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Friday, July 16, 2010

Deputy Mayor Critical Of How Common Council Spends Taxpayer Dollars

              (Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase)
                  (Photo by Brian McLain)

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase is skeptical growth in Saint John will continue at the pace it has over the past few years and this could adversely affect the city's tax rate and what money will be available for roads which drivers in the city never tire of complaining about. Chase maintains Common Council has not been spending taxpayer dollars wisely and points to a report prepared by the head of municipal operations for the city, Paul Groody who says at least 25 per cent of roads in the city have to be rebuilt.
Chase says he is also worried about a 13 per cent in new housing starts with housing completions off by 58 per cent as compared to last year. He is also dubious about Common Council having the fiscal discipline to restrain spending next year.

Kings Landing Fashion Show

If 21st century fashion is wearing you out, you can revisit a simpler time at a 19th century Loyalist fashion show this weekend in Kings Landing.
Bonnets, Bowlers, Buckles and Bows is the title and theme of the show which will feature a range of fashions from colonial times to the Victorian era.

Many dresses and suits from the historal settlement's collection will be modelled by staff including Georgian and Victorian wedding gowns and a 19th-century swimsuit.

Kings Landing is 20 minutes west of Fredericton on Route 2.
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Warnings About Food Safety In The Summer

(Provincial Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eilish Cleary)

The chief medical officer of health wants everyone in the Province to follow common sense precautions to avoid food poisoning.

Two specific concerns about food handling during the summer are backyard barbecues and picnics.

Dr. Eilish Cleary says the risk is especially high for certain kinds of food poisoning when preparing raw meat for the bbq including infection caused by the bacteria E. coli.
People who get sick with E. coli experience a wide range of health effects including stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea.

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South End Days Kick Off Tonight

The third annual South End Days kick off tonight a five o'clock.
Carl Trickey of the Organizing Committee says some dignetaries will speak followed by a BBQ and music.

Trickey says the singers on tonight between 6 and 8 either live now or have lived in the south end and that will be followed by an all-ages hip hop competition.

Saturday's events include a chance for residents to meet the candidates in the riding of Saint John Harbour and speak to Elections NB about getting on the voter list for the September 27th election.

Energy Minister Doesn't Disagree With Fitch On The NB Power Split

The Energy Minister does not disagree with Opposition Critic Bruce Fitch and his view that is was not a mistake to separate NB Power into 5 separate companies back in 2005.

Jack Keir tells CHSJ News it may have been the right thing to do at the time but, the right thing to do now is to put it back together.

He says the first reason for separating the companies was so the private sector could come and compete with them individually which never happened.
Keir says the second reason was to sell off assetts and he says his government heard loud and clear this past winter people in the province do want them doing that.

Opposition Energy Critic Says NB Power Integration Not A Mistake

The reintegration of NB Power by the Liberals is a repudiation of what the previous government under then Premier Bernard Lord did when it broke up the utility six years ago. Conservative energy critic Bruce Fitch was a member of that government and he maintains the breakup of NB Power into separate components was not a mistake and whether putting it back together as one large company isn't a done deal because there has to be a vote in the provincial legislature.

Fitch says breaking up the utility was better for determining which parts needed financial help and what had to be cut back and many millions of dollars would have been saved has the Liberals carried through with the original plan.

Opinion Divided On What To Do About Flooding In Glen Falls

(Meeting At Exhibition Park On Flooding In Glen Falls)
                    (Photo by Sherry Aske)

It was a packed house at Exhibition Park as people came out to hear about solutions to flooding in Glen Falls. The city wanted to know whether people wanted a water diversion system or if they were open to the idea of relocation. Dave Nicholson has lived in Glen Falls for five years and says if it's going to take years to build a diversion system, he'd consider relocation.
Mayor Ivan Court says at this point relocation is just an idea but adds it would likely be a quicker solution than building a multi million dollar diversion system. Laurie MacDonald of Simpson Drive says he has lived in Glen Falls for 20 years and doesn't want to move.

City Police Warning Saint Johnners Of Funny Money And Internet Scam

The City Police fraud section is warning of counterfeit one hundred dollar bills circulating in the city.The funny money is from the Canadian Journey Series from 2004. They have the holographic strip from a ten dollar bill attached where it should be on a real one hundred dollar bill.
Police say you can easily verify which one's are real with the security features in this series such as the raised surfaces on the money, tilting the bill to look for the changing colours from the holographic strip.
You can also look for the fine line printing in the portrait and background patterns.
Meantime, The latest scam making the rounds on the Internet involves rental properties. An advertisement for a house or apartment shows up and even uses photos from a previous listing. The phoney owner or landlord then offers to send the keys in the mail. The victim then wires some cash and never hears from the person again. City Police remind anyone looking for a new place to call home to go see it and get a written contract.