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Monday, September 17, 2012

Loose Horse Killed By Car

A horse is dead after being hit by a car early this morning.

RCMP Corporal Pat Cole tells CHSJ news the accident happened around 5:30 Monday morning when a thirty-five year old man struck the loose horse on Taylor Lake Road. The driver wasn't hurt but his car had to be towed.

The killed horse wasn't the only equine roaming around. Cole says around 9:30am they received calls about more horses wandering free out east.    

The horses were all rounded up and appeared to have escaped through a weak portion of their fence, which the owner says was closed.

Party President Says Conservatives Are Open To Dissent

It's not often an M-L-A criticises his own party but that's what Fundy River Valley M-L-A Dr. Jim Parrot has done with a commentary complaining the Alward Government isn't listening to doctors when making decisions on healthcare. He includes himself as someone who is not being listened to. 

The President of the Provincial Conservative Party Jason Stephen tells CHSJ News it shows the party doesn't want to stifle debate and is open to differing opinions.

Stephen calls Dr. Parrot a strong personality who has every right as an M-L-A to voice his opinion.

As to whether there will be any move to oust Dr. Parrot from the party, Stephen says not as far as he's concerned

RCMP Warn About Underage Boozing

Buying drinks for underage young people might seem like no big deal....but the police and Crime Stoppers want to remind New Brunswickers there are still steep fines for adults who break the law.

Sergeant Noel Cyr tells CHSJ News you have to ask yourself how you'd react if something bad happened to a minor you supplied with booze.

Cyr tells CHSJ News the fines go from about $300 for a first time offence to up to $5000 for repeat offenders.

City Must Ask The Right Questions If It Wants More Residents

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association says the province needs more people and realtors believe the property tax system, if it's structured properly, can attract more people here. 

The city would like to grow its population but former Provincial Auditor General and City Finance Commissioner Darryl Wilson tells CHSJ News you have to ask yourself some basic questions starting off with why are people leaving the city because there has been all sorts of speculation why including the higher tax rate and even the weather. 

Wilson says another question that should be asked is what would people like to see for downtown living.

Woody Guthrie Tribute Comes To Town

The son of an American folk music legend is paying tribute to his late dad at the Imperial Theatre...Arlo Guthrie is going to be playing the Imperial on September 30th with a setlist of songs by his father, Woody Guthrie.

Tonight, the Imperial Theatre is showing the movie Alice's Restaurant, based on the 18-minute anti-war song for while Arlo is most recognized. Imperial Theatre Executive Director S.G. Lee tells CHSJ News it's a little-known fact that Woody Guthrie wrote the classic "This Land Is Your Land"

The screening of Alice's Restaurant costs $5 and runs from 7pm to 9pm.

Teenage Girl's Purse Stolen

A teenage girl was lucky there wasn't anything valuable in her purse after a nighttime theft on Metcalf Street.

Sergeant Jay Henderson tells CHSJ News the 17 year old's purse was stolen in the alley behind the Scotiabank.

The culprit is described as being short with a medium build wearing all dark-clothing.
The theft occurred around 10pm and police are looking into it.

Port Of Saint John Strengthening International Ties

The Port of Saint John is strengthening it's international ties as part of its renewal strategy by trying to establishing a sister port relationship with the Port of Caucedo in the Dominican Republic.

Port Chair Stephen Campbell tells CHSJ news reps from the government and port went to Caucedo to ratify a letter of intent between the two organizations. He says it's a great alliance to have considering Caucedo is a key transhipment port that many carriers pass through before being shipped globally.

Earlier this spring the port started doing business with the global container shipping line MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company).

A formal sister port agreement is set to be signed in November.

Police Get On Board With Special Olympics

New Brunswick's Special Olympics athletes being celebrated with a torch run and fundraiser BBQ....and the Rothesay Regional Police say the first annual event managed to raise $400.

Constable Krystal Daley tells CHSJ News the torch run was an inspiring scene and the force is happy with the amount of money raised so far.

The Saint John Police Force has been raising funds throughout the year...and the Rothesay force says they're brainstorming more ways they can get involved as well.

Why Are Some Employers In Province Not Able To Find Workers?

If you want to work in New Brunswick, you might have to be a little less selective when it comes to accepting a job. 

So says Provincial Finance Minister Blaine Higgs who points out despite an unemployment rate of 10.4 per cent, some employers are having a tough time finding workers and Ganongs, for instance, had to bring people in from outside the country.

Higgs does concede the provincial government has to do a better job of connecting the dots.

Higgs also says for those people who want to start up their own small business, the province is there to help them out.

Next Up For Coast Guard Site: Redevelopment

Saint John Waterfront Development is down to the stretch when it comes to the future redevelopment of the Coast Guard site adjacent to Market Square where the sculptures were done. 

General Manager Kent McIntyre tells CHSJ News a company was hired to search the globe in the quest to find a developer and Waterfront Development was presented with a list of 20 that has been gradually whittled down to one.

McIntyre expects to go before Common Council in the next few weeks.