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Friday, November 19, 2010

Prison Time For Baxters Corner Woman In Rothesay Stabbing

A Baxters Corner woman has been sentenced to three years in prison on 12 charges which include aggravated assault for stabbing her then boyfriend September 5th at an apartment on Scott Avenue in Rothesay. That was the second time 21 year old Mary Lisa Joyce Carrier had stabbed him. A few months earlier it had been with a fork.

While sobbing in the prisoner's dock, Carrier apologised to him and his family. She told the court going to jail might have been the best thing that could have happened because she calls the experience life altering.

The court was told Carrier suffers from a borderline personality disorder which is characterised by over reaction. Judge Henrik Tonning described her relationship as toxic and traumatic but added that's no excuse for violence.

He also cautioned treatment for her disorder will take a long time.

Inquest To Be Held Into Construction Death

A coroner's inquest will be held next month into the death of a 55-year old Summerville man two years ago.
Kirk McGeachy died in November of 2008 from injuries he suffered while working at a construction site in northwestern New Brunswick.
The inquest will open December 7th at the Sydney Street courthouse -- the coroner's jury will have an opportunity to make recommendations to try to prevent similar workplace deaths.

Voting Continues For Porter Memorial Playground

An effort is underway to raise 200 thousand dollars to build a new playground at Seawood school in the memory of the late RCMP constable Jason Porter and his two young children, 2 year old Jack and 5 year old Hannah. They all died two years ago in a tragic accident along Highway 7 while they were driving back from Woodstock leaving behind wife and mother, Christy.

Erica Lane of the playground committee tells CHSJ News Christy is doing amazingly well considering the circumstances but would like them to be remembered.
Saint John is now in an online competition that would provide all the funding needed and Lane says people are being urged to vote.

She says it's a Canada-wide contest and if they win, they would have the $200, 000 they need to build the playground.
To vote for Seawood School, click here

Bargain Shop Store Is Closing

A long-time fixture at the top of King Street is closing its doors.
The Bargain Shop is nearing the end of their lease.

When CHSJ News asked for the reason for the closure, we were told we would have to come back Monday to speak to the manager.
There are reports some of the employees will be working at the uptown store until January.

Fields Set For Municipal By-elections

Nominations have now closed for the December 13th municipal by-elections here in the city and Grand Bay-Westfield.
There are six candidates vying for the Ward 3 seat vacated by Carl Killen when he was successful in the September provincial election -- those looking to fill the vacancy are Mel Norton - John Campbell - Mark Leger - Anne-Marie Mullin - Danny Robichaud - and former councilor Jay Chang.
In Grand Bay-Westfield -- three candidates are in the running for the vacancy on town council - Stephen Evans - Mike Likely - and - Allen Titus.
All candidates have until Monday at five to withdraw their names if they have a change of heart over the weekend.

Keep Your Car Off The Street Overnight

With snow in the forecast this weekend, the City letting residents know in most cases on street parking is not allowed overnight.
Communications Officer Leah Fitzgerald tells CHSJ News even on streets where it is allowed, they would still like you to not park there.

She says if you can park off the street you should because the plow drivers and operators can do their job safely if too many cars are on the street.

She adds depending on how congested the street is, the plow operators may not be able to plow at all or it will take several passes.

For more info on the winter parking rules, click here.

Drivers Urged To Keep Their Eyes On The Road

Do not take your eyes of the road, that is the message from the Harbour Bridge after a slew of multi-car accidents yesterday.
General Manager Ken Anthony tells CHSJ News drivers need to be very careful because a car ahead could put their breaks on at any time.

He says thousands of cars are going over the bridge every hour with no break and even a second's inattention can cause what happened yesterday.
Anthony adds crews are working to finish the seasonal repairs by the end of the month.

Police Videotape Played At Saint John Murder Trial

The jury at the 2nd degree murder trial of 28 year old Crystal Dawn McKenzie saw a police videtape of the statement she gave after her common law husband 29 year old Patrick Thomas was stabbed to death on Alma Street last March.

McKenzie was sobbing as she told police she didn't mean to kill him. City police officer Shawna Doiran testified McKenzie told her she was trying to protect her children.

Earlier, two witnesses who live at 260 Waterloo Street told the court they saw McKenzie being pulled down to the ground, dragged along the street and pinned against a wall before the stabbing.

Saint John 225 Celebration Ends With A Call To Build Arts And Culture In City

(Jacqueline Hamilton, Steve Carson, Judith Mackin and Kate Wallace)
                   (Photo by Tamara Steele)

"Our past has held us back" was one of the opinions heard at a panel discussion about keeping culture alive in the city as Saint John 225 celebration wraps up and harnessing the momentum of Saint John 225's many artistic highlights this year was another focus of the discussion last night.

Panelists and the audience at the Saint John Arts Centre giving their views on how to create vibrant original culture that brings people here and spurs economic development too.

Plan SJ's Jacqueline Hamilton says urban planning is about people not cars and that's something the City has forgotten over the years. Enterprise Saint John's Steve Carson tells CHSJ News cities for years spent time chasing the big fish and a vibrant arts and culture community will bring those big fish to us.

Entrepreneur Judith Mackin would like to see the City's 1 per cent for art initiative for new buildings extend to small businesses. Another recommendation is to make art more accessible with a student saying most of the culture is centred uptown and should be spread out.

Provincial Cabinet Minister Reacts To Report On How Fat We've Become

(Provincial Minister of Wellness, Culture and Tourism Trevor Holder)
                              (File Photo)

Alarming..........That's the reaction of the new Minister of Wellness, Trevor Holder on the Health Council's report which concluded we are the fattest province with 30 per cent of the population overweight combined with one of the lowest rates of being physically active.

Holder vows the new provincial government is bound and determined to tackle this issue because in order for health care costs to go down the emphasis will have to be on preventing people from getting sick in the first place.
 He also warns unless the situation is turned around the younger generation could wind up dying sooner than their elders.