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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Canada Remains Undefeated At World Women's Curling Championship

Team Canada, from left, Lisa Weagle, Alison Kreviazuk, Rachel Homan and Emma Miskew take a break during their win over the Czech Republic on Sunday. (Photo, CCA/Michael Burns)
Team Canada skipped by Rachel Homan downed Anna KubeŇ°kov√° of the Czech Republic 8-4. Canada is now 2 and 0 and tied for top spot in the 12 team round robin pool with Margaretha Sigfridsson’s Swedish foursome, which had the bye on Sunday morning.

Canada used last-rock advantage to put deuces on the board in the second, fourth, seventh and ninth ends, the final deuce the result of a draw to the four foot by Homan that clinched the win.

Mayor And Enterprise Saint John Hopeful Of Economic Expansion

Both Mayor Mel Norton and Enterprise Saint John are hoping the announcement of almost a thousand new jobs with the modernisation of the Irving Pulp mill at Reversing Falls will be the catalyst to spark more economic development. 

A couple of other mayors in the Saint John area are bullish on the local economy. Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News it appears the worst is over and he believes Saint John has turned the corner. 

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier says the Saint John region was already up something like 18 hundred new jobs even before the announcement by J-D Irving.

Life Coach Visits SJ Offering Advice

A professional life coach in the city recently celebrating women and challenging them to face fears and take risks.

Paula Morand tells CHSJ News she likes to teach people about the potential that can come from facing fears.

She says character is everlasting and how we handle things and how we perceive things and our perspective on who we are and what we docan have a tremendous impact for the negative and for the positive.

Morand who was in Saint John for the Pathways to Empowerment--International Women's Day event is a big fan of Saint John telling us there is a real buzz and energy here and people who really want to connect with each other.

Say No and Follow Your Instincts To Avoid Identity Theft

Learn to say 'NO!" and follow your gut because if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

That advice from the RCMP who are trying to help you avoid identity theft and other types of fraud.

Constable Jullie Rogers-Marsh tells CHSJ News anyone can be a target.

She says criminals target everyone and with the new technology some criminals can be a bit smarter in being able to obtain your personal information.

For tips on how you can avoid the traps and for the number to report a scam..

click  here

Port To Benefit From Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement

Nearly a decade of negotiations--sometimes with talks coming to a standstill--and a number of tough decisions were behind Canada's recently announced free trade agreement with South Korea.

The agreement will have implications for various industries throughout this country--however, one place where the benefits will be acutely felt is Port Saint John.

Port President and CEO Jim Quinn called it a historic moment. Some Canadian products in demand in Korean markets include blueberries, cranberries, and seafood.

This is Canada's first free trade agreement with an Asian country.

Enterprise Saint John Praises JDI Investment

Enterprise Saint John wants to ride the buzz of last week's $450 million dollar direct investment in the West side pulp and paper mill.

In a release, chair Bill Teed calls it the biggest announcement in the forestry sector in Canada in twenty years adding it's evidence of the kind of impact a local home team industry can have on the region.

Teed adds with the equivalent of 600 full time jobs, this investment will yield spinoff benefits to go way beyond forestry meaning everyone from metal fabricators to pizza shops stand to gain.

Enterprise Saint John is excited for young people in the region questioning their careers options.

Teeds says the JDI announcement is a good news story for young people looking for opportunities to stay home and for those looking who want to come back.

Sussex Business Offers Horse Therapy

Did you ever think a horse could heal you?  

One woman operating a business near Sussex says horses can help you with stress and be medicinal too.

Christy Clark of Gratitude Works tells CHSJ News some of their programs allow people to get back to nature and their roots.

She says putting your feet on the ground and putting your hands on something that's warm and 1000 pounds of muscle is very humbling and inspiring.

She says the horses are the leaders in this, she is the assistant and she starts with a schedule and sometimes the horse decides to change things.

Rollover On Highway Near Grand Bay

Saint John police are reporting a few accidents with the roads getting extremely icy and slippery overnight.

Most notably, there was a rollover near the Grand Bay Exit of the highway heading north toward Fredericton. The car flipped over around 3am but no one was hurt.

The thawing, then freezing, temperatures have resulted in a lot of black ice and slick conditions.