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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Importing Gas Would Increase PotashCorp's Costs

If PotashCorp can't secure a local supply of natural gas in the province, they'll have to look for an outside source, and that means higher energy costs. 

That's according to General Manager of the New Brunswick division, Stewart Brown, who says they need that local source of natural gas for their growing operation. Brown says if there were no natural gas sources available in the Sussex area, he doesn't believe the Piccadilly mine development would have gone ahead.

He says we have a natural resource available here in the province and need to have clear and transparent regulations so companies that can extract it are able to move forward and we don't have that yet.

95% of the potash production from Sussex is shipped out of the Port City, which is about a million tonnes every year.

Queen Square Farmers Market Gets Postponed

Looks like you'll have to wait until next week to get those fresh veggies and hot coffee.

Organizer Jody Kliffer letting us know the Queens Square Farmers Market has been postponed until next Sunday, Sept. 29. It's been cancelled because of the rain forecasted for tomorrow morning.

Fire Crews Called To The Paramount

A concerned citizen calling City Fire after witnessing what they thought was smoke coming out of the back of an old uptown theatre. 

They responded to the Paramount, which is now undergoing demolition, and Division Fire Chief Gerald Green tells CHSJ News they discovered there was no fire in the building, it was just dust from bricks falling.

Demolition started on the Paramount this past Wednesday. It's scheduled to be finished by November.

SJ Board of Trade Announces Three Award Winners

The best in business will be honoured at an awards ceremony in October.

The Saint John Board of Trade announcing three winners for the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards: Carole Cunningham, the Board of Trade's Event Manager winning the Chair's Award, the UNB Saint John Promise Partnership winning this year's Big Heart Award and the Young Entrepreneur of the Year is Sarah Jones, the owner of Jones Gallery on Duke Street. The rest of the winners will be announced on October 2.

This is the 29th year for the awards ceremony. For more information on the event, call the Saint John Board of Trade at 634-8111. To register, click here.

New Inclusive Education Policy For NB Schools

The province has made some changes so nobody in the classroom is left behind.

The Inclusive Education policy was just announced by Education & Early Childhood Development Minister Jody Carr, and it's meant to make sure all students in New Brunswick schools get the support they need in the classroom. The approach focuses on students' particular strengths and needs and must be implemented by teachers and staff who are flexible and responsive to change.

A similar policy was launched in 1986, when the government established a mandate to ensure the inclusion of all New Brunswick children in their schools.

Fire Crews Battle Rail Yard Blaze

Photo courtesy of Andrew Sanojca
A smoky scene at a rail yard with three boxcars completely engulfed in fire. 

Fire crews called to NB Southern Railway's South Bay yard had to use extrication tools in order to get inside and put out the blaze. 

Acting Platoon Chief Roy Byers of City Fire says the cars were retired from the rails and being used for long-term storage. There were no injuries.