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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tuition Rebate Program Reminder

Recent university or college graduates looking for some extra cash this tax season are being reminded to apply for the provincial tuition rebate program.

Eligible applicants could receive up to $20 thousand dollars in rebates over 20 years, with the maximum rebate being $4 thousand dollars a year.
The amount received equals the amount of provincial tax payable on your tax return.
To qualify for the program you must have paid tuition at a post secondary education institution after January 1st, 2005, live in New Brunswick, file an income tax return, and be a graduate.

Last Chance to Attend Costco Job Fair

[Costco at Eastpoint Shopping----Photo by Jim Hennessy]

Just a heads up for anyone thinking they may have missed the job fair at Costco.
Today is your last chance to hand in your resume, or fill out an application at the store in East Saint John.
Regional Operations Vice President Gary Swindells says the store plans to hire nearly 100 people.
The fair runs today until 3 o'clock, and is pegged to open it's doors on May 27th.

More Government Money Needed to Continue Improving Water System

Since the year 2000, the city has spent more than 60 million dollars on improving the water system in Saint John. The head of Municipal Operations, Paul Groody says there's still alot more to be done.
Groody concedes for the job of bringing Saint John's water system up to be brought up to where everyone wants it to be, the federal and provincial governments will have to help out with fuunding.

Saint John Animal Rescue League Future

The Saint John Animal Rescue League will be building a new home for their animals at the old Peacock's garden centre.

The local shelter owns 17 acres at the site and has already torn down the greenhouses.
Outgoing Executive Director Janet Foster tells CHSJ News that it's perfect location.
No word yet on when shovels will go in the group since, the Rescue League needs to mount a capital campaign to raise the expected $3 million dollars required for the new location.

Childhood Obesity Rates Rising

There's a connection between the demise of the family sitting down together to eat and a tripling over the last 25 years of childhood obesity. So claims registered Dietitian Nadine Day, who's with Loblaw. She tells CHSJ News there's a way parents can get their children more enthused about the traditional family dinner.

Day says another aspect of that is to get children to help selecting food items in the supermarket.