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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elections NB Updates Sign Controversy

Elections NB continues to gather information into whether campaign signs were put up in three communities hours before they were allowed to.

Under the spotlight is Saint John Lancaster Liberal Abel Leblanc, a Conservative candidate in Nigadoo-Chaleur and one in Moncton Cresent.
The rule states no campaign signs can go up until after midnight.

Elections NB spokes-person Paul Harpelle tells CHSJ News, he doesn't feel this gets the campaign off to a bad start.
Harpelle adds there are several measures they can take for punishment including a fine, but it's very clear the campaign signs in all three ridings did go up early.
A decision into the matter is expected with-in days.

Country Star Wraps Up Tonight On The Boardwalk

The fourth year of Country 94's Alpine Country Star comes to an end tonight, rain or shine. After nine weeks of competition the winner will finally be announced and it's down to Paula Waddell and Neil Wheaton. The winner takes home the title and $5000 dollars, while the runner up gets a cheque for $1000 dollars.

The finale will feature some audience favourites from this year as well as Sidekick and last year's Star, April Delong. Things get started at 8 o'clock on the Boardwalk.

Charges Laid In Break And Enter

Charges are being laid after a break and enter near the Sandy Point Road last night.

Two 21-year old men and one 38-year old man are being charged with break and enter and violation of probation.

They'll be back in court on November 10th.

Conservative Candidates on the Hustings

Two Conservative Candidates in Greater Saint John are getting their campaigns jump-started this afternoon.

Glen Tait in Saint John East is hosting a dessert party at the Loch Lomond Villa starting at 6:30pm.
Out in the Valley, Quispamsis Conservative Candidate Blaine Higgs is openign the door of his headquarters at the former Lane Furnishing building on Millenium Drive.

Things get started at 4:30pm.

Lancaster Conservative Candidate Files Grievance

A grievance has been filed with Election NB by the Conservative Candidate in the riding of Saint John Lancaster.

Dorothy Sheppard's camp is claiming Able Leblanc and his team were putting out campaign signs last evening, before the writ was officially dropped at midnight.

Sheppard's campaign manager Lisa Ferguson tells CHSJ News, the entire team is disappointed by the move.

Ferguson says Sheppard is disappointed by the move but continues to concentrate on her campaign.

Liberal Campaign Chair Evaluates The Race

     (Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Roly MacIntyre)
                    (File Photo)

Liberal campaign co-chair Roly MacIntyre tells CHSJ News he expects some of the barbs delivered by the Opposition over the summer will heat up on the campaign trail.

MacIntyre is expecting some tight races especially in the Saint John area -- but -- he says his party has a solid slate of candidates who have been told to campaign like they're running behind the pack.

Peoples Alliance Unveils Campaign Slogan

""Real People, Real Change.""

That is the campaign slogan for the Peoples Aliance Party revealed now that the official election campaign is underway.
Party Leader Kris Austin says it's a direct and honest message just like every piece of work his party tries to approach.
The Peoples Alliance is the newest party on the political scene, born out of the hatred spawned when the Graham Government attempted to sell assets of NB Power to Hydro Quebec.

Golf Sign Is Stolen

Its hard to imagine why anyone would but the main sign at the Welsford Golf Course has been stolen.

RCMP tell us it reads ""Welsford Golf Club--Public Welcome 2 for 1 Tuesdays."" and was taken earlier this week.

The sign is four feet by three, weighs 70 pounds and is white and green in color.

New Addition To City Skyline

The city's waterfront skyline has a new addition -- a large construction crane now towers over the Harbourfront Residences condo project near the Three Sisters Lamps at Water and Prince William Streets.
The crane will be used in construction of phase one of the project which see 81-new condo units completed by next summer.
Developer John Rocca told CHSJ News earlier this year most of the units have been presold with marketing underway to sell the remaining units.
Rocca says no date has been set for the start of construction on phase two of the project.

City Police Arresting Two After Uptown Assaults

City police arresting two men after two assaults in the bar district last night.
The men were released with the condition that they not return to the bar between 9pm and 3am.

Both men will be in court today to face charges.

Police also arresting four men in connection with a break and enter near the Sandy Point road.

Gas Prices Down Slightly

The price of gas is down slightly after the weekly setting.
The maxium price for regular self-serve is 97.2 while diesel is going for 102.8 and heating for 86.7 both unchanged from last week.

Elections NB Is Ready For The Campaign

We know the politicians are ready for the race and Elections NB officials appear to be in good shape as well. Chief Electoral Officer Michael Quinn tells CHSJ News, a fixed election date certainly takes the suprise element out of the equation:

Quinn says the advance poll voting will be held on the 18th and 20th of next month and any of the parties have until September.7th to file papers for a candidate to be in the race.

The Newest Party Is Ready For The Campaign

Being new to the Provincial political scene isn't slowing down the Peoples Alliance Party. Leader Kris Austin tells CHSJ News, five months ago, this party was nothing more than a thought:

He says they have come a long way since the party started as a conservation about how bad things are in the Province.
Austin says he would love to see the party capture several seats but knows realistically, that one is more than they had in the last election.

Greens Are Ready To Put Their Candidates On The Firing Line

Green Party leader Jack MacDougall tells CHSJ News he is excited about the candidates they have running in the election.
He says they are pleased to have Patty Higgins, Stephane Warner and Sharon Flatt-Murphy run in the Greater Saint John area.
MacDougall says the Green party candidates are willing to put themselves on the firing line for the voters of the Province despite not having a real shot at winning.

Duguay Says His Team Is Ready

NDP Leader Roger Duguay tells CHSJ News the party is ready to go.
After 28 years with the party, he feels ready and very optimistic about the campaign.
Duguay adds they will have candidates in all 55 ridings.

Alward's Team Has 14 Women Candidates

Conservative Leader David Alward tells CHSJ News, he is feeling very good heading into the campaign:
He tells us they have a great team of candidates running across the province including 14 women.

Alward adds along with being organzied, the party has spent months reaching out to voters across the Province.

The Liberal Party Ready For Writ Drop

It has been a busy summer of announcements for the Liberal Party but the real leg work gets started today. The writ will be dropped for the Provincial vote later this morning in Fredericton and Premier Graham says he is extremely proud of what his party brings to voters:

Graham says every region of the Province is important for the Liberal Party and are taking none for granted.