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Friday, September 21, 2012

Regional To Open 7th Operating Room

This might make a dent in the waitlist for surgeries.....the Regional will open a new operating room this fall.

Health Minister Madeleine Dube says opening an additional operating room will improve surgical services by increasing access, decreasing wait-times and ensure teaching and training can continue.

Over 8,000 surgical procedures were completed at the Regional last year.

The new operating room is scheduled to open October 1st.

Take Back The Night Tonight

Take Back the Night is all about empowering women and helping them feel safe from sexual violence...and tonight all women are invited to participate in a candlelight vigil in King Square.

Organizer Sharon Amirault tells CHSJ News Saint John isn't the most dangerous city by any means, but women still need to be careful.

Survivors of sexual violence will speak and a video will be shown at the candlelight ceremony, which starts at 8. Everyone will then make their way to the Community Health Center for a reception.

Atlantic Roller Derby Championships This Weekend

It's not your mother' roller derby....the Atlantic Roller Derby Championships coming to town this weekend features some serious women athletes. Organizer Sherry Curry tells CHSJ News teams like the Razor Girls and Scarlet Swarm will face off all weekend at the LBR--and they're hoping for a good turnout.

Roller Derby is a relatively young sport in Atlantic Canada, but it's been growing in popularity among women elsewhere in Canada for many years. This is the first Atlantic Canadian tournament that's being held in Saint John.

NBers Could Get Coverage For Quitting Smoking

A whopping 20% of the population in New Brunswick smokes...and the provincial Lung Association is calling on the government to earmark some money in the budget to fix that.

NB Lung Association Barbara McKinnon tells CHSJ News every province except New Brunswick and PEI have support for smokers who are trying to quit, despite that we have higher rates of smoking.

The association wants to see the price of cigarettes go up by 30 cents a carton to help fund coverage for smoking cessation. It's estimated it would cost just half a million dollars annually.

Parrott Could Become "Lightning Rod For Dissent"

There's a lot of speculation about what's next for Fundy River Valley MLA Dr Jim Parrott after he was kicked out the caucus for criticising his own party on health care.

UPEI Political Science professor Dr. Don Desserud calls Parrott's ouster "yet another example of the colourful nature of New Brunswick politics." He tells CHSJ News Dr Parrott could now become a lightning rod for dissent against the government's policy toward medical services.

Desserud believes the Liberals would love to land Dr. Parrott who has also been very critical of past Liberal governments on health care. Desserud says he's an independent sort who may not be all that bothered sitting as an independent.

Grits Won't Welcome Parrott

Dr. Jim Parrott would not be welcomed into the Liberal fold now that he's persona non grata with the Conservative government.

Interim Leader Victor Boudreau says they would not take him because his views differ with Liberal values.
Boudreau tells CHSJ News the situation with Dr. Parrott flies in the face of David Alward's promises in the 2010 campaign to be open, transparent and to consult.

He says Dr. Parrott had to go to those lengths just to get his voice heard by his own leader.

Boudreau says many current Tory MLA's and longtime conservatives are unhappy with the Premier's current direction for government.

Van Rollover On West Side

One woman taken to hospital late yesterday afternoon after her van left Bay Street near Centracare and rolled over down an embankment into the water. 

The Environment Department was called in to check for any contamination.

Has The Bacchus Motorcycle Gang Moved East?

A concern from a man in East Saint John about the Bacchus Motorcycle Club relocating on Thomas Road near Simonds High has been passed on to City Manager Pat Woods by a member of Common Council. 

The city's bylaw enforcement officer will investigate whether it's true or not. 

The Bacchus vacated its clubhouse on Pitt Street after the shooting death of a man in mid July followed by an inspection by the city which cited several building code violations.

East Siders Have Their Say On City Services

The final ward meeting held last night on the east side with 50 per cent of the people who attended saying they're satisfied with the fire service.....47 per cent with policing.....43 per cent with their drinking water......44 per cent with garbage collection but only 19 per cent with the condition of roads.

Ward 4 Councillor Ray Strowbridge tells CHSJ News he wasn't surprised by any of the results but there's only so much money you can put into roads.

One woman suggested weekly garbage pickup in the summer when temperatures rise.

Strowbridge says most people want city services delivered in a different way but it's not clear what is mean't by that because there are no specifics.

Common Council Talks About Sensitive Financial Issue

Common Council meeting behind closed doors late yesterday afternoon on what was described as a sensitive financial issue with liability for the city but Mayor Mel Norton wouldn't confirm or deny it was about what to do next with the city's financially beleagurered pension plan. 

Thje Mayor telling reporters it would be inappropriate for him to comment about what happened during Committee of the Whole.

Ward 2 Councillor Susan Fullerton left the meeting not looking all that happy.