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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Famous Saint Johner's Birthday

77 years ago today a famous actor was born in the Port City.

It's Donald Sutherlands birthday!

Father of actor Kiefer, Sutherland's been in almost a hundred and fifty different shows and films.

When he was young he was a radio DJ, at CHSJ's sister station CKBW, in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Pharmacists Could Provide More Services

You could be booking an appointment with your local pharmacist instead of a doctor to get certain health issues treated if the NB Pharmacist's Association has its way. Paul Blanchard of the Association says they want to see pharmacists have more freedom in assessing patients, adapting prescriptions, and more.

He says it makes sense, given that the first place most people head when they're sick is the pharmacy, because most of us like to self-treat. The new services would include developing yearly care plans for chronically ill patients, conducting medication reviews, injecting medications, and getting people their medication in emergencies.

Alberta has already given pharmacists that freedom--Blanchard says it makes sense given out shortage of doctors.

Have Lunch With The Delta & Help

The Delta Brunswick Square wants you to have lunch with them and help out the Canadian Cancer Society at the same time.

The bbq is taking place on King Street tomorrow from 11am to 1:30 in front of the Delta's main entrance.

The hotel hopes to raise $10,000 through various events including their "Check in for a Cure" promotion.

When out of town visitors check in, 10 per cent of the room rate goes to the Canadian Cancer Society.

For more info, call 658-1000.

Maintenance Pledged For Mispec

A storm-damaged east side beach is getting a new lease on life....Mispec has been ravaged by bad weather and vandalism and many are complaining it's not safe.

Norton tells CHSJ News Canaport LNG has pledged to do basic maintenance on the site, including cutting grass and replacing Porta-Potties.

Common Council also voted to apply for Disaster Assistance funding to do more work on the beach in the future.

VIDEO: Olympic Spirit Comes To Saint John

A blue London-style cab blasting music and equipped with a video screen is getting Saint Johners pumped for the upcoming Olympics. RBC's Elisabeth Lefevere Courteau tells CHSJ News the RBC Hometown Champions Cheer Tour all about boosting morale and connecting athletes with citizens.

Anyone can hop in the back and record their personalized message which the athletes will view online. The cab will be parked on King Street and at Market Square today.

Neighbors Say Alleged Murderer Seemed "Nice"

A real nice guy...that's how some employees of Union Street shops describe Matthew Thomas Foley, the owner of Wizzards Tattoo and Bacchus Motorcycle Club President recently charged with second degree murder.

Luke Patterson works at a neighbouring used appliance store. He says Foley did his first tattoo and he always seemed like a decent person. A hairdresser working across the street, Chantal Pelletier, says she always waved to Foley and saw his bike parked out front. But both agreed they weren't entirely shocked at what happened, given the tattoo shop owner's highly public connections to Bacchus.

Peterson and others mentioned the tattoo shop had its windows smashed out several times in the past few weeks. Stickers on the door of the shop bear the Bacchus logo and the warning "Criminals Beware: We Shoot Back."

Go Visit The Spoonarm Octopus

When he's calm he is pink or purple but, when he's stressed he can be pale white and his bumps and horns vanish.

He is the spoonarm octopus, a new addition to the Fundy Discover Aquarium in St. Andrews.

Genny Simard tells CHSJ News he's a small little guy.

She says they can reach two feet but he only takes up about a quarter of your hand.
You can see the spoonarm octopus at the Fundy Discover Aquarium.

For more info, here

$2,000 Reward For Wanted Arsonist

Crime Stoppers New Brunswick and the St. Andrews RCMP are looking for your help finding John Elvis O’Dell, who thought to be living in Saint John.
O'Dell is wanted on an outstanding warrant for arson from 2010.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest. Please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest.

SJ Might Look Down To Solve Water Problem

Saint John could be looking downward for a solution to its water woes...Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News the city is considering ground water as a clean alternative to water from sources like lakes and reservoirs.

Norton says the groundwater option could translate into millions of dollars saved in the construction of a water treatment plant, which would be excellent news for the taxpayers.

Ground water is naturally filtered and requires less treatment--but once it's used up, takes thousands of years to build up again. Norton says there could still be enough there to fill the area's needs.

Illegal Hang-Outs Need To Be Stamped Out

With the South End shaken by a daylight murder on Pitt Street, common Councillors from the South End offering their thoughts on how to keep the neighborhood safe.

Councillor Donnie Snook tells CHSJ News while he can't comment specifically on police business, the force must keep an eye on hot spots where criminals gather. Councillor Donna Reardon agrees she'd like to see police get serious about keeping the South End free of shady hang-outs, especially the ones already well-known to people living in certain areas.

50 year old Matthew Thomas Foley was charged with second degree murder just two days after the shooting near Pitt and Leinster on Saturday.

Saint John Is Ready To Rock!

In less than 3 weeks the Saint John Waterfront will host "Sculpture Saint John", an event that has 6 international artists sculpting 10-tons of provincial granite into works of art.

Artists have 6-weeks to create the works of art that become permanent structures in different parts of the province. Chair of Sculpture Saint John Diana Alexander tells CHSJ news normally this sculptures go for $150-200,000, but communities only pay $10,000.

Alexander adds the symposium will also be a learning experience for educating local artists. The pieces are going to Brundage Point in Grand-Bay Westfield, the Art & Culture Park in Quispamsis, the post office in Saint George, Hans W. Klohn building at UNBSJ, Rothesay Commons, and Saint John has yet to pick a location.

For more information on Sculpture Saint John, click here.