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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

H1N1 Clinics Rescheduled and Postponed

The Horizon Health Network has rescheduled 11 clinics in Saint John and surrounding area starting Thursday and running until Sunday.

Millidgeville North School -500 Woodward Ave., November 12
M.Gerald Teed School – 151, Black St., November 12
Havelock Elementary School (Dist.2)- 4530 Rte. 880, November 12
Samuel -de -Champlain -67,ch. Ragged Point, November 12
Back Bay Elementary School- 980 Rte 170, November 13
Lawrence Station Elementary School- 6227 Rte 3, November 13
Belleisle Elementary School- 1775 Rte 124, Springfield, November 13
Samuel -de -Champlain -67,ch. Ragged Point, November 13
Champlain Heights School- 111 Champlain Hts, November 13
MacDonald Consolidated School- 3950 Rte 845, November 14
St. John the Baptist School- 223 St. James St., November 15

Due to a shortage of vaccine, the following H1N1 vaccination clinics scheduled between November 12th and 24th have been postponed:

North End Community Centre, Saint John, 195 Victoria St., November 12
New Brunswick Community College St Andrew's 99 Augustus St., November 12
North End Community Centre 195 Victoria St., November 13
University of New Brunswick Saint John 100 Tucker Park Rd., Rm 112 Athletics Cntr., November 13
Quispamsis Civic Centre 12 Civic Dr., November 14
New Brunswick Community College Saint John 950 Grandview Ave, November 15
Carleton Community Centre Market Place, November 16
New Brunswick Community College Saint John 950 Grandview Ave, November 16
Rothesay/Netherwood School 40 College Hill Rd., November 17
Quispamsis United Church 372 Hampton Rd., November 18
Kingston Parish Hall 396 Rte 845, November 19
Quispamsis Civic Centre 12 Civic Dr., November 20
Quispamsis Civic Centre 12 Civic Dr., November 21
Carleton Community Centre Market Place, November 22
River Valley Community Centre 749 Rivervalley Dr., November 23
Carleton Community Centre Market Place, November 21
River Valley Community Centre 749 Rivervalley Dr., November 24

Priority groups are defined as:
Children 6 months to18 years
Parents of children under 6 months
Pregnant women
First Nations (on reservations only)

For updated information on the clinics go to or call 1-800-580-0038.

Missing Person Still Missing

City Police continue to search for a missing man. Kristopher Knappe was last seen in Fredericton on the 2nd and is still among the missing. He was last seen wearing a green t-shirt, black hoodie, blue jeans and white sneakers. He is roughyl five foot seven, weighs 155 pounds has short-brownish blond hair, hazel brown eyes and a goatee.

When we last spoke to City Police concerning Knappe, he was last seen in uptown Saint John on the 17th of last month.

Another Chance to Give Your Best to the Troops

(MWO Langteigne Signing Troops Christmas Card)
               (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Maybe after your done at what-ever Remeberance Day ceremony you plan on attending, you can drop down to Market Square. Loacl artist Norm Jackson has another best wishes christmas card on display for everyone to sign to send over to the troops serving in Afghanistan. Master Warrant Officer Donald Langteigne who is home from a tour of the war-torn country was the first to sign it. He tells CHSJ News, it's hard to describe what the conditions are like.
Langteigne will leave for his second tour of Afghanistan shortly after Christmas. The card is on display in front of Market News.

Seadogs Trying to Stay Healthy

The Q-League has cancelled another game after several players in Shawinigan have gotten sick. They were supposed to play host to the Rocket tomorrow night. This comes after Moncton had to cancel a pair of their games when several players got sick as well. President of the Saint John Seadogs Wayne Long tells CHSJ News, they are taking steps to stay healthy including seperate water-bottles, towels and keeping everything clean as it can be.

The Wildcats faced a lot of pressure from the public after learning the team had been given the H1N1 shot privately and not at a clinic. Ironically, most of the team ended up getting sick.

More Praise for the Power Proposal

The proposal between NB Power and Hydro Quebec is being praised by another provincial minister. Victor Boudreau holds the business portfolio and tells CHSJ News, this deal not only benefits business but residential rate payers as well.

When asked by CHSJ News, if this was a decision brought on by big business pressure, Boudreau admits discussions over the years with businesses at home and away, electricity rates are a driving factor.

Tim Hortons Jack Up the Prices

Just in case you haven't already noticed, there has been a sharp increase in the price of products at Tim Hortons locations in Greater Saint John. A small coffee is up by six cents, medium a nickel, a large is an extra eight cents and is an extra large.

Other drinks both hot and cold are also up in price as is some food including bagels and cream cheese. Several customers have been voicing their displeasure with counter staff about the price increases which took effect yesterday.

Economic Outlook for Province

Moderate growth is anticpated for the province by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. After watching several sectors struggle in this calendar year, APEC is predicting growth of 1.4%. Elizabeth Beale is President and CEO and tells CHSJ News, this recession didn't hit as hard as it could have but several industries including forestry continue to struggle.

Beale adds there are a lot of risks out there for the provincial economy including the U.S. market with most of our exports going in that direction.

