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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dr. Garland Objects to Moving Blood Center

Dr. Andrea Garland has concerns about what will happen now that the Alward government has decided to move blood production from Millidgeville to Dartmouth.

She says that we had a terrific facility here with a great donor base. Moreover, she says the decision is a disappointment because the fight to keep the center was so time-consuming: she and her colleagues had hoped to find a way to make a center here work.

Garland says that according to her research, blood is expensive across the country. Her concern is that without a center here in the province, New Brunswickers will have less access to blood and blood products.

Power Lines Down on Golden Grove Road

Problems with the power lines and telephone poles in the Golden Grove area this morning have left some residents of that area without  power.

At around 8:25, fire officials responding to a call that a line was down had caught on fire on the upper Golden Grove Road. When fire officials got there it was still smoking. They stayed on the scene until NB power arrived and secured the scene.

Just after 11 o'clock Saint John fire department got another call about a telephone pole on fire near 2867 Golden Grove Road, between Bradley Lake Rd and the arterial.

According to early reports, it looks like a high tension wire is down, and the road will need to be shut down.

District Chief Peter Saab tells CHSJ news it's too early to say whether the two incidents are related.

CFIB Urges Government to Cut Through Red Tape

Grab the scissors and start cutting through red tape--that's the message from the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. The federation's Leanne Hachey says that reducing red tape is more difficult because many people aren't clear on what it means.

Sitting on the phone for hours at a time, getting two answers to the same question, mounds of unnecessary paperwork, and lengthy questionnaires are a burden on business owner's time, which could be better spent doing things that would help their businesses.

She says that because most businesses in New Brunswick are so small, it's generally one person that's left to jump through all the unnecessary hoops. 

The CFIB is getting to word out about the negative effects on red tape on business in the province with a new video series on their website starting Monday. 

You an check out the red tape video diaries at