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Friday, March 22, 2013

Keep Boiling Your Water Until Monday At Least

The timing is incredible.   A failure in the chlorination system forcing thousands of Saint Johners to boil their water all weekend and the news came on World Water Day.

Nancy Moar from the City's Communications Department tells CHSJ News people in Millidgeville are being asked to conserve their water.

She says residents in Millidgeville will be accessing their water through a chlorinated storage tank but they are asking them to limit their usage over the weekend.

Two clear tests 24 hours apart are needed before a boil water order can be lifted.

Moar says it possible testing could begin Saturday night meaning the earliest it could be lifted is Monday. 
For more info on the boil water order, click here

Westmorland Inmate Dies

Corrections Canada is reporting an inmate from Westmorland Institution has died after being found unresponsive in his cell.

Mr. John Allain, 70, was serving a 5-year sentence for Indecent Assault on a woman, and Sexual Interference with a woman under the age of 14. His sentence had commenced on March 6, 2012.

As in all cases where an individual dies while in custody, the police and coroner have been notified and Correctional Service Canada will be looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

Protest Against P3 For World Water Day

Representatives from Common Causes, the Council of Canadians, and other activist groups gatheredin King square this afternoon to protest the possibility of a public private partnership for the city's water utility. 

Former Mayor Ivan Court was in attendance as the activists chanted and played drums. He tells CHSJ News P3 wasn't the only option when council examined the issue before and he doesn't understand why that has changed.

Court says the new federal budget indicates there is a billion dollars available in the Canada Fund to help finance the water project. It's widely predicted that Council will decide to go ahead with the application on Monday evening's meeting.

McAlary Would Like To See Lawuit Claims Investigated

People who criticized the previous common council's decision to build a multi-million dollar justice complex in the middle of a economic recession might have more fodder for their complaints now that the contractor who built Peel Plaza is filing a 7 million dollar lawsuit over claims of unpaid work.

Former mayor and current councillor Shirley McAlary tells CHSJ News some cost overruns are to be expected in any major project, particularly when changes were made to the original work order.

McAlary says the claims need to be better investigated because at this point it could be either the contractor's fault or the city's.

Sustainable SJ & The City Take Part In Earth Hour

It's that time of year again when you light candles or sit in the dark for an hour joining the global movement that is Earth Hour. 

It's aim is to draw attention to the large impact a small action can have if millions of people participate.

More than 680 employees of the City are being encouraged to take part between 830 and 930 tomorrow night.     Sustainable Saint John and its 35 member businesses are also taking part. says more than 70 per cent of the world's CO2 emissions is generated by cities.  

A "Lights Out" walk around Lily and Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park is coming up tomorrow.
Participants are asked to meet at the Interpretation Centre at 815pm.

The first Earth Hour was held in Sydney, Australia back in 2007 involving 2.2 million and 2100 businesses.    It has grown to include 7000 cites and towns in a 152 countries across the globe switching off their lights for Earth Hour. 

Boil Water Order For Most Of The City

The city says it can't guarantee the safety of the drinking water after a failure in the chlorination system at Latimer Lake.

Without chlorine, the water isn't being disinfected so a boil water order has been issued for everyone east of Reversing Falls with the exception of part of Millidgeville.

Those water users in Millidgeville not affected live north of Spar Cove Road and Belleview Avenue, north of Millidge Avenue and Ropewalk Road as well as north of the Superstore on Somerset Street.

They're being asked to conserve their water and the city warns the boil water order might be expanded to include them as well.

For more info on the boil water order, click here

Saint John M-P Hopeful About More Affordable Housing

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston is hoping to see more affordable housing built in the city because the Harper government, in the federal budget, is renewing its strategy to reduce homelessness.

Weston says the focus will be on housing first because you can't do much of anything if you don't have a roof over your head.

Saint John M-P Says There Is Money Available For Clean Drinking Water

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty releasing a stay the course or hold the line budget with tight controls on spending while still projecting a balanced budget by 2015. 

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News there is money available to help pay for clean drinking water with construction of a water treatment plant on the east side. Weston says whether a deal is struck this year is in the control of the city. 

He adds there will also be money available for other projects, like arenas,  with the indexing of the gas tax transfer to the cites. Mayor Mel Norton has said a priority for him is to build a multiplex ice surface at Long Wharf.

Fundy-Royal M-P Rob Moore says families in his riding will benefit because they won't have to pay higher taxes. Moore claims a family of four is saving 32 hundred dollars a year in tax since the Conservatives assumed power federally and he's hoping to be able to make a funding announcement on the Fundy Trail soon.

Weston takes issue with the contention that transfer payments to the province will be frozen. He argues there will be more federal money for healthcare.           

Another Arrest Made In Convenience Store Robbery

A second person has been arrested and is expected in court sometime today to be charged in the robbery earlier this week at Daly's on Taylor Avenue. A court appearance is expected sometime today.

The first arrest was made two days ago during the storm after a 28 year old man jumped overboard into the bay from the Princess of Acadia ferry.