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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Man Arrested In Connection to Attempted Armed Robbery

A man will be spending some time at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre after being in front of a judge today in relation to an attempted armed robbery.The 27 year old was arrested yesterday in connection with the attempted armed robbery at Fundy Heights Convenience Store on the West Side.His next court appearance is on August 24th, and city police expect several more charges to be laid in relation to the series of robberies over the past four weeks.

Council Moves To Change Employment Terms For Senior Manager

Common council is moving to change the way it compensates senior management -- specifically the city manager. Council has rescinded a 2002 motion which gave the city manager a special pension top up. And council is asking the province to amend the municipalities act so it can set the term of employment for senior management types. Mayor Ivan Court says the rescinding the pension motion won't have any impact on former city manager Terry Totten's deal -- but -- he says both moves will allow the city to begin with a clean slate in negotiating for Totten's replacement.

City Police Say Bones Are Likely Old

City Police says finding bones in the St. Peter's Church area is something that has happened before. Police tell us, bones found at a construction site near the church in the North End are most likely old bones that have been disturbed by construction. The police and coroners office are still investigating to confirm the bones are indeed, old.

Resident Unhappy How Discovering the Bones Was Handled

While walking past the St. Peters Church last night, Linda Negus noticed the bones sticking out from the earth.Negus tells CHSJ News, it's disgusting that construction crews continued to work even after finding the remains.Negus is angry at the fact no one was told about these bones being found.
She says once the bones were found work should have stopped immediately, and maybe the sewerage lines being installed should be moved.

Council Throws LBR Financial Lifeline

A decision by common council will lead to a little more red ink at the end of the current budget year. Council is coming to the rescue of the Lord Beaverbrook Rink's board of directors with a 50-thousand dollar lifeline. The board says it's come up short in finances thanks to unexpected repairs to the cooling pipes in the floor which also meant lost revenue while the rink was closed. Acting city manager Pat Woods says the money wasn't included in this year's budget -- already city finance commissioner Greg Yeoman's is predicting the city will end the year about 300-thousand dollars in the red.

Bones Found in the North End

[Human bones unearthed during construction near St Peters church in the North End – photo by Gary MacDonald]

A startling discovery at a construction site on the North End near St. Peters Church. Construction crews working with sewage pipes in the area discovered bones. A representative with the Deptartment of Public Safety confirms that the bones are human, and that the police are investigating with the assistance of the coroners office.

NB Power Reacts to Conservation Council

An NB Power spokesperson tells CHSJ News, the inspection process at Point Lepreau is just getting started.
Heather Maclean tells us once the process is complete it will be sent away to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
The results should be made public in September.

Conservation Council Wants Point Lepreau Safety Inspection Results Released

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is urging NB Power and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to release the results of the safety inspection done at the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant.Executive Director David Coon tells CHSJ News, the results need to be made public to ensure accountability, and maintain public confidence.Coon says the condition of the welding work keeping the housing together is a major concern.
Coon says at a public hearing into the Lepreau Refurbishment, former Vice President of NB Power Nuclear Rod White described the discovery of faults in the reactor welds as a "show stopper" for the refurbishment.

Emergency Officials - "Be Prepared!"

(Bill Lawlor of Red Cross suggesting we be prepared for a 72-hour period - photo by Paul McLaughlin)

Emergency preparedness organizations are reminding you to make sure you are prepared for the onslaught of a tropical storm - hurricane - or other disasters. Red Cross spokesman Bill Lawlor tells CHSJ News we should have a kit comprising of water - non-perishable food - medications - batteries - radios - and so on to help get through the first 72-hours in the aftermath of the disaster.More information on preparing an emergency kit can be found at

Small Business Optimism Down in Province

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business report on the small business optimism for July is in. Business in New Brunswick rings in at 62.5, which is down from 66.4 in June. 45 percent of small business owners in the province say business is good, and 38 per cent say it is satisfactory. Business optimism in this province is now the second highest in Canada, only just trailing behind Saskatchewan.

Man Robbed and Truck Stolen Right off the Road

A man from Ontario got quite the shock last night around ten o'clock when another man jumped into his pickup truck while stopped at a stop sign here in the city. The driver was at the intersection of Duke and Charlotte streets when the man held a knife to his throat and made him drive down Highway One.

Police tell CHSJ news the man stole a small amount of money from the driver and told him to get out of the truck near the Harbour Bridge toll booths. The victim walked to the Tim Hortons on King Street West and called police. His truck has not been recovered and while the man was shaken, he was not hurt.

Car Crash Saves Man's Life

A car crash yesterday evening on Paradise Row could be considered a life-saving event. Saint John police tell CHSJ news a man whose heart appears to have stopped beating--causing him to black out and crash--was brought back to life when his chest hit the stirring wheel upon impact.
The vehicle hit a fire hydrant and lamp post, throwing the man forward and "jump-starting his heart". Police say he is recovering in hospital.

Moratorium Covers All Sandy Point Road Development

It was confusing at times -- but -- when the vote was taken -- a moratorium on development along Sandy Point Road adjacent to Rockwood Park remains in place. City staffers were looking for clarification on if the moratorium covered all development in the area -- councilor Patty Higgins made the original motion and she was quick to offer -- yes!But council has approved a motion by councilor Gary Sullivan asking staff for a report on options for looking at the planning process and public consultation required for future development in the area while the city's municipal plan is undergoing an update.

"A Blow For The West Side"

He's calling it a terrible day -- but -- West Business Association president Owen Boyle is vowing to keep working to make the Business Improvement Area and levy a reality over west. Boyle tells CHSJ News there's something out of whack with the numbers documented by the common clerk's office. He says the proposal has been controversial because of misinformation being spread around about the business improvement tax -- but -- he's vowing to keep the proposal alive.

Setback For West Side Business Improvement Area and Levy

A bid to establish a west side Business Improvement Area and levy has hit a brick wall. Council accepted a report from the common clerk's office indicating almost 35-percent of businesses opposed the idea -- and -- that's enough under provincial legislation to kill the proposal. Mayor Ivan Court says the clerk's office did a thorough review and polling of business owners in the proposed area. Court says the West Side Business Association will have to wait a year before bringing the proposal back to council.