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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Big Snow Storm To Hit Atlantic

Just when the streets start to get clear and delayed flights finally get home, more snow is coming to the Atlantic provinces.

Environment Canada says a low pressure system in the US is expected to move into the region and bring heavy snow and strong winds tonight and tomorrow. Forecasters expect anywhere from 15 to 25 centimeters of wet, heavy snow.

Here in New Brunswick, we're expected to get 5-15 cm of the white stuff starting at midnight tonight and throughout Sunday.

Traveling Saint Johnners Happy Despite Delays

Saint Johnners still in good spirits, despite enduring multiple flight cancellations and delays at various airports while trying to get home from their Christmas vacations after Thursday's heavy snowfall.

Roy and Muriel Marr had been traveling from Florida with their family for over 24 hours to get back to Rothesay. Their original flight from Toronto had been cancelled, so they had to transfer at the Halifax International Airport. The two say they don't blame the airline, and say the ticket agents have been working hard to get them home -- including giving them a hotel and meal vouchers.

Pat Teehan is visiting his girlfriend in Saint John, and wasn't bothered by his flight being cancelled Thursday night since he had a place to stay in Toronto. He says it's frustrating to be on standby, but says it's expected this time of year.

Lilly Both from Quispamsis was ready for the delays by packing a carry-on bag full of extra clothes and food. She says she had to drive 2 hours to the airport in Edmonton to find out her flight was delayed and she missed all her connecting flights. She says what bothered her was that she only received one ticket to Ottawa, instead of all to Montreal, then Saint John. She says she received no compensation because the cancellation was weather related. Despite that, she says she's not cranky, just a little tired. Both says it hasn't ruined her vacation, since it happened towards the end, not the beginning. 

Carolann Hatt from Back Bay is also in good spirits, despite having flight cancellations and delays from Ottawa. She says she's happy since she had good Christmas and just hopes everyone gets home safe and sound. 

And with more snow expected night, future delays could be a reality.

Overnight Snow Parking Ban Towing Tons Of Cars

It's not going to be a good start to the weekend for many people in the Southern and Central Peninsula.

According to City Police, over 25 cars have been towed overnight from parking on the street while the snow parking ban was in effect.

The ban runs from 11 pm to 7 am.  Those cars towed have been taken to a compound at Ashburn Lake.

And with more snow expected tonight, you can park your car overnight at Brunswick Square and Market Square for a discount rate of $4 between 8 pm and 8 am.