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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Tough To Reach Norton Due To Flooding

Route 124 into Norton is flooded and another route along Church Street is also flooded.

To access Norton, you will have to get there through Bloomfield or through Apohaqui.

Town Of Quispamsis Unveils New Logo

A new logo for Quispamsis being unveiled at a meeting of town council.

The design featuring an orange and blue colour scheme, images of the sun, trails, hills, and river and a tagline that reads "There Is No Other."

Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News they thought it was important for Quispamsis residents to have an image that can they relate to the town directly.

Driscoll says the rebranding by local company Bonfire cost $10,000 which was factored into the town's budget.

Sussex Man Pleads Not Guilty In Armed Robberies

An 18-year-old from Sussex appearing in court in Saint John in connection with two armed robberies.

Christian John Norrad entered not guilty pleas to theft while armed with an imitation firearm and wearing a mask while committing a robbery. The charges are related to an armed robbery at the A & W in Sussex in October 2013 and another at the Ultramar earlier this month.

He has a bail hearing in Sussex court on April 24.

VIDEO: Sussex Mayor Describes Flooding As The Worst In Decades

Flood waters are receding in the Sussex area.

Mayor Marc Thorne says the worst point was between 10am and noon today.

He tells CHSJ News he's proud of the efforts saying they were busy but not overwhelmed.

He says they didn't have bodies to spare because there were a lot of water rescues this morning.

About 60 displaced people are at the Kingswood University who have a conference centre.

Thorne describes it as the worst flooding he has scene in the town in a decade.

Cardy Says You Can Run But You Can't Hide On Abortion

Now that the Morgantaler lawsuit has been dropped, Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy says there's no reason why the Alward Government can't start talking about the issue. 

Cardy tells CHSJ News successive provincial governments have just tried to drag this out, hoping the debate over abortion would just disappear.

Cardy doesn't think the Conservatives will change their stance on publicly funding abortion and he denounces the Liberals' call for a review as "weasel words". He says he can see this becoming an election issue especially after the Morgantaler clinic in Fredericton closes in July.

Public Feedback Sought On Opening Sealed Adoption Records

If you were adopted or you gave a baby up for adoption, you may want to attend this. 

New Brunswickers affected by the proposal to open sealed adoption records are invited to participate in a series of public workshops.

Meetings will be held on April 28 in Fredericton at the Fredericton Inn, and the 29th at the Holiday Inn in Saint John.

Maintenance Of City Buildings Cause For Concern

The city owns about 80 buildings, many of which haven't been properly maintained and are on the verge of collapse like the old Loch Lomond Community Center was recently.

The city's Trevor Gamblin says it would cost $20 million just to get them up to a safe condition which Common Councillor Shirley McAlary seemed to think was substantial.

That 20 million figure doesn't even take into account the Aquatic Center, Trade and Convention, or LBR.

Many Roads Throughout NB Closed Due To Flooding

With many roads in the province underwater, getting behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous.

The RCMP reminding you not to drive through flooded roads on purpose because the water can be much deeper than it seems and the ground can easily wash away at any time. 

The provincial Department of Transportation closing roads and posting signs warning of water over the roads. You can see a list of those closures by clicking here.

Sussex Corner Declares An Emergency

The Village of Sussex Corner has declared a state of emergency and is co-ordinating boats to rescue people from their homes.

Mayor Steven Gillies says 120 homes and businesses have been flooded but he says no one is in danger.

Sussex Under Water; Schools To Close Early

Parts of the town of Sussex are underwater due to rapidly melting snow and ice and continuing heavy rain.

Sussex town Councillor Mark Wright tells CHSJ News Holman Avenue and Magnolia Avenue are the worst effected, and  other streets which don't normally flood which are experiencing high water levels.

About 600 people are without power and a warming shelter has been set up at Kingswood University. 

The area by the Tim Horton's on the main drag in Sussex is under a few feet of water. Schools in Sussex will be closing early today due to the weather conditions. 

Abortion Lawsuit Being Withdrawn

The family of the late Dr. Henry Morganthaler has decided to drop the 12 year old lawsuit against the provincial government over publicly funding abortions performed at the private clinic. That word coming from the manager of the Morganthaler clinic in Fredericton, Simone Liebovitch. 

The lawsuit claimed the provincial government was in violation of a 1988 ruling by the Supreme Court. 

Both the Premier and Health Minister Ted Flemming have refused comment on the issue while it was still before the courts. 

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy has accused both the Alward Government and the Opposition Liberals of trying to avoid the issue and hiding behind the fact the lawsuit was still before the courts.

Trans Canada Returns To Hampton

People from Hampton and surrounding communities taking part in the second TransCanada information session on the Energy East pipeline.

Phillipe Cannon tells CHSJ News the project has evolved since their first visit last fall.

He says they filed the project description to the National Energy Board on March 4th and the official filing to the NEB will happen this summer.

Your chance to get more information on Energy East is coming up tonight at the Exhibition Park Raceway ( Building 1)  in East Saint John from 4-8pm.

For more info, click here