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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

City of Saint John in Court

A court appearance today for City Officials, in Saint John, New Brunswick answering to a charge of Violating the Clean Environment Act. It's related to a delay in notification by Saint John Water to the Department of Health, that they were having a problem back on June.29th and 30th of 2008.

The City has accepted responsibility for the violation but are quick to point out that at no time was public health compromised. The Crown and the City will be back in court on the 17th of next month to make their final arguments before sentencing.

Old Case Is Re-Opened

An eight year old hit and run incident in Saint John is back under the spotlight. City police and Crimestoppers are looking for any information that can help them help close the case on what happened back on September.8th/2002. Roger Cameron was travelling home in his wheelchair along Rothesay Avenue when he was hit from behind by a vehicle. The driver took off and witnesses says they vehicle did stop for a minue but then took off.

The vehicle is described as a light blue lumina van and it had brake lights on both sides of the rear upper portion of the van. If you have any information call city police or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Moosehead Helps Out Nature

Moosehead Breweries has found a new way to say Happy Holidays and help out a good cause at the same time. Instead of sending holiday cards to its customers, Moosehead donated $4,000 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to celebrate the season. The money is earmarked specifically to help protect ecologically significant land in the Maritimes, including Johnson’s Mills, Port Joli in Nova Scotia and the Percival River on the Island.

Moosehead sent 8,000 Moose Light consumers a custom-designed wrist band incorporating a forest scene, a moose and the Nature Conservancy name which they hope will help promote what they are doing to help the environment.

Saint John Airport Comments on New Scanners

(Saint John Airport President
      Bernie Leblanc)

You won't have to worry about anybody staring at your body at the Saint John Airport. Officials won't be receiving one of the new controversial scanners which are able to see through your clothes? President Bernie Leblanc tells CHSJ News, even if they wanted to buy one on their own, he isn't sure how that would work. Ottawa regulates security at the airport which means they would have to supply the staff to operate it.

Leblanc says the immediate concern for his facility is if they don't have a scanner, will this hamper their effort in attracting a US carrier to Saint John.

Gary Keating Considering a Run at Provincial Politics

It's not the first time but the Principal of Simonds High School is giving serious thought to making the leap into Provincial politics. Gary Keating is waiting on word as to whether Saint John Fundy MLA and Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson plans to re-offer in September, if he doesn't, he plans to run for the nomination. As for any worries about running under the Liberal banner with all the heat from the NB Power proposal, Keating tells CHSJ News, it is cause for some concern.

Keating says he has a lot of respect for Jaimeson and expects he will make a final decison on his political future by the end of March.

Several Assualts in Sussex Area

A rash of assaults has been keeping Sussex RCMP busy. Officers were called to a home in Bellisle Creek yesterday for a disturbance. An 18-year old man was being taken into custody when he assaulted one of the officers. He wasn't hurt but the 18-year now has a date with a judge. Later that day, a 20-year old man from Sussex faced off against an 18-year old woman and 20-year old man who were out for a walk. After a conversation, the man went to his car, grabbed an object and threatened the man with it.

He then forced the woman into his vehicle and took off with her. She was dropped off at a home a short time later. No one was hurt but the 20-year old man is now facing charges of forcible confinement and assault. To close out the day, officers were called to a business on Leonard Drive to find a 16-year old girl from Norton was hit and thrown to the ground by an 18-year old man from Bellisle Creek. Ironically, the man had just been released from police custody moments before the woman was assaulted. He will be in court tomorrow for a bail hearing.

Cellphone Use and Texting While Driving

You will soon not be able to use your cellphones or text when you're driving.That, according to Public Safety Minister John Foran who says the government plans to introduce so-called driver distraction legislation.
Before any law is passed, Foran will be looking for what police, the insurance industry and other stakeholders have to say.

Boy Rescued in North End

City fire crews were called to the north end yesterday afternoon to perform a rescue mission. District Fire Chief Gerry Morris says a young boy became stranded on a rock face along Bridge Street 25 feet off the ground. The boy couldn't because of loose rock and snow. The fire department used its aerial to bring him down.