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Friday, February 11, 2011

Minister Recognizes Need For More Nursing Homes And Care For Seniors

The Province's Social Development Minister has no delusions about the need for many more nursing homes or more money so families to look after their aging relatives at home.

Sue Stultz tells CHSJ News along with nursing homes, they want to ensure seniors can stay in their homes as long as possible.
She says that can happen through wellness, education and caretakers with the objective to keep them home as long as they can.

She adds they will continue building nursing homes, she says there are not stopping the ones that have been announced.

The Department of Social Development recently signing off on the expansion at Loch Lomond Villa. The project was under review to find some cost effiencies, which have been found and work should resume in a few weeks.

District 6 & 8 Host Open Space Forum Tomorrow

District 8 collaborating with District 6 to host an Open Space Forum today that will include teachers, staff, PALS partners and community groups.
It's the third session the government has hosting with the first two in Fredericton.

District 8 DEC council chair Rob Fowler says the purpose is to gather input as a way of positioning themselves knowing that education cuts are coming.

Fowler says they hope to get ideas on prioritizing and find areas to cut that will have the least impact on the classroom.

Blaney To Host Meetings On Provincial Wetlands

Environment Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney will host a series of public meetings hoping to engage people on the topic of wetlands.

Blaney says wetlands are of interest to developers and environmental groups.

She adds the tour will give the government a chance to talk with people and to hear their concerns about wetlands in the province.

The meetings begin here in Saint John on the 28th and continue until March 10 in cities including Fredericton, Moncton and Woodstock. You can send you comments by emailing or and for more info click here

$1 Million Dollars For The Fundy Civic Centre

Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore announcing Ottawa will give an additional million dollars towards the construction of the Fundy Civic Centre in Sussex.
Moore says the extra money is from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency's Innovative Community Fund program.

He adds the project is the realization of a dream for Sussex Mayor Ralph Carr and council, the Centre's organizing committee,  Sussex MLA Bruce Northrup and everyone in the surrounding communities.   For more here

Mayor Unfazed By Criticism To Regionalising Services With City

There has been a definitive thumbs down from the Mayors of Quispamsis, Rothesay and Grand Bay-Westfield to any talk of regionalising local government services with the city of Saint John.

Mayor Ivan Court is not surprised at the negative reaction and he doesn't see it changing even though having so many local governments is financially unsustainable over the long run.

The Mayors of the outlying communities believe their residents would wind up paying more with regionalisation.

Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop has been the most outspoken in his opposition. Court says Rothesay is in the enviable position of being squeezed in beside the city and Quispamsis which provide for the needs of its residents.

Commission To Reduce Government Red Tape Visits Saint John

The Federal Government's Red Tape Reduction Commission making a stop in the Port City today.
The commission aims to reduce the frustration of small and medium sized businesses across the country when it comes to dealing with Ottawa.

Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism and Commission Chair Rob Moore tells CHSJ News they are hearing similar things as they make stops across the country.

He says people want governments want to do a better job of reducing duplication between the three levels of government and between departments.
Moore adds the commission is made up of 10 members, half are MP's and half are business representatives who have experience dealing with government red tape.
For more here

Fatal Fire In East Saint John Claims A Man And A Dog

A fatal fire early this morning on the east side in a single family home at 5 Braemar Drive. The house was fully engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived shortly after 4:00. District Fire Chief Gerry Morris says an elderly man was found inside the home and transported to hospital.

He says the fire was brought under control quickly but the house is a total loss.
City police informing the Fire department later this morning that the man died and so did a family dog in the house.  There is no word on the cause at this time.

Loch Lomand Villa Expansion Delayed But Not By Much

There has been a bit of a delay with the 75 million dollar expansion of Loch Lomand Villa because of the government review in light of the budget crunch in Fredericton and need to slash costs.

Villa C-E-O Cindy Donovan estimates the delay at around two months but she is looking ahead to 2014 when the nursing home will have two new buildings and more residents.

The Horizon Health Network was told at its last meeting, 28 per cent of acute care beds at regional hospitals around the province are being used by people who should be in nursing homes but there isn't any room.

The first new building will be built across the street where the former Bayview Elementary School is located. Donovan says the residents should be moving in there during the summer of 2012.

Another new building will then be constructed where the existing nursing home is located.

North End Watermain Break

A shower may take a little longer in the North end today and a watermain break.
If you live near Lansdowne Place in the north end, you might have to make do with low water pressure.

It was a hazard for drivers with a lot of water on Wellesley Avenue.
Earlier, Wellesley Avenue was blocked to traffic between Landsdowne and Somerset.

Serious Fire On East Side

A fire early this morning on the east side in a single family home at 5 Braemar Drive.
The house was fully engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived shortly after 4:00.

An elderly man was taken from inside the home and transported to hospital.
Part of Westmorland Road in Forest Hills has been blocked off to traffic because of the fire.

Provincial Government Warned About Raising Minimum Wage

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is calling on the provincial government not to raise the minimum wage in April because the economy is still shaky.

 The C-F-I-B's Provincial Affairs Director Andrea Bourgeois tells CHSJ News a new report entitled "Minimum Wage........Reframing the Debate" shows raising the minimum wage hurts the very people such an increase is intended to help. The report claims raising the minimum wage by ten per cent could cost as many as 7 thousand jobs in the province. 

Bourgeois says the C-F-I-B has suggested low income earners not pay any tax at all which is the case in B-C. That idea has been resisted by the provioncial government in New Brunswick.