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Monday, February 15, 2010

City Police urge motorists to lock their vehicles

City Police are reminding motorists to lock their vehicles after four were stolen this weekend all with keys left inside them. Two have been found, one burned in a pit off Grandview Avenue and the other was damaged and abandoned at the Saint John Marina. People have been going through vehicles in various parts of the city including Redhead, Lakewood and Lancaster including two reports last night in Lower West.  

Officers tell us most of the thefts are happening between eleven at night and four in the morning.

Teen Hit on Rothesay Avenue Overpass in Critical Condition

An 18-year-old girl that was hit by a vehicle on Saturday morning is in critical condition at the Regional. It happened when she was walking westbound on the Rothesay Avenue overpass around seven in the morning.

City police tell us no charges will be laid.

Bell-Aliant Takes on Rogers in Court

You can add another chapter to the rivalry between two of the countries largest tele-communications operators. Bell Aliant has filed a legal claim in Fredericton Provincial Court against Rogers asking for an immediate injunction. It is to stop Rogers from making false and misleading claims about it's internet service.

In it's claim, Bell-Aliant asserts that current advertising by Rogers is false and misleading. It surrounds their claims to having the fastest and most reliable high speed internet product. This is not the first time Bell-Aliant has launched legal action against Rogers which it says is unfair to them as a service provider.

Conservative Leader Speaks in the KV

(Conservative Leader David Alward Speaks to KV Chamber)
                   (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Provincial Conservative Party Leader David Alward was the guest speaker at the KV Chamber of Commerce. It was expected he would but a lot of time wasn't spent on the NB Power/Hydro Quebec proposal but instead spoke about his party's future role and why he became involved in politics.

Many voters are still un-clear on what the Conservative's alternative is to the sale of assets of NB Power to Hydro Quebec and Alward says an energy policy must be put in place and voters have to be part of it.

Pedestrian Hit By Transport on Highway 11

A 46-year-old Napan man is in serious hospital in hospital after being struck by a tractor-trailer over the weekend.
The accident occurred on Highway 11 in Sainte Margaret and police have learned the man was on the road when it happened.
The driver of the tractor-trailer was not hurt.
Police are still investigating but, charges are not anticipated.

Province Called On To Make School System More Accountable

(The President and C-E-O of Corporate Research Associates Don Mills)
(Photo taken by Dave Briggs)

The President and CEO of Corporate Research Associates suggests the province's education system could stand a few drastic changes.
Don Mills says every school in the province should be rated by standardized test scores and then examined on the quality of teaching.
Mills asks how many teachers have been fired over the past 10 years due to poor performance and guesses it would be zero. Mills says he suspects 10 to 15 per cent of teachers in the province should be out of the system while young teachers doing supply work are stuck on the sidelines because of older teachers hanging on far after their prime.
He says teachers who are demotivated and disinterested should be replaced but can't due to effective tenure. Mills says schools and teachers need to be held accountable if students are not performing at a provincial standard.

Harbour Bridge Looking To Borrow Money For Repairs

The Harbour Bridge Authority is looking for permission to borrow $35 million dollars for repairs. The authority needs the approval of city hall before it can venture into a loan - - - and in a letter to common council says money will not be needed from the federal, provincial or municipal government if the request is granted.
Approval needs to be soon, so repairs can begin by April 1st or an entire year of work will be lost. Tonight's council meeting gets started at 5:45pm in the council chamber.

Premier Talks About Outburst By Saint John Lancaster M-L-A Abel Leblanc

(Saint John Lancaster M-L-A Abel Leblanc in Legislature last Thursday)
(File Photo)

Admitting his actions are unacceptable, Premier Shawn Graham spoke to us briefly about the recently trouble for Saint John Lancaster MLA Abel Leblanc. Last Thursday in the Legislature, Leblanc flipped the bird to the Conservative bench and challenged any of them to meet him outside claiming they were laughing at him. Premier Graham tells CHSJ News, he has spoken with Leblanc about the incident and he feels terrible.
Graham points out Leblanc is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve but has done a lot of good things for the community and his riding.

Provincial Conservative Leader To Speak to K-V Chamber Of Commerce

(Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
(File Photo)

The KV Chamber of Commerce welcomes David Alward as it's keynote speaker for a luncheon today. The Conservative Leader is expected to talk about NB Power and its future role. Alward tells CHSJ News, there are challenges with NB Power and the status quo is no longer acceptable. Alward says three things he continues to hear from voters is the utility should not be for sale, at least put it to a vote and Premier graham doesn't realize process is important. The Provincial Conservatives have been challenged by Premier Shawn Graham to make public their own plan for NB Power and what to do about its debt of more than 5 billion dollars. Alward has promised it will be forthcoming but nothing has been released yet.

Demise of Energy Hub In Saint John Denied

(Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(File Photo)

Is the much praised and talked about energy hub in Saint John dead? Many, including the K-C Irving Chair in Sustainable Development at the University of Moncton Yves Gagnon say yes it is. This after word a second refinery is on hold and no talk of a second nuclear reactor in months. Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, talk of the energy hub's demise is nonsense. He admits the energy sector is feeling the pain from the global recession but believes all of the oppotunities that were here and lost over the past two years will be back and taken advantage of by the private sector.
As for a second reactor, Minister Keir says they were unbelievably close to locking a deal in place but investors got nervous when problems continued to mount for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

Summit Planned to Examine Alternate Energy Policies

An apathetic public has been awakened by the proposed sale of bits and pieces of NB Power to Hydro Quebec. So says Tom Mann of the Coalition to Stop the Sale. He tells CHSJ News an options summit will be taking place next Monday in Fredericton to examine the energy policies he claims have not been looked at by the Graham Government.
Mann goes on to say a big rally against the sale is being planned for Fredericton on March which he predicts could turn out to be the largest in the history of the province.