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Friday, July 22, 2011

Workplace Accident Injures Two

A rough day for two construction workers in the Valley.
Rothesay police tell CHSJ News two men were sent to hospital yesterday afternoon when the rafters of the new Department of Fisheries building at 144 Millennium Drive collapsed along with them.
One other man received minor injures but was not taken to hospital. Police say Worksafe NB is investigating the incident.

Weston Hopeful Port Project Will Go Forward

Saint John MP Rodney Weston is hopeful the city, NB Power and the port will be able to work out a deal with American Iron and Metal to build a metal shredder on the city's west side.

The project hitting a stumbling block as council tries to determine who owns land where proposed power-lines are supposed to go.

Weston tells CHSJ News the project comes with job creation and Saint John needs all the jobs it can get.
Weston says he doesn't agree with people saying that you can't get anything done in Saint John.
He says sometimes there are obstacles to deal with and it just takes some extra time.
Weston says the willingness of the port and NB power to look for different solutions to accommodate American Iron and Metal should send a message that they are wanted and needed here in Saint John.

Flemming Court Splash Pad Opens

Plenty of splashing and shrieking going on at the new Flemming Court Splash Pad in the Crescent Valley neighbourhood. 

Chairperson Ann Barrett says the splash pad has become a gathering place for the community, and people of all ages have been enjoying it.

Barrett says planning for the splash pad began in 2007, but the project was put on hold in 2009 when a sewer pipe was discovered and they had to find a new location.

She says the plan originally included benches and a play structure as well, but because the splash pad went up in price over time, fund raising for the rest of the park will begin now that the splash pad is in place.

Fluid Spill Impacts Traffic In the North End

City fire crews applying sand and peat moss trying to clean up a significant fluid spill in the North end.
A larger concentration of fluid was in an area near Somerset Street and Pugsley Avenue.

A truck leaking transmission fluid causing the spill that runs along Somerset Street between Wellesley Avenue and Samuel Davis drive.
Fire officials are on scene and police are directing traffic in the area.

Humidex May Reach 40 Degrees Celcius Today

Get ready for a very hot day in our backyard.

Environment Canada issuing a humidex and health advisory for Saint john, Sussex, the Kennebecais Valley and Kings County.

A warm and humid air mass over the region could bring humidex values of 40 degrees this afternoon.
The department of health recommends that you stay in shaded or air conditioned areas as much as possible, drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and take breaks often if you are exercising or working outdoors.

Fund Gives $30K For Geopark Signs

30 thousand dollars is how much the Stonehammer Geopark is getting for new, interactive signs thanks to money from the province's Environmental Trust Fund. Chair Bill Merrifield says 11 signs will be going up at various sites over the next 2 weeks.

He says they will identify that there is lots to do at a geopark along with looking at the geology and other signs will going up at Brundage Point in Grand Bay-Westfield and at the Hampton River Centre and other locations.
Merrifield says you'll also be able to download an application on your smart phone that, when held up to the signs, will tell you more about the site you're at.

Pharmacists Warn Lowering Drug Costs Will Be Complicated

Pharmacists will have a lot to say when they meet with provincial health department officials about making prescription drugs, including generic brands, less expensive.

Paul Blanchard of the New Brunswick Pharmacists Association tells CHSJ News the misuse of drugs will have to be dealt with because that drives up the cost.

Blanchard says, according to Health Canada, one in 9 visits to the Emergency Department is because of an adverse reaction to drugs and almost half of people with chronic disease couldn't tell a New Brunswick Health Council survey what their drugs were being used for.

Blanchard also says the pharmamcists will be looking for higher fees to process the prescriptions.

Court Date Set For Saint John Cop

Another brief court appearance for a 34 year old Saint John police officer who's facing charges of assault, assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats.

Chris Messer was not there but his lawyer Brian Munro was.

The court set November 22nd for the start of a preliminary hearing to see if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial.

 Munro says there will be two preliminary hearings because two different people have made allegations that have resulted in the criminal charges being laid.

Those charges were laid after an investigation was carried out by Miramichi Police. Messer's home was also targeted in a drive by shooting.

Dairytown RCMP Investigate Rash Of Damage This Morning

RCMP in Dairytown looking into a rash of damage in the wee hours that began with a fire.
The small shed was found on fire on Main Street in Sussex and from there windows were broken between Court, Park and Nelson streets before it ended near Peter Street. The crimes occurring between 3:30 and 5:30 this morning.

Police believe up to three young men are involved and one was wearing a white t-shirt. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sussex RCMP at 506-433-7700 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Listeners Are Vocal Over Provincial Plan To Put Off Wage Hike

Our listeners have a lot to say on Facebook about the Alward government's plan
to postpone the next increase in the minimum wage that would see it reach $10 an hour by September. The Conservatives are looking at pushing that increase back to April of next year.

One woman thinks there is no point because whenever minimum wage goes up, so do the prices on everything else so it doesn't help.
Another woman thinks the business community is saying don't make us pay our workers more and cut into our profits yet they want you to work hard with part-time hours and no benefits.
One listener who works and is going back to school in the fall supports the plan saying prices and the cost of living go up regardless but, every little bit helps.

City Police Search Yacht Club As Part Of "Major Investigation"

City police are not confirming whether a search at the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club where Richard Oland was a member had anything to do with his death and murder investigation.

Officers spent several hours combing the club's ground and going through boats while divers went in the water. One of the sailboats is listed in the name of Oland's daughter-in-law.

Police will only say the search is part of a major crime investigation. It has now been just over two weeks since the well known businessman was found dead in his office on Canterbury Street.