Three Arrested for Stealing Poppy Money

The blows just keep coming to veterans in the province. Three men have been arrested for allegedly stealing a Legion Poppy can from the Willow Grove Convenience store. The theft was captured on video. Two 29 year old Saint John men and a 23 year old Quispamsis man will face charges in court at a later date.
The arrests come just days after the provincially designated war memorial in Fredericton has been badly damaged by vandals. A two-metre granite cross was pushed over on the weekend smashing it to pieces. It will be repaired at a cost of several thousand dollars, but not in time for tomorrow's Remembrance Day ceremonies.

City Deals with Recent Flooding

Common Council has received a report from the acting city manager on the recent flooding. Andrew Beckett says residents need to realize any progress on preventing the problem is going to be costly and will take some time. Councillor Chris Titus says talk is cheap when it comes to someone knee high in water.

In the report it states considerable work needs to be done on storm and sanitary sewer systems, as well as within residents' homes, as the number of heavy rainfalls seems to be increasing.

Rothesay Prepares to Expand Water Service

The town of Rothesay is preparing to expand its municipal water service to the K-Park neighbourhood. Staff and engineers are uncapping a well drilled in 1991 to get it ready for the waterline expansion. Director of Municipal Operations, Scott Hatcher, says a new well drilled two weeks ago has turned up empty, but the reserve well from the 90's has plenty of water.

Mayor Bill Bishop says the town doesn't need the extra water right now, but they want to ensure there is a steady supply as water line expansions move forward. Design plans have already begun for the water line extension along Rothesay Road. The town's water system improvements are pegged for completion by next August.

Mayor of Rothesay Supports Sale of NB Power

The mayor of Rothesay says the proposed sale of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec will be good for business and of benefit to residents. Bill Bishop admits he had initial reservations about the proposed deal, but tells CHSJ news the provincial energy hub concept won't be affected.

The provincial utilities board will still approve any power rate hikes under the proposed deal, and Bishop says it's reassuring to know increased electricity bills will have to be justified. He also says there would be major changes to the provincial utility--such as the closure of the Belldune and Coleson Cove power plants--whether it's owned by Hydro-Quebec or not.

Grand Bay-Westfield Gets Unconditional Grant Funding

Grand Bay-Westfield is getting 384-thousand dollars in an unconditional grant from the Province for 2010. Councillor Brenda Murphy says budget meetings start soon.

Murphy says they usually have the capital budget in January and decide what capital projects they want to pursue in 2010.

City Turns to Public for New Municipal Plan

Common Council is about to seek public input on a new municipal plan-- the first one in nearly 40 years. The city would hire Urban Strategies in partnership with ADI limited to execute the project at the cost of over $650 thousand dollars over two years. In the proposal there is also an additional $150 thousand dollars needed for advertisement to engage the public. Councillor Bill Farren says even though budget time is approaching, this decision is obvious.

Mayor Ivan Court says the municipal plan needs to be revamped so council and residents are able to create the city they want. He says this plan will be this councils legacy.

Traditional Method Chosen for Provincial Justice Complex

Our mayor says the Graham government's decision to go it alone on the new Peel Plaza justice complex will speed up the construction process. Ivan Court tells CHSJ News it also sends a signal to those developers wanting to partner with the city on the new police headquarters complex. Court says the final proposals for a public-private partnership to build the new police complex should go before council by the middle of next month.

The province announced late last week it would proceed with a publicly funded justice development with tenders being issued in the coming weeks so construction can begin early next year.

New Christmas Card for Troops

Local artist Norm Jackson is taking another step in his bid to spread some Christmas cheer to our troops in Afghanistan. Last week -- he unveiled a Christmas card for people to sign at the Marr Road Shell in Rothesay.

This afternoon -- he unveils a similar card for city residents to sign during a brief ceremony at the Market Square news stand at two. Jackson says the valley card is just about full and he's been receiving calls from city residents wanting to sign a card as well.

Lobster Season Gets Started

You may have noticed fishing boats tied up at Long Wharf loaded with lobster traps over the weekend -- they're now out on the water setting those traps. Today marks the beginning of lobster season in this region -- and -- just over 300-boats from St Martins through Seal Cove in Grand Manan including a baker's dozen of boats from Saint John are setting traps.

The season wraps up in the middle of January.

Local NDP Find Candidate for Hotly Contested Seat

The provincial president of the CUPE Local 2745 is taking a run at provincial politics. Sandy Harding will fly the banner for the NDP in the riding of Saint John East in next falls election. Roly MacIntyre will not defend the seat he currently holds, retiring after 15 years in the public spotlight. Harding tells CHSJ News, she hopes to add a voice of reason to the Legislature.

Harding adds she has spent a lot of time on the front lines yelling at politicians but is confident she can get more done from the inside.

Spruce Lake Industrial Park Being Beautified

The first phase of a 5-phase project to beautify the Spruce Lake Industrial Park is complete. Brian Irving tells CHSJ News they are trying to include elements that are environementally friendly. The project will be finised in 2011.