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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Premier Urges Community Involvement in Government

David Alward emphasizing the importance of community engagement in all levels of government.

He tells CHSJ News that it's especially important at this moment in history, with all the changes that are happening here in the province.

Alward says that under the previous government people didn't have adequate opportunities to weigh in on changes to education and healthcare--and he wants to see a difference in that area.

Dieticians Working with Local Restos

Eating out just got a little healthier thanks to a national initiative by the dieticians of Canada.

Aisha Khedari, a registered dietician with public health, explains to CHSJ News what they're doing to mark Nutrition Month.

The association is partnering with over 30 local restaurants, where they're posting a link to the Fundy Wellness Network Facebook site--where you can get the information on healthy menu items at participating restaurants. They're also promoting a site called Eat Tracker that helps you analyze your intake of food and level of exercise.

Outspoken MLA Does Not Fear Or Expect Party Backlash

MLA Jim Parrott does not expect any backlash for recently going against the party line.

He has been critical of the Alward government's decision to buy less powerful MRI machines.

Parrott tells CHSJ News he has not spoken to colleagues about the issue recently and the Premier has been away but says he has gotten support from his constituents and the local caucus.

He says his stance has galvanized everybody and it's important to have public input on major decisions.