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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Federal And Provincial Money Flowing For City Water

The federal and provincial governments are coming to city hall Monday afternoon with 16-million dollars to help with the first phase of upgrading the municipal water system. Saint John Conservative M-P Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News safe drinking water is a top priority.The total upgrade of the city system including a new water treatment plant will be in the 150 to 200-million dollar range -- Weston says now it's time to begin working on funding for phase 2 of the project.The formal announcement is being made at 1:30 in the Ludlow Room at City Hall.

Tourism Numbers Holding Despite Wet Summer

The wet summer so far -- and -- tighter security at the U-S border are creating some bumps in provincial tourism numbers. But Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson tells CHSJ News overall numbers aren't bad with numbers up at some historical attractions and the Fundy Trail while some outside attractions have suffered thank to the cool wet weather. Jamieson says the passport requirement at the U-S border has kept more Americans away -- but -- more Canadians especially from Ontario and Quebec are staying in Canada and visiting our province. In addition -- the Acadien Congress on the North Shore is helping to boost numbers in that area.

Graham Dismisses Whispers Liberals In Trouble

Premier Graham is turning aside whispers and "tweets" being attributed to the Opposition Tories -- one recent "tweet" on Twitter indicated New Brunswick Liberals were defecting from the party over Graham government policies. But the Premier tells CHSJ News he's being noticing a lot of momentum around the province this summer with large turnouts for party events.Graham says the Conservatives have consistently been critical of government policies without offering any alternatives for debate.

Regional Health Authority B Looking For Input

Stakeholders at Regional Health Authority B want to know where you think the organization should be heading in the future.The health authority is putting out the call to all community members, staff and physcians to participate in surveys, interviews and focus groups about it's strategic direction.The results of the information gathered is expected to be released by the late fall, outlining the future of the organization.

Anyone interested in participating in the RHA B strategic planning process can visit the RHA B website at

Rothesay Closing Loop Holes In Bylaw

The town of Rothesay is make some changes to its unsightly premises by-law. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ news the town is already strict on how property appearances but says the changes will make it a little more difficult for people to skirt around the by-law.
Steve Nason has been appointed as the town's new By-law compliance officer and Development officer, Gay Drescher, will be his alternate.

Fix My Street May Be Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Potholes, missing stop signs and other roadway nuisances may become a little easier to keep track of. Fix My is a non-profit organization which encourages citizens to report problems which exist by posting pictures or information on the website. A proposal suggesting that the city use this service will be suggested at tomorrow's Common Council meeting. Councillor Snook tells CHSJ News the service could provide a more effective way to keep council in touch with street problems.

Currently, Ottawa and Charlottetown utilize this service.

No More Mail Reminders

The Oppositon Public Safety critic says New Brunswickers are paying double for registering their vehicles because often times they forget to renew it since the province stopped sending out reminders.Carl Urquhart tells CHSJ News, people will pay their bills if they come, but since they are creatures of habit will forget if not reminded.He says when the province decided to stop sending out reminders back in April it was to save money.
Urquhart says seniors are the ones most likely to forget their registration has expired, and if they are on a fixed budget cannot afford to pay a $180 dollar fine, and then the cost of registering their vehicle.

Armed Stand Off

A man in his 40's held police off for hours last night in an Armed Stand Off in the South End. The 12 hour Stand Off on Broad Street outside the mans apartment ended peacefully at 5:30. The man is in custody and will be in court later this week facing charges. The man did not have a hostage.