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Friday, February 24, 2012

No Explosives In Suspicious Package

An RCMP bomb squad destroying a suspicious package outside of the Scotia Bank on Main Street West.

Police got a call of a suspicious package outside of the bank around noon today.  A note was attached and while the contents of the note have not been released, it was enough for the entire street and businesses to be evacuated for almost 6 hours.

A bomb disposal robot blasted the package twice with a water cannon.

Sgt. Chuck Elgee says there were no explosives inside but would not reveal what the package contained.
While the bomb disposed of by the RCMP, the city's Major Crime Unit will be conducting the investigation.

Bomb Squad Robot Used to Destroy Package

Package Destroyed By Bomb Squad Robot

A bomb squad robot has destroyed a package that was placed in front of a West side bank this morning.

The robot poked around the bag and shot into it causing a bang that startled some people gathered along Main Street west. 

City police and the fire department evacuating everyone along Main Street west from Simms Corner to the intersection of Church Street and Manawoganish Road including Moosehead breweries.  Police were notified of the suspicious package around noon hour.

The area is still closed to traffic and should be until at least 6pm.

Robot Pokes At Possible Explosive On Main Street West

The bomb squad is on the scene on Main Street West after reports of a possible explosive in a white plastic garbage bag in front of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

A robot working for the bomb squad is poking at the bag.

City fire and police crews have blocked the area from Simms Corner along Main Street to the corner of Church Street and Manawagonish Road.

We are told it will be closed until 6pm tonight.

The call came in this morning about 11:45 at which time tenants, shoppers and employers along Main Street West were evacuated.

Road To Remain Closed After Bomb Threat On West Side

City police informing our newsroom that Main Street West will remain closed to traffic from Simms Corner to Church St. and Manawoganish Rd until 6pm tonight.

BREAKING NEWS - Bomb Squad Checking Package At Scotia Bank

CHSJ's Nelson Hum remains on the scene as a police bomb squad deals with a suspicious package at the front door of the Bank of Nova Scotia branch on Main Street West.
Residents and businesses in the area including Moosehead Brewery have been evacuated as a precaution.

Saint John M-L-A's Are Really "M-I-A's"

The Alward Government is being accused of not listening to those who should know what they're talking about when it comes to the controversy over not buying a top of the line M-R-I imaging machine for the Regional Hospital. Moncton also wants one.

The provincial government even turned down an offer of a million dollars from the Saint John Hospital Foundation to help pay for it. Opposition Leader Victor Boudreau tells CHSJ News that's very odd indeed because it's not everyday a government gets an offer like that.

There is a split on this issue within the Conservative caucus with Fundy-River Valley M-L-A Dr. Jim Parrot, a retired heart surgeon, breaking with his party. Boudreau says the last time he looked, Parrot was the only doctor among the government M-L-A's.

 As for the Saint John Conservative M-L-A's, Boudreau quips they should be called M-I-A's, "Missing in action".

BREAKING NEWS - Bomb Squad Arrives At Scotia Bank West Side

Video from CHSJ's Nelson Hum on the scene of a suspicious package outside the Bank of Nova Scotia on Main Street West.

Scene At West Side Bomb Threat

Folks wait on Main Street West after being evacuated because of a bomb threat at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Police and Fire Officials Waiting On Bomb Squad

City fire crews and police are in a holding pattern as they wait for the RCMP bomb squad to arrive from Fredericton to investigate a possible explosive left in front of the Scotiabank on Main Street West.

A white bag with a note attached was left near the bank just before noon today.

City police went to work blocking off the area from Simms Corner to Main Street West and Church Street and evacuating people from the businesses on both sides of the street.

CHSJ News learning that the folks displaced from the businesses and homes are calm and waiting and there is no sense of panic.

Moosehead breweries was also evacuated and the City Police are asking motorists to avoid Main Street West for the timebeing.

City Preparing For Tonight's Snowstorm

The City letting us know their crews will be out in force tonight and overnight to keep the streets as safe as possible during the coming storm.
You are reminded to avoid travelling during the storm and to park off the street where you can.

They tell they will be closely monitoring the amount of snowfall into tomorrow and will make a decision about whether an overnight parking ban for the South-Central Peninsula is necessary tomorrow.

City staff will be working to clear the snow on major arteries, highway connections and emergency routes will be cleared constantly during the storm with major bus routes and streets connecting schools, community centres and business districts as the second priority.

To report any concerns about snow removal, call 658-4455.

Dead Mom's Pension Cheques Cashed

A two year suspended sentence has been given to a 66-year-old Saint John woman, Angela Cole for fraud over 5 thousand dollars. 

Cole has been ordered to pay over $10 thousand dollars in restitution after pleading guilty.
She pleaded guilty to withdrawing pension benefits deposited in her dead mother's name from a joint account. 
Over a five year period, more than $12 thousand dollars in pension benefits had been deposited. 

The pension benefits were still being deposited to the account after Cole's mother died because her death was not reported to either the bank and Public Works Canada.

Crews Evacuate A Stretch of Main Street West

It's a dramatic lunch hour on the west side today.

Customers and employees being evacuated from the Bank of Nova Scotia on Main Street west.

The call came in about 11:45 this morning.

Moosehead breweries is also being evacuated.

City police are asked the public to avoid Main Street west including Simms Corner for the timebeing.

It's blocked from Simms Corner to the intersection by the Irving at Church Street and Manawoganish Road.

Drug Arrests Made And Weapons Seized In Blacks Harbour

Two arrests made after a drug raid in Blacks Harbour. 

Cocaine, marijuana, cash and a number of firearms have been confiscated by the RCMP.

A 40-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman, both living in Blacks Harbour, will be making court appearance in St. Stephen in May.

Their names will not be made public until they're formally charged.