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Monday, November 28, 2011

Duplexes Needed In The City

The city's Commissioner of Planning and Development Ken Forrest says we need more duplexes and semi-detached homes in order to grow.

He says since the city has the highest average housing prices in the province, those kinds of homes will be in demand. 
He adds that kind of housing stock is practically non-existent in the city and we will need it to address affordability issues. 

In contrast, he says over 30 percent of the housing starts in Moncton are duplexes.

Standoff in St. Stephen Last Night

 Last night, St. Stephen RCMP responding to a Mayfield home on a report of a man uttering threats.

One person was able to leave the home safely, but a man locked himself inside with a weapon.

The RCMP’s Emergency Response Team responded and after nearly four hours they were able to arrest a man without incident.

A 30-year-old man faces charges but no one was hurt in the incident.

Woman Hit By Steamroller

A woman in her 30s suffering serious injuries to her lower body after being hit by a steam roller.

She was working as a flag person at the time of the incident near the corner of Lewisville and Shediac roads in Moncton.

WorkSafe NB is looking into what happened.

Dinner Aims To Attract Women To Skilled Trades

Young women in grades 9 through 12 are invited to attend a dinner promoting careers where women are often under-represented such as the skilled trades.

It's happening on Thursday night at the New Brunswick Community College campus on Grandview Ave.  

It's hoped the event will foster a positive environment in which young women can meet with tradeswomen in the community.
The students will have a chance to learn about each mentor's career journey and experiences.

If you want to attend or know someone who does: 
call Mélanie Gallagher at 506-453-8126.

Use Patience When Driving This Winter

"Be Patient" that's the advice of the RCMP when it comes to driving this time of year.
Constable Jay Doiron of the Codiac RCMP tells CHSJ News the best things drivers can do is slow down in winter conditions.

He says they encourage motorists to drive for the conditions which might be slower than the posted speed limit.

Doiron says drivers can face a fines of $172.50 and a charge of undue care and attention if their actions cause an accident that could have been avoided if they were driving slower.

Cirque Du Soleil Returns Next Year

If you want to hear a squeal Christmas morning, tickets to Cirque Du Soleil could do the trick.

The latest show called Dralion is coming to Harbour Station next May in 8 performances.

More than 8 million people worldwide have seen the show since it premiered in 1999.
Dralion is the fusion of ancient Chinese circus traditions and the avant-garde style of Cirque du Soleil with the dragon, representing the East, and the lion, representing the West.

The international cast features 52 world-class acrobats, gymnasts, musicians, singers and comedic characters.    Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

For more info:   click here here

Anti-Shale Gas Petition To Be Presented In Legislature

The Conservation Council is calling it one of the largest petition campaigns it has been involved with in its 42 years of existence.

A petition, started last spring, has gathered 15 thousand names calling on the Provincial Government to abandon plans for shale gas exploration and development. 

The Conservation Council's Stephanie Merrill tells CHSJ News the Alward Government seems intent on pressing ahead because of what it sees as the economic windfall for a province in dire financial straits. 

The opponents claim any economic benefits could be offset by problems with drinking water, damage to roads or to peoples' health.
The petition, itself, will be presented in the Legislature, ironically, by a Conservative M-L-A, Kirk MacDonald of York North.

Fists Fly At Hampton Arena

 Punches being thrown Sunday at the Hampton Arena after two spectators got into it.

RCMP arriving on the scene about 1:30 in the afternoon to find two men hitting each other.
One man is from Hampton and the other from St. George and he left with a broken nose.

The Mounties tell us charges are possible.

Bullying Appears To Be Down In School District 8

The number of reported cases of bullying is down in School District 8.

Learning specialist Jill Jollineau says the district has begun hammering home the message in kindergartern about what constitutes acceptable behaviour with the belief, the earlier you do this, the better

She feels they're making inroads in tackling the problem although it's alot tougher to guage the psychological impact when the bullying does not involve physical injuries.

Jollineau tells CHSJ News there should be no confusion about the policy and consequences which are, in her view, clear.

City Police have said they would like to see more consistency in how that policy is interpreted and acted upon by the various schools around the district.

City to Get Millions of Dollars From Gas Tax Fund

Common Council meets tonight and will be hearing from Cherry Brook Zoo which will be looking for some funding from the city next year, the River Road Community Alliance on efforts to make that part of the city safer and the Saint John Community Arts Board which will be reporting on the state of the arts in the city. 

Common Council has also heard from Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch that the city will receive 21 million dollars from the Gas Tax fund to help pay for 28 million dollars worth of projects which include the installation of new water transmission lines under the Reversing Falls Bridge.

Cyber Monday Shoppers Should Be Wary Of Fraud

Many in greater Saint John will be shopping in their p.j.'s today hoping to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals.
The online shopping phenomenon is growing in popularity with 52 per cent of Canadians more aware of it this year than last.
Nicky Mezo of PayPal tells CHSJ News in addition to using different passwords for banking, shopping and email, Cyber Monday shoppers should update their security as well.

She says your should make sure your computer is updated with the latest anti-virus software and your internet browser is also up to date.

Mezo says shoppers should be aware of online scams and keep an eye out for phishing emails which are often fraudulent and often come with the words "urgent" and "act now" in the subject line.
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