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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cruise Line Takes Swing At Environmental Group

(ACAP's Tim Vickers speaking with Carnvial VP Tom Dow - photo by Gary MacDonald)

Princess Cruise Lines is fighting back after receiving a failing environmental grade for the "Crown Princess" in a recent report by the Friends of the Earth.
Tom Dow is Vice President of Public Affairs for Carnival Corporation which is the parent company of Princess -- and -- he says the company's ships meet and in some cases exceed all environmental guidelines and regulation.
Dow showcased environmental efforts onboard the "Crown Princess" while she was docked here in the city -- meantime -- Tim Vickers of the Atlantic Coastal Action Program says the company certainly has its act together.
Vickers says we could learn a few lessons from the cruise line in how to deal with the handling of hazardous waste and recycled materials.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters Scam

There are many reports of a city woman soliciting on behalf of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Saint John, but, they are not currently fundraising for any event.
Executive Director Laurie Collins tell CHSJ News the woman is going door to door with a three-ring binder with the Big Brothers Big Sisters logo on it.
The woman is telling people she is collecting donations for a pizza party to follow a Big Brothers/Big Sisters bowling event.
Collins says they do not fundraise door to door and the bowling fundraiser they have is held in the spring.
She says the City police have been informed and are keeping an eye out for the woman.

Moose Lady Continues Her Fight

Weslford and Musquash......two of the area's Cathy McCullom would like to see more wildlife fencing erected. The topic is back on the table after Transportation Minister Denis Landry cut the ribbon on 27 kilometers of wildlife fencing in Meductic today. McCullom tells CHSJ News, she is thrilled with the efforts to this point but the work isn't done.

McCullom adds the area near the Musqaush Marsh has some fencing but it is not installed properly.

Minister Responds to Calls for More Fencing

With over 327 kilometers of wildlife fencing around the Province to date, Transportation Minister Denis Landry is thrilled with the strides they have made about this concern. He tells CHSJ News, the Graham Government is not closing the ""gate"" on this file.

Landry says he is aware of the dangers in Welsford and Musquash with wildlife but it's too early to commit to anything until the budget numbers are handed down in December.

Work Continues on Potash Mine in Sussex

The economy in Sussex continues to enjoy a nice boost with between four and six hundred construction workers in the municipality. They are working on the new mine for the Potash Corporation which is scheduled for partial start-up in 2011 and running at full capacity by 2013. Mayor Ralph Carr tells CHSJ News, not all the labourers are staying in the Dairytown so the wealth is being spread around.

The mine currently in operation has been plagued with water problems for several years now but Carr says the company gave no indication they plan to shut it down. They are now pumping the excess water into the closed mine in Norton and then into the Bay of Fundy.

Work Continues on the Harbour Bridge

Work on the Harbour Bridge has been going on since April, but you probuably haven't noticed. Crews have been hanging underneath the structure doing repair work to the piers. Authority General Manager Ken Anthony tells CHSJ News, they have also been busy filling in pot-holes.

Anthony adds they hope to have work on the piers finished by the middle of next month. As for next year, the plan is to begin work on the partial deck refurbishment which comes with a price tage of $30 million dollars.

National Attention for Canada Post

Anyone who works for Canada Post can take a bow today. For the fourth year in a row, it has made the list of the country's Top 100 employers. Compiled by Mediacorp, the corporation was selected from 16,000 companies invited to participate. Yesterday, we learned that NB Power has made the list as well.

Canada Post has more than 6600 offices across the country and processes a staggering 45 million pieces of mail every day.

Restaurants Hold Chop Chop Food Festival

The first week of November will be a delight for Saint Johner's taste buds. Twenty-two of the city's uptown restaurants and skilled chef's are holding a 7 day food festival called the "Chop Chop Festival for Foodies". Spokesperson, Margret Begner owns Opera Bistro and tells CHSJ News they are hoping the festival will bridge the gap between the tourism season and the holiday season.

Restaurants will offer a two-course lunch or a 3-course dinner, as well as the cheaper option: the "chop chop" dish for ten dollars. Begner says some restaurants will also being offering special events and entertainment during the festival.

Operation Impact in Effect This Weekend

About 50 drivers have tickets to pay today after being caught speeding or with other car infractions on Highway One yesterday. City Police are conducting Operation Impact this holiday weekend to enforce safe driving. Sgt. Jeff LaFrance with the Saint John Traffic Unit, tells CHSJ news most of the tickets they have issued so far were for speeding--but--says he's not sure what impact it has had.

Police are conducting spot checks throughout the city to check for seat belt use, drinking while driving and speeding. Fines for going over the limit range from 172 dollars to more than 600 dollars.

New 1-2-3 Recycling Program Gets Rave Reviews

(Photo Courtesy of the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission website)

The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission is getting positive feedback about changes to the blue bin recycling program. A new three-stream system allows people to dump metal cans, plastic containers and plastic bags in the same bin--saving time sorting the materials and space in homes.

General Manager MacLeod tells CHSJ News the change over has been fantastic. He says they are still implementing the system and a material recovery facility is being put in place some time around October 21st.

Seniors Home Gears Up for Possible Flu Pandemic

The Loch Lommond Villa is working to keep its clients, staff and visitors healthy through a possible flu pandemic.CEO Cindy Donovan tell CHSJ News they have a very detailed, in-depth pandemic plan for residents and staff. Donovan also says they have stepped up their cleaning routines in terms of infection control in the past few years with handwashing being the number one defense.

More than 800 people either work or live at the Loch Lommond Villa.