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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boat Turns Over

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The Musquash Fire Department gets an assist in helping a pair of boaters out of the water. While out during regular training last night at eight o'clock, members came across a capsized boat and two people in the Musquash River. Another vessel had already helped one person out the water and fire-fighters got the other two people out of the river and onto shore.

Their boat was also brought to shore and no one required medical attention. No one of the over-turned boat was wearing a life jacket.

Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees

New for June.16th/2009

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Make sure you congratulate Reg Gallant the next time you see him. His is one of five inductee's for the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of fame class of 2009. Born in Rexton in 1965, Gallant as a teenager played in local rock bands before switching to country. Also to be inducted is Johnny Melanson of Moncton, Al Dupuis from Minto, Hughie Yorke of Fredericton and Stan Taylor who hails from the Miramichi.

The award ceremony will take place on October.17th at the Fredericton Inn.

Armed Robbery Under Investigation

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An armed robbery last night and one person remains on the run. Hampton RCMP tell us someone with a knife walked into the Willow Grove Convenience and demanded cash.

They grabbed a handful and ran from the store. No one was hurt.

Bay of Fundy Back in the Running

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The Bay of Fundy is back in the running in the New Seven Wonders of Nature contest. The bay will represent Canada after learning the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta does not meet the Phase II participation requirements. Terri McCulloch is the manager of Bay of Fundy Tourism and tells CHSJ News, even though it sounds like a cliche, there is no way to put a price tag on this kind of advertisement.

Voting takes place at until July 7th when the top 77 international sites will be short listed.
New for June.16th/2009:

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A more responsive emergency notification system is what Point Lepreau-area residents will soon have. The Lepreau Alerting System will give residents the option of receiving emergency notification concerning the nuclear generating station by fax, phone, cell, e-mail, or short message service.

Employee's from Point Lepreau and members of the Musquash Fire Department will go door-to-door this summer to collect updated contact information from residents. There is also an open house to discuss the new set-up tonight starting at six at the Dipper Harbour Fire Hall.

Pipeline is Ready to Flow

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The first flow of gas into the Brunswick Pipeline is expected next month, and President and CEO of Emera Inc says they're ready for it. Chris Huskilson says the pipeline is ready to ship natural gas to the United States. Huskilson says the pipeline has been mechanically complete since the end of January, and preparations have been underway for the first shipment since then.

He says the pipeline continues to benefit the region and will begin to pump in about $5.8 million dollars annually to federal, provincial, and municipal budgets through property and other taxes.

Busy Night for Police Around the Region

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Rothesay Regional Police found someone driving a stolen vehicle. It was close to midnight when an officer, on instinct, ran the license of a vehicle coming out of the Route One Circle "K" on the Mckay Highway. Turns out the vehicle was stolen from Saint John. A 28 year old man is locked up and will appear in court later today answering to several charges including possession of a stolen vehicle.

Also, One person was taken to the Regional last night after their vehicle hit a moose. It happened on Highway One near Lepreau. The Musquash Fire Department arrived at the scene just after 11:30pm to find the driver being looked at by paramedics.

New Reports on Ways to Generate Cash

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The authors of a report on the city's funding options for services and infrastructure say cities should be in control of property taxes. Co-author Enid Slack says municipalities should take care of it. Slack says it's a palatable option for the province and something Saint John should pursue.
In the meantime, she suggests user fees and new forms of taxation as a way to generate revenue.

Slack says that could include hotel taxes, user fees for garbage pick-up and non-residential parking fees.

City Hall Looks to Generate Finances

June 16, 2009

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Common council will put together a committee to work with city staff in examining revenue generating options for the city. The city's commissioner of finance Greg Yeomans says the result of cutting costs to balance the budget is false economics that leads to increased spending in the future.
Yeomans says cities also need to force provinces to do their job and look after social programs, so that cities can do their job and look after infrastructure. He says Saint John spends far too much money on social programs when there are other more basic needs to be met.