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Monday, August 29, 2011

Beaches and Park Accessible Again

West side beaches and parks are accessible again...City police and the fire department lifting restrictions to Saint's Rest and McLaren's beach.

The road to the Irving Nature Park has been cleared of debris and is accessible once again.
All barricades have been removed from the area including on Red Head Road at the dyke.

Earlier today, the fire department expressing concern that people were not heading warnings to avoid the high surf and might get washed away.

Effect of Post-Tropical Storm Irene At Saints Rest Beach

Photo courtesy of Joseph Comeau

Real Estate Sales Expected To Rebound

Saint John Real Estate Board president Jason Stephen says it's a buyer's market with a record number of homes listed for sale in the greater Saint John area -- but -- sales in July were down 19-percent compared to July of last year.

Despite a sluggish summer - Stephen says sales should soon improve.

He tells CHSJ News the fall traditionally brings more interested buyers and with some mortgage rates increasing while housing prices remain steady -- we should see an increase in traffic and sales.

The Power And Ferry Service Slowing Being Restored

About 80 NB Power crews are busily trying to restore power to more than 25,000 homes and businesses in the province still without power after Post Tropical Storm Irene.

Most of the outages are centered are in Moncton, Fredericton and Rothesay and the result of high winds and rain causing tree branches to make contact with the lines.

The utility tells CHSJ News because of so many individuals incidents, restoration times will vary.    For the latest on power outages, click here

The Department of Transportation telling CHSJ News both ferries are operating at Gondola Point and the Belleisle Ferry is back in service.

Man Injured In Sussex Rollover

Paramedics, Sussex Fire and RCMP responding to a rollover on Main Street on Saturday where a 27-year-old man was injured.

The driver, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was taken to hospital with serious injuries.
A 25-year-old man, a passenger in the vehicle, was treated in hospital and released.

The Mounties believe alcohol and speed are factors in the crash.

City Being Pressed to Form Oversight Committee

The restoration of 1671 Sandy Point Road is very much on the minds these days of the Friends of Rockwood Park.

They want the property to be restored to its natural state and also be part of a citizen's advisory committee they would like to see formed to oversee the project.

David Thompson of the Friends of Rockwood Park and the Conservation Council tells CHSJ News tons of rock and rubble were illegally dumped by the city and a wetland was filled in which is also a violation.

According to Thompson, that drain pipe carries runoff from the street, including street salt, and he argues it's degrading Harrigan Lake.

Blind Hockey Player Stops In SJ

A blind hockey player making a stop in the port city as he travels from Halifax to Toronto on inline-skates.  

Mark DeMontis making the trek to raise funds for Courage Canada, an organization he created so visually impaired Canadians can learn to play hockey. 

In 2009, DeMontis raised 60 thousand dollars inline-skating from Toronto to Vancouver.

He says the second tour is to raise money for additional programs.

DeMontis tells CHSJ News people's initial reaction to what he's doing is shock, but once they hear his story and how passionate he is about blind hockey, there's nothing but support.

DeMontis lost his sight at 17 after being diagnosed with Lebers Optic Neuropathy.  

He left Halifax August 13th and is scheduled to arrive in Toronto mid-October.

For more information or to read DeMontis' blog visit

Over 45,000 Still In The Dark

The Belleisle Ferry is back in service but both ferries at Gondola Point along with the Peninsula Princess are off their runs because of the high winds.

Both the Caribbean Princess and Carnival Glory cruise ships due to arrive at the port tomorrow have cancelled their trips.

NB Power crews are making progress restoring power across the province. Over 45,000 homes and businsses are still in the dark.

That number includes over 8900 people in Rothesay, Quispamsis and Grand Bay-Westfield and more than 3700 in Sussex.

Saint John Energy is not reporting any large outages.

Winds from post tropical storm Irene should begin diminishing this afternoon.

Stay Away From The Beach

Access to Saints Rest and McLarens beaches is being restricted until the winds diminish. Sand Cove Road has been closed at the beach and there is no access to the Irving Nature Park. The end of Sea Street is also barricaded to prevent people from getting to the beach there.

