next municipal election rolls around. 

An Ipsos-Reid poll finds Saint Johnners, by and large, don't understand the scope and extent of the problem but Mayor Mel Norton does. He says it might be the most seriously financial challenge the city has ever faced.

Norton says without reforms, the city would have to pay about 24 million dollars into the pension plan next year which is more than the entire budget for one of the protective services.


Shale Gas Reports To Come Out Today

The Alward Tories will release two highly anticipated reports on the impact of the shale gas industry.

The report from Dr. Eilish Cleary, the medical officer of health, will focus on the health impact while the report by Dr. Louis Lapierre of the Institute for Environmental Monitoring and Research will deal with regulation. 

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy tells CHSJ News the government's decision to not release the report is not surprising.

He says the Tories and Liberals have more in common with each other than with the people and are a little afraid of them so they decide to not tell them things.

Cardy adds they are having a hard time adjusting to a modern world where people do find out and get angry that things are being kept from them.