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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Transport Truck Driver Charged With Aggravated Sexual Assault, Confinement

A 54-year-old truck driver from Qu├ębec is charged with aggravated sexual assault and forcible confinement after allegedly attacking a woman in a Moncton parking lot.

On April 25, witnesses called 911 when they saw a young woman running naked in a parking lot near the intersection of Church Street and Mountain Road. She was screaming for help after having gotten out of a transport truck, which managed to drive off.

Police tracked down the truck driver in a community on the South Shore of Montreal. Maurice Cloutier will be brought back to New Brunswick to face the charges.

East Side Grass Fire Could Easily Have Been Much Worse

With a series of devastating forest fires in the province this week , City fire crews are very aware the woods are dangerously dry.

A grass fire in a wooded area off Falcon Crescent could have easily gone awry but crews were able to contain with help from some wind direction.

CHSJ News asked Platoon Chief Peter Saab about the cause of the blaze.

He says they have had a number of fires in that area in the last month and while they don't see people lighting them he's not aware of any lighting strikes lately.

Saab says they got lucky because a passerby dropped by the Loch Lomond fire station to let the crews know about it.

Police Commission Won't Get Pricey Social Media Training

The Saint John Police Force is getting ready to jump on the social media bandwagon with a program teaching officers the best way to communicate online. 

But Mayor Mel Norton objected to Police Commission, a volunteer board, getting the same $4000 training on the taxpayers' dime.

Norton says there's no reason for the commission to get the training; however, several board members disagreed, saying it would raise public awareness of what the commission does. 

Ultimately the idea was voted down.  The Police Commission is a volunteer board that makes policy for the police force, provides oversight, and keeps the force accountable for the use of its resources.

Crews Fight Stubborn Grass Fire Out East

City fire crews bringing in more resources to battle a stubborn grass fire in East Saint John off Heather Way.

The fire near Falcon Crescent has been knocked down but crews think its needs a good drenching to keep it from flaring up again.

Crews that initially responded have called in some help due to difficulty reaching the area by vehicle and bringing water there.

Perth-Andover Is Waiting For Rain

You have never seen so many people eager for rain but that's the case in our tinder dry province.

It's hoped the coming rain will help firefighters put out a blaze north of Perth-Andover where two reception centres are open to support nearly 300 people under evacuation orders or notices.

All evacuees are asked to visit the reception centre on Main Street in Tobique and register with the Red Cross disaster team giving authorites a clearer picture of how many people are impacted. 

Another centre is set up in the River Valley Civic Centre in Perth-Andover.

Residents of about 200 homes in Perth-Andover, Tobique and other communities were told yesterday to evacuate as a precaution.

Schools in the area are closed today as a precaution.

For more info, call 1-800-222-9597

Can Saint John Get Another Domestic Airline? Not likely

All this talk about Porter Airlines flying into Saint John or Westjet returning is just wishful thinking according to the President and C-E-O at the Airport, David Allen. 

He says you need from 300 to 400 thousand passengers a year to justify a second domestic airline in addition to Air Canada and last year 216 thousand people used the airport.

The airport also loses 120 thousand passengers each year who make their way to other airports in the region. 

There was talk a few years ago that it might be better to have one centralised airport to serve Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton but Allen says that idea has bitten the dust because it would be too expensive.

Gas Prices Drop

You'll pay a bit less for gas after the weekly setting.

Prices going down by a cent or so with self serve regular around town going for $1.22.9 and diesel at $1.26.2. 

The price of propane going up by just over half a cent to a maximum of $1.05.6 a litre.

Grade 7 Student Honours War Hero Great-Grandfather

A Grade 7 student at Millidgeville North is sharing  the unique story of his great-grandfather's war experiences and subsequent advocacy work.

Lucas Walker is the great-grandson of Ozzie MacLean, whom our listeners might remember from the 1990s as a crusaders for veteran's rights. Lucas Walker tells CHSJ News he was inspired by how his great-grandfather pushed for merchant seamen to get the same benefits as other vets, even marching on Parliament Hill.

Walker says his great-grandfather fought bravely despite there only being a 1 in 8 chance of surviving the war in the merchant navy.  

Walker will be competing with his project on Ozzie MacLean against over 70 other entries at the New Brunswick Museum tonight.