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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gas Leak Scare at Market Square

A bit of a scare at the Saint John Free Public Library this morning with reports of a smell as if natural gas was leaking in the building.

Police, fire officials and Enbridge gas were on scene for a few hours this morning examining the cause. After thoroughly checking over the building it was determined there was no leak.

According to one officer it's possible the chemical smell was caused by floor cleaners.

Suspicious Bones Found

Suspicious bones found near Prince of Wales are being investigated by Saint John's Major Crime Unit.

Corporal Ramsay Hunt tells CHSJ News the remains were found near a site known to some as Five Fathom Hole, and the area has been cordoned off. It's not certain at this time whether they are human remains or not.

Hunt said that's all the details they can disclose at this time.

Moncton Anthrax Scare Update

The suspicious package that forced the evacuation of a building and barricading several intersections in downtown Moncton yesterday wasn't actually anything dangerous.

A RCMP specialized unit from Halifax assisted by a RCMP Hazardous Material Team from New Brunswick confirmed that the suspicious package did not constitute an actual threat. It had been speculated that it was anthrax. The building located at 777 Main Street has been reopened and traffic in the area has resumed.

Codiac RCMP is thanking the Moncton Fire Department and Ambulance NB for their assistance during this incident. The Saint John fire department also helped, sending in the Hazmat and decontamination unit.

Vinyl Records Celebrated Today

Remember the heyday of vinyl? According to some people, records are still the best. April 21 is International Record Store Day, where independent record stores in New Brunswick and all over the world celebrate vinyl with new releases and live shows.

Gordon Tufts of Backstreet Records in Saint John tells CHSJ News it's all about recapturing the excitement of when vinyl was king, and reminding people the medium is still big in some circles. Not to mention the hundreds of special releases that will be stocking the racks in honour of the celebration.

Backstreet and Second Spin Records in Saint John both have special releases today. A free live show starts at Backstreet at 1pm, including the Wooden Wives and Eric Riguette. Tufts says there's lots there for country fans as well. 

For more information, click here

Taxi Robbery in the North End

A taxi driver getting a scare this morning with a robbery in the north end.

Police getting the call from Shamrock park near Visart Street at 6:30am. The driver reported a man had threatened him with a knife during the robbery, then fled around the back of the Parks and Recreation building.

He's described as wearing jeans and a yellow shirt with blondish hair.

Irving Seeks Greener Image

Folks around the province will be celebrating our planet on Earth Day, which is April 22. The province's biggest corporation, Irving, wants to get the word out it's making some steps to reduce the amount of pollution it dumps into our air and waterways.

Mary Keth of JDI tells CHSJ News fossil fuels are one major contaminant, and since 2007 they've reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 346,000 tonnes annually.
Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch reminds citizens protecting the environment is a year-round endeavor.