The Fire Department is concerned people are ignoring the warnings about the dangers of the high surf and someone could be washed away. For the protection of everyone, the beach is closed until further notice.

Barricades are in place and Police will be around until the beach is reopened. A crew from the Fire Department also remains on standby at Saints Rest Beach.

We're told by the city Red Head Road is closed at the dyke while crews take away the debris which piled up from the high winds overnight and this morning.

Irene Leaves Fallen Trees And High Waves

Tree down on Amberdale in Rothesay
Two trees down on Southwood Drive in Quispamsis

Dragon Boat Festival Raises Big Bucks

Another successful dragon boat festival has been held with more than 217 thousand dollars and counting raised. More than a thousand people took part this year. The money raised will be used to buy new invasive spine surgical equipment.

Tree Branches And Fallen Tree In King Square

Decision Coming Tonight On Metal Shredder Expansion

Common Councillor Peter McGuire wants the province to do a full environmental impact assessment on what powering the expansion of a west side metal shredder would mean for nearby homeowners. 

At a public meeting last Wednesday several people raised concerns about possible health and environmental risks associated with the project. 

McGuire says the city must take every step to ensure public safety and a full impact assessment should be done on the proposed high voltage, above-ground transmission lines before moving forward.

The issue will be discussed tonight at Common Council when the fate of the project will be decided.

Saint John Area Battered By High Winds From Hurricane

Those high winds which are gusting up to more than 80 kilometers an hour are wreaking damage in the Saint John area with downed power lines on Sherbrooke Street, at Coral Lane and along Sand Cove Road where a tree fell damaging a car.

A tree also fell across the road near the Co-Op just off Westfield Road as you make your way to Grand Bay-Westfield and another one came down on Watson Street at King Street West. In the Valley, a couple of trees blew over on Southwood Drive in Quispamsis.

Acting District Chief Kevin Clinic says fire crews and police were called to Saint's Rest Beach to move people away after the waves crested and washed over onto the parking lot. Barricades have also been set up at the end of Sea Street at Bayshore and at the Red Head breakwater.

Highway 121 between Norton and Apohaqui had to be closed to traffic because of a couple of hydro poles that have blown over. NB Power is reporting more than 33 thousand customers across the province are without power including over 51 hundred in the Rothesay District which includes Grand Bay-Westfield.

We have been told by the Department of Transportation that both ferries at Gondola Point are off their runs along with the one at Belle Isle and the Peninsula Princess because of the high winds. The Princess of Acadia's run has also been cancelled.

Stephen Hatt of the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Dartmouth tells CHSJ News it could get even windier before starting to die down this afternoon. By tonight, the winds are expected to be light.

CUPE Supports Elected Health Authorities

The Canadian Union of Public Employees coming out in favour of having at least half the members of the Regional Health Authorities elected instead of appointed.

The President of the New Brunswick Council of Hospital Unions Norma Robinson says that will prevent any cronyism but she questions the wording the legislation which states the C-E-O of the Health Authority will report directly to the Health Minister.

 She fears the will of the board members could be bypassed if the C-E-O makes an end run directly to the Minister.

Alward Government Urged To Cancel Tax Credit For Movie

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is pressing the provincial government to cancel a 250 thousand dollar tax credit granted to Dream Street Pictures to make a television movie about the aftermath of the Bathurst van crash in which 7 high school basketball players and the coach's wife were killed.

The Federation's Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey tells CHSJ News two of the mothers of students who died complain they haven't been consulted. He also points out it was the Alward government that decided to axe the NB Film agency in the first place because it wasn't achieving the results that were hoped for.

The Taxpayers Federation made its request in a letter sent to the provincial Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport Trevor Holder.

A Message Delivered To Students Who Are Bullied

As the new school year approaches, a national charity is reminding parents and students that help is available when it comes to schoolyard bullying.

Rob Frenette of Anti-Bullying Canada tells CHSJ News

they are working to fund scholarships for those to address and tackle the bullying problem.

He says as a charitable organization they can no longer lobby government but, the Minister of Education has put together a committee that is looking at legislation to prevent bullying.

Frenette says his group is now focused on community education and will leave the fight for legislation to others groups.

For more information: visit