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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1500 New Brunswickers Have Expired Medicare Cards

If your Medicare card has just expired at the end of February and you're wondering where your new card is, you're not alone.

The province's department of health says 1500 New Brunswickers have yet to receive their new card because of a roll-over to new computer software.

Department of Health spokesperson Danielle Phillips says all expired card-holders are fully covered and the province will pay for any charges that may be incurred while the cards are being sent out.

She says by month's end, all of the new cards should be out.

New Regional Fire Service Rolled Out In Charlotte County

Fire departments in Black's Harbour and Pennfield have been rolled into a new regional service.
The new service is covering Black's Harbour - Pennfield - Beaver Harbour - and - a portion of the Lepreau area.
Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch says the new agreement will ensure a high level of service for area residents -- the original Pennfield service has been suffering from a shortage of volunteers.
The merger has been in the works for over two years.

Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick Announces Fundraising Goals

Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick is putting it's fundraising crosshairs on research programs.

DMNB announcing it's fundraising goals today: 15 million dollars split equally between a research lab, medical student research fund, and the establishment of a research chair in occupational medicine.

Assistant Dean of Research for Dalhousie Medicine NB Dr. Tony Reiman tells CHSJ News expanding research is of the utmost importance as it will attract research funding and will help the med school become fully accredited.

Campaign Chair Lynn Irving says 75 percent of the money has already been raised.

Securities Commission Warns Investors About Illegal Trading

The New Brunswick Securities Commission reports the illegal trading of stocks tops the list of violations last year. Commission Executive-Director Rick Hancox tells CHSJ News with technology, much of the illegal activity originates outside the province.

He says they see solicitation through the phone, internet and email where a potential investor gets a call depending on what is leading the business news.
Hancox says this could be oil, gas or foreign exchange and usually offers a rate of returns that sounds too good to be true.

Parking Ban Declared

The city is declaring an overnight parking ban for the south/central peninsula tonight.

Cars need to be off the streets by 11pm.

Drivers can park their cars in five city lots overnight beginning at 6pm but they must be moved tomorrow morning by 7am.

The five lots are: the corner of Princess Street and Charlotte Street, King Street East, Peters Street, Carmarthen Street/Vineyard Chruch, and Mecklenburg Street at Wentworth Street.

Dispute Leads To Confusion Over Boil Orders

The political sparring between the city and Rothesay over a water pipe dispute is leaving some people confused.
The city has sent letters to 90-homes and businesses within city limits along the Rothesay Road warning the dispute could lead to an indefinite boil water order for them.
Reports of the letter and dispute have some people in the area actually believing they are under a boil order - however - no boil orders have been issued for either city or Rothesay residents.
The city is threatening to sue its suburban neighbour breach of contract after the town disconnected some of its residents from the city water system.

PRO Kids Aims To Help 1000 Kids This Year

PRO Kids is hoping to reach the $1 million dollar mark for fundraising this year and to place 1000 kids in positive recreation activites.
Manager Tammy Desaulniers tells CHSJ News the guest speakers at the annual dinner are Millrats coach Jaren Jackson and Bobby Hayes of the Joshua Group.

She says they wanted to recognize Hayes for his work in the community and she says Jackson is doing wonderful work with the Millrats and they are very excited the team has come to the city.
Councillor Peter McGuire says he was pulled into PRO Kids a decade ago by Roly MacIntyre and he spent four years on the board and calls the organization a gem in our community.

The PRO Kids "Fun" raising dinner is off to a good start thanks to a $10,000 donation today from the United Commercial Travellers union. The dinner is coming up at the Delta on April 7th.

For more info, click here.

Mayor Justifies Legal Action Against Rothesay Over Water

Mayor Ivan Court making it very clear how he feels about the potential lawsuit with Rothesay over a disconnected water pipe.

The city plans to file suit against Rothesay for disconnecting a water pipe that ran from Rothesay Road into Kennebecasis Park and Hastings Cove.

Court says because Rothesay backed out of an agreement for Saint John to provide water, 90 Saint John businesses and homeowners in the Rothesay Road area now need a new water pipe which the Mayor believes Rothesay is responsible for.

However, Council did vote in favour of having members of the Saint John Water Utility Committee approach the town of Rothesay about discussing the issue before litigation becomes official.

Proposed Seniors Complex On East Side

A proposed 44 unit seniors apartment complex on Loch Lomond Road is getting closer to reality.
Common Council has approved 1st reading of the rezoning needed to push the project forward.

However, a point of contention is the possible extention of Josselyn Road to the complex. Issues arising include whether the city or the developer would pay for an extention and safety concerns from residents living on the road.

City staff will talk with the developer to iron out a solution.

Airline Passengers At Saint John Airport Now Have Choice When Passing Through Security

The full body scanners that have been put to use in airports around the U.S. and Canada are now at the Saint John Airport.

The devices will be used if a screener requests a secondary search of a passenger. You then have a choice between going through the scanner or getting a physical patdown.

The devices will be used beginning today.