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Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Convicted Violent Sex Offender To Be Released In Saint John

Many people will be concerned at the news that another violent sexual offender is set to be released in Saint John. 

This comes just after the release of the so-called Motorcycle Rapist, John O'Brien, to a city halfway house which inspired an online petition.

Roger Ernest Joseph Roberge, 62, was recently released from the Atlantic Institute in Renous. He was completing a 12 year and 30 day sentence for forcible confinement and sexual assault in 2001.

Roberge is a convicted violent sex offender and is considered by police to be at high risk to re-offend sexually, and violently, against women and other vulnerable people.

Roberge will be living in Saint John, monitored by the Family Protection Unit of the Saint John Police Department. Roberge has a number of distinguishing features including some prominent facial tattoos.

Snow Isn't Unusual In April

Most of us can't even speak about it we're so annoyed that more snow is on the way in April.

Environment Canada issuing a snowfall warning for  Saint John, Sussex and the KV with rain turning to flurries and then snow with 10 centimetres overnight.

Meterologist Paula Sutherland tells CHSJ News it's not unusual and on April 8th last year we have 10 centimetres and trace amounts of snow as late April 20th and the 21st.

Saturday brings snow changing to showers and then flurries by noon and ending in the afternoon.

We could see another 5 centimetres of snow tomorrow.

Grand Manan will be worse off with ice pellets overnight and up to 15 centimetres of snow.

Facebook Sex Scammers Attempt To Blackmail Men

Rothesay Regional Police members are warning the public about a new fraud on Facebook.

The scam consists of a profile claiming to be a woman sending friend requests to males. Once added as a friend, the woman trys to engage in sexual explicit conversations with the males over video chat. The woman will then save explicit photos of the man and attempt to extort money, threatening to send the photos tothe man's friends and family if he does not pay up.

Police are warning everyone to be careful when adding friends to sites like Facebook. If you don't know someone, do not add them as a friend. It goes without saying that you shoudl always be careful when engaging in online activities. If threats are made towards you, contact your local police department.

Records Being Set By Port of Saint John

A record-breaking first quarter being reported by the port of Saint John with more than 277 thousand tons of potash being shipped through the port. That's the highest amount ever and up 141 per cent over the same quarter in 2012.

Forest products were up by 32 per cent with wood pulp tonnage rising from more than 13 thousand tons to over 22 thousand 500 tons. That marks a 71 per cent increase in just one year and container tonnage increased by 72 per cent.

Reaction To Teen's Suicide In Nova Scotia Grows

The torment suffered by Nova Scotia teen Rehtaeh Parsons is being called bullycide by a frontline organisation which operates out of Fredericton.

Her family says no charges were laid after she was sexually assaulted by four boys at a house party. An embarrassing photo of her was posted online and she was called all sorts of names afterwards.

Rob Frenette of Bullying Canada tells CHSJ News the posting of compromising photos over the internet seems to be a trend among teens.

Frenette says he would like to know why this one girl was targeted and whether the four boys have been bullied themselves.

He's not surprised at her mother's frustration with school officials because their failure to act has been a common complaint among other parents in similar situations. Frenette says its imperative school officials act quickly when they become aware of bullying and not let it drag on.

RCMP NB Gets New Commanding Officer

A 32-year veteran of the RCMP has been named the New Brunswick RCMP's new Commanding Officer.

Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown is taking over from Assistant Commissioner Wayne Lang who is retiring from the RCMP. It's expected he'll start in the new role this spring.

Brown has held a number of postings in Regina, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, and Ottawa.  The RCMP polices more than 70% of New Brunswick's population.

New Video Blog Series On Flipping Houses And Changing Attitudes In Saint John

We've heard a lot from the current mayor and council about how Saint John needs an attitude shift.

A new video blog series called Flip Saint John is continuing in the same optimistic vein, hoping to point out the potential of the our historic urban core. Historica Developments founder Keith Brideau has flipped properties on King, Canterbury and elsewhere in the uptown. He tells CHSJ News people don't appreciate the beauty of this city but his goal is to help change that.

Brideau says the courthouse on Sydney Street and the old Bargain Shop are two properties that could be made into something amazing. To see Brideau's video blog visit here

Murder Charge Laid Against Sussex Corner Man Out West

A 26 year old man from Sussex Corner named Dana Allison Craig is facing a charge of second degree murder in the stabbing death of his father, 63 year old Terrance Craig.

The two were at a motel in Brandon, Manitoba.

Terrance Craig lived in Sussex Corner and was the president of the Sussex Fish and Game Association, even being awarded their Sportsman of the Year Distinction in 1998. He was also the former manager of the Bayview Credit Union in Sussex

His son will be back in court on Monday.

Arrests Made In North End And Reported Assault Is False

Another case of boats being broken into at the Powerboat Club on Kennedy Street. City Police making two arrests. The two men, aged 19 and 23, expected to be in court this morning. 

Meantime, police also telling us that assault which was reported early yesterday morning in the north end of a woman in her late teens at Robertson Square is false.

Hundreds of Swimmers Descend Today

Don't be surprised if you see a lot of traffic in the malls and the market today.  

More than 300 swimmers are in town with their coaches and parents for the  Marianne Limpert Team Championships at the Aquatic centre.

Saint John Fundy Swim Club president Gary Losier tells CHSJ News it's the first of four events coming to the Saint John region with the next one in May.

He says a lot of kids coming here this weekend are working towards the Canada Games trials hoping to get a spot on Swim NB's team heading to Sherbrooke this summer.

The competitors range in age from 8 to 18 and are traveling from all over the province to take part in the event at the Aquatic Centre beginning today and running until Sunday.