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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Temperature Record In The Making

It's looks like another day of warm temperatures going down in the record books -- the record high for this date in the city is 8.9-degrees set back in 1972 -- but -- this afternoon's temperature has been hovering in the 10-degree range.
We also broke a record temperature yesterday coming in at 12-degrees topping the previous record of 9.5-degrees set on St Patrick's day in 2007.

The Province applies some pressure on Ottawa over the Harbour Brige

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(file photo)

The Graham Government is continuing to apply pressure on Ottawa when it comes to repairs for the Harbour Bridge. Transportation Minister Denis Landry has sent a letter to his counterpart in Ottawa pointing out the Province and and City Hall have approved the Bridge Authority's five year budget. He asks John Baird to approve the budget so necessary repairs can get started.

Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News they want to see something done about the repairs.

Keir says after being manager of the Harbour Bridge Authority, he understands the importance of the vital link to this area and all of Atlantic Canada.
He says it's imperative that the Bridge Authority can move forward and make the neeeded refurbishments.

MP Rodney Weston said last week Transport Canada wants more information on who the lender is before they decide on approval.

Two Provincial Men to Be Awarded with Medal of Bravery

Longs Creek has a hero and his name is Robert Dorie.

He will be honored with the Medal of Bravery after capturing an armed robber almost four years ago in Sussex.

It was July.23rd when he was outside Marks Work Warehouse and saw several people running from a tavern, including one with a shotgun.

He tried to get away on a bicycle when Dorie sideswiped him with his vehicle and held him until RCMP arrived. Dorie tells CHSJ News, he never once stopped to think about his safety.

Dorie says his family is very proud of him but no word on when the medal ceremony will be.
Mike Toupin from the Miramichi will also receive the medal after stopping a run-away transport truck.

Moncton Man Charged

A 63-year old man who used to live in Moncton has been charged by RCMP in connection with allegations of sexual assault that date back more than 40 years.

Thomas Peter Daigle appeared in court today and plead guilty to five counts of indecent assault on a man stemming from sexual assault allegations.
The RCMP investigation began in January of last year.

The investigation focused on allegations of sexual assault on teenage boys in the Greater Moncton area between 1966 and 1974 while Daigle was a local hockey coach. He will be back in court on May 17 for sentencing.

Facebook scam involving passwords

(courtesy of Canadian Press)

Another email scam is circulating online trying to ensnare unsuspecting Facebook users into divulging all their passwords.

Security software maker McAfee sent out a consumer warning Wednesday night after noticing that the email scam had become one of the most active currently online.

The emails suggest the user's Facebook password has been reset and includes a link to change it.

But clicking on that link downloads a program that allows hackers to learn your Facebook password and any other passwords you use online.

McAfee says it's the sixth most-prevalent scam that's circulated in the last day or so.
The emails are typically written with poor grammar and awkward phrasing, such as ``Dear user of facebook.''

High Chair Recall

(courtesy of Canadian Press)

Thirty-five-thousand high chairs sold in Canada are part of a massive recall.
The U-S Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the voluntary recall by Georgia-based Graco Children's Products.
It involves more than 1.2-million high chairs.

The company says problems with screws and plastic brackets can cause the high chairs to tip over unexpectedly.
Twenty-four injuries have been reported -- mainly bumps and bruises.

Q-League Attendance Numbers Are In

With the Seadogs set to start their play-off run tomorrow night against the Rocket, attendance numbers for the regular season are in. Just over 214,000 fans graced Harbour Station which works out to an average of 4141 per game. Moncton finishes up with an average fan base of just over 4600 per game which works out to 219,300 people at the Coliseum for the regular season. Cape Breton finishes up with over 3300 per game and just over 158,000 for the season.

Bathurst averaged just under 1400 per game which works out to over 107,000 for the season. Quebec leads the way with just over 12,000 fans per game which works out to over 515,000 for the regular season.

Another Record High Temperature In Saint John

It was the warmest St. Patrick's Day ever in Saint John, according to Environment Canada with another record high being reported. The temperature rose to 12 degrees celsius early yesterday afternoon which shattered the previous record high of 9.5 degrees in 2007. The mild weather is expected to remain with us for a few days yet but Environment Canada is warning next week will turn colder with more seasonable temperatures.

Musquash Firefighters Stop Blaze From Spreading

A fire late yesterday afternoon prompted quick action by firefighters in Musquash to prevent something much worse from developing. The blaze began in a 4 by 4 shed but began spreading to nearby woods. The shed on Route 790 in Musquash was blazing away when firefighters got there. They quickly doused the fire out but had to stick around for another hour in case any hot spots flared up. A nearby house did sustain some heat damage to its siding. It's been determined the cause of the fire was accidental and there were no injuries.

A Slight Decline In Gas Prices

The price of gas in Saint John is slightly lower this morning following the weekly setting. The maximum that can be charged for self serve regular is down by just over a cent at $104.6. It's being sold in the city for $101.9 a litre. The max for diesel also decreased to $106.3 and it's selling for $103.7 at pumps around town. Self serve regular in diesel is lower still at $100.9 a litre and diesel is at $102.7. Furnace oil is at 90.3 cents a litre and the price of propane continues its downward slide at $107.4.