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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Driscoll says deer culling not on the table

(Mayor Murray Driscoll Speaks to Council)
            (Photo By Sherry Aske)

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll wants to make it clear council is not planning on culling the deer to deal with the rising deer population in the Valley.

In an update on the deer situation, Driscoll says Hampton, Rothesay and the local service districts are all keen to take part in a public education session.

He had invited the other councils to collectively tackle the deer population after concerns were expressed about road safety and the spread of limes disease.

Driscoll says culling the deer has not been talked about as an option, it is just a method that is out there that some communities may use.

Fire Department encourages Long Weekend safety

Whether it be camping, a barbeque or re-opening the camp for the summer, the Long Weekend is upon us and the KV Fire Department is urging safety in all activities.

Chief Bill Ireland tells CHSJ News, it only takes a minute for something to go wrong.

Ireland says if your firing up the barbeque for the first time, make sure you give the soap and water test to all hoses.

If you see any bubbles, that means you have a leak and it needs to be replaced.

Ireland adds if you are camping and plan to have an open fire, keep something close by to put it out as it has been a dry spring.

Railroaders meet in the Port City

It's day three of the model railroaders annual convention at the Fort Howe Hotel.

Enthusiast's of the hobby are here from across the martimes and eastern united states.

Spokes-person Bob Henry tells CHSJ News, things got started on Thursday and there is plenty to do.

Henry adds it's great the convention coincides with the city's 225th birthday with the public train show running until three this afternoon at the LBR.

Police patrolling on Long Weekend

Safety also applies to the roads where-ever your travels might take you this weekend.

Sargeant Pat Bonner with the City Police tells CHSJ News, this is Road Safety Week so don't be suprised to see extra patrols. 

Bonner says along with City Police, RCMP, the Commercial Vehicle Unit and Fisheries and Oceans will be on patrol for any violations so if your are planning to have a few drinks, park your vehicle.