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Friday, July 13, 2012

Thick Smoke A Challenge In North End Fire

It's a mix that firefighters, police and residents dread...a house fire on a Sunny friday in the North end.

City fire crews responding to 121 Victoria Street just before 1pm to smoke coming from the first floor of a two-story stone building.
Fire Chief Kevin Clifford tells CHSJ News the building has oil tanks in the basement and the thick black smoke rolling out is an indicator there is going to be ignition soon.

He says black, turbulent smoke is under pressure and under heat and it's a sign to them that its about to ignite.

Steve Doussaud and his family are thankful they were not home at the time.

He says it's probalbly deemed a little suspcious just with the rash of fires on Victoria street this summer.

No one was hurt and fire investigators are looking into the cause.

Kids Make Videos To Celebrate Heritage

History is alive and well among our youth--that from Heritage Minister Cynthia Wallace Casey, promoting a competition called Young Citizens in which school-age kids make 3 minute videos promoting our history. 12 New Brunswick students are competing.

Casey tells CHSJ News the kids chose a fascinating array of subjects from local landmarks to epic battles.

To watch the videos and vote for your favourite online click here

VIDEO: Fire At 121 Victoria


Breaking News: Crews Venting Fire On Victoria

A large crowd watching firefighters work a fire in a two story brick home on Victoria Street in the north end.

Firefighters are using a chainsaw and an ax on the roof to vent the fire.  A large number of fire vehicles and personnel are on the scene.

Thick grey smoke is billowing from the side of the structure.
People have been living in the building.

Breaking News: Crews Still Fighting Blaze On Victoria

The order has been given for crews to evacuate the fire at 121 Victoria Street. According to early reports the blaze has spread through several floors of the building.

Power Restored in Belleisle Creek

The lights are back on for NB Power customers in the Belleisle Creek and Sussex area.

The power outage lasted for several hours this morning. 

Provincial Organ Donation Is Restored

The provincial organ donation program is once again back in service.

Health Minister Madeleine Dubé says after a conference call with Health Canada they are now again compliant with the national regulations but will have to improve their documentation practices.

Dube adds they are relieved they did not have to refuse a donation in the week that the system was suspended.

Last week, Health Canada inspectors found problems with the way the program collects and manages its documentation including one case in which a piece of information was not obtained about a donor who had a tattoo.

Breaking News: Fire On Victoria Street

The Saint John Fire department responding to reports of a fire on Victoria Street North. 

According to early reports there was smoke issuing from the back of the building and a fire has been found on the basement of 221 Victoria at the corner of Albert and Elgin.

  A vacant, three-storey building at 55-57 Victoria Street burned in a major fire on May 18th.

Hot Summer Temps But No Record Yet

With the gorgeous weather we've been having lately you might be wondering if we've broken any records in New Brunswick...but that isn't the case yet.

Meteorologist Claude Cote tells CHSJ news we'd have to get up to 32 or 33 degrees to break the record for hottest day.

The previous record for July 13, 2012 is 29.7 degrees.

Different Kind Of Home Being Built on Peninsula

Lower heating costs, recycled materials, and sustainability: those are just some benefits of a house Jay and Jen Hannigan are building on the Kingston Peninula. 

Jen Hannigan tells CHSJ News the home is insulated by the earth itself and using mainly recycled materials.

There have been some difficulties because the building doesn't meet code but the Hannigans say they're willing to put in the time and money to get it changed. She says it's an educational exercise and once it's finished they'll welcome members of the community who want to take a look. 

A similar type of home to what they are building can be seen here

Beach Clean Up For Island Gem In The Passamaquody

An island gem in the Passamaquoddy Bay getting a bit of TLC from the Nature Conservancy of Canada....Pendleton Island is a habitat for birds and eagles as well as unique plant-life. 

Shawna Wallace tells CHSJ News one the beaches on the island is covered in styrofoam and debris, and a crew of volunteers will be heading over to the island by boat to clean it up.
The conservancy is bringing over volunteers by boat. All spaces are currently filled but for a link to more info on their next excursion click here.

Power Outage in Belleisle Creek

An unplanned power outage in the Belleisle Creek area....according to NB Power, almost 200 customers are effected.

The power company tells CHSJ News crews haven't yet reported back on a cause of the outage. No word yet on when power will be restored.

4300 Donors Needed

Canadian Blood Services needs 4,300 more donors to book an appointment and donate blood between Monday and August 6th.

You are urged to help top-up the blood supply at local blood donor clinics before heading on vacation.

Director of Donor and Clinic Services Peter MacDonald says they need over 300 appointments in New Brunswick to keep up with hospital demand.

He adds if you made an appointment, please honour it.   Right now only 60 per cent of blood donors actually show up for their appointments.

To book an appointment click here or call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

Two Crack-Ups & The Prowlers Are Back

City fire crews responding to two separate vehicle collisions early last night.

A crack-up on Loch Lomond road sent two to hospital to be checked out shortly after 6.

About 20 minutes later, crews responding to another collision at Golden Grove road and Land road.
This one also involving two vehicles but the people were treated at the scene.

The car prowlers are at it again.    City police report some car breaks on the East side this morning in the Loch Lomond road area.

You are encouraged to lock your vehicles and remove the valuables or keep them out of sight.