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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Imperial Theatre Donation



The Imperial Theatre is getting a shot to the arm thanks to the largest single contribution to it's Keep It Live fundraising campaign.
Canaport LNG donated $100 thousand dollars towards the continued efforts to restore and preserve the theatre.
The money will also go towards the replacement of the stage house cladding, which leaked and caused damage inside the theatre.

Safe Driving Reminders



Traffic Patterns in Greater Saint John are up with the Long Weekend in full swing. Trailers can be seen hanging off the back of vehicles and alot of people are getting out to shake off the dust of a long winter. Sargeant Evan Scott is head of the Traffic Division with Rothesay Regional Police and tells CHSJ News, last year was the first they saw a drop in the numbers of drunk drivers pulled over.

Scott says patrols will also be out looking for speeders, those not wearing their seatlbelt and expired vehicle registrations.  

Working on Renovations at Arena



Town officials in Rothesay are making plans for possible renovation work at their arena as they wait for a draft report of their Master Recreation Plan. Saint John MP Rodney Weston has provided them with several options to apply for funding. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News, the building is in good shape despite plenty of use and being over the twenty year mark.

A draft report of the plan should be in the Town's hands from ADI Architecture by the third week of next month.   

M-P Supports Legislation Amendments



New legislation planning to modernize criminal procedure law is getting support from Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore.
Moore, who is also the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice says the proposed amendments to the legislation will allow police and prosecutors tools to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.
Changes include creating an offence that prevents people from fleeing to avoid prosectution, improving the application procedure for search and seizure warrants, and allowing fingerprinting and photos to be taken of someone in custody, who hasn't been charged or convicted of a crime.
Moore says these changes will improve Canada's Justice System.