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Sunday, April 1, 2012

High Schooler Hurt By Bus Cuts

Concerned citizens are saying bus cuts are having a negative effect on the city's most vulnerable populations--namely, seniors, disabled persons, and students.

Tevinn Richards is a Simonds High School student who lives on the West Side. He says it's literally impossible for him to get to school on time now that the bus routes have changed. He says if he were to to try and get there early, he'd have to add on an extra hour to his school day.

Richards says he's missing out on his entire homeroom period, when students can ask questions and develop a rapport with teachers--because he doesn't arrive until halfway through the next class. 

There have been a number of protests throughout the city aimed at getting Common Council to reconsider the cuts.

Farren to Re-Offer: Says Pension is City's Achilles Heel

On the heels of public criticism from Mayor Ivan Court regarding his constant questioning of pension issues, Councillor Bill Farren says he wants another chance to address what he calls the city's Achilles heel.

Councillor Farren tells CHSJ News that he is re-offering for common council, but he won't be joining the pension board---because as he puts it, its operations are currently clouded with "shenanigans."

Farren says he hopes the electorate will support him in his bid to tackle the issues and help the city move forward.

Respected Saint John Charity Turns 30

One of Saint John's most respected charities is marking a major milestone today (Sunday): Romero House is turning 30 years old. Established in 1982, the soup kitchen has served over a million meals to Saint John residents.

Founder Carolyn McNulty says they've weathered some changes over the years since they started in 1972--and they've happy to have a building now that was designed for the soup kitchen and its needs.

One thing that hasn't changed, according to McNulty, is the need for the soup kitchen in the city. She says she's had many people come in and thank the staff years later for their assistance.

There will be a celebration at Romero house today (Sunday) from 2-4pm at 647 Brunswick Drive .

Harbour Clean-Up Will Be Complete By The End Of The Year

A huge milestone is approaching for the city -- with the recent approval of the 2012 Capital Utility Budget, City Manager Pat Woods says Harbour Clean-Up will be complete by the end of the year.

Mayor Ivan Court says it took 10 years to get the funding for the project but less than 4 years to complete it.

The 2012 Utility Budget comes in at almost 20 million dollars with almost 40 million dollars in carry-over projects.

The price tag for Harbour Clean-up is about 87 million dollars.