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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ferris Wheel Down For Now

If you were looking forward to going for a spin on the ferris wheel down at Market Square you're going to have to wait a little longer.

Heather Peterson with the Hardman Group says the ride was only put up for testing purposes and will now be taken down. 

City council needs to approve the use of the ride before it can be put up permanently.

If approved, the ride be a part of the vendors' market which is held during the summer.

During the testing period, police had to respond to a few calls of people climbing the structure.

Southwest Conservative Candidate Talks Long Guns And LNG Tankers

The Conservative candidate for New Brunswick Southwest says people can count on the Conservatives to deliver on the economy and the long gun registry.  

John Williamson previously worked as the National Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Association and as a senior advisor to Stephen Harper.  

Williamson tells CHSJ News he gets the most applause for the Conservative's promise to finally eliminate the long gun registry, which he says wastes money.  

Another issue specific to Williamson's riding is the opposition to LNG tankers being transported through Canadian waters.  He says Harper is the only party leader who has said the tankers should not come through Canadian waters.

As for the economy, Williamson says the Conservatives will make a modest tax reduction on businesses, but Harper has promised not to cut important programs like health care and education.

Layton Visits Port City

A wave of orange making its way to the port city this morning.  NDP Leader Jack Layton spoke to a packed boardwalk on why people should vote NDP come May 2.

On the subject of the Point Lepreau refurbishment, Layton says the federal government should take responsibility for AECL. 

Layton says Stephen Harper has some explaining to do on why a federal crown corporation has these cost overruns and delays.

Layton says the NDP does not support the public subsidy of new nuclear power generation, but does support funding green and clean energy projects throughout Atlantic Canada.

Program Increases Family Literacy At Centennial School

Centennial school in the North end hosting a family literacy program and seeing a shift in both the kids and their parents.
Community literacy co-ordinator Cheryl Brown says parents are very influential in getting their pre-school kids ready for school and helping with the family's literacy .
She says it's a cultural and social affair and when they have high literacy at home kids can function very well at school.

The program ran for 10 weeks and including one on one time with the student and parents along with group events which included a meal.

Sugar Refinery Property Being Looked At

It's all very hush hush at the moment but we're told a major customer is looking to bring new business to the port at Lower Cove or even the sugar refinery property.

Pat Riley of local 273 of the International Longshoremen's Association tells CHSJ News the specifics have to remain confidential for the time being.

Riley says if the sugar refinery property is used for industrial purposes, you don't have to worry about cleaning up the contamination which he estimates would cost something like 20 million dollars.

 The Port Authority also finds itself under alot of pressure to allow more public access along the waterfront as part of its new land use plan. That concerns the International Longshoremen's Association because, according to Riley, land for port use is at a premium.

Province Warns About Rise In Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The Health Department is alarmed by the increase in sexually transmitted diseases in the province among people in their twenties.

Public Health Officer Dr. Scott Giffen tells CHSJ News you can be treated if you're diagnosed with chlamydia, syphilis or gonnorhea.

According to the Health Department, at least 1 in 20 men and 1 in ten women between the ages of 20 and 24 in the province have contracted chlamydia.

Dr.Giffen says the risk factors include is having unprotected sex, having sex with more than one partner and frequenting prostitutes.

He wonders what role the internet has in contributing to risky sexual behaviour. He also cites poverty and homelessness as being other risk factors.

Fredericton To Mark Royal Wedding On Friday

Two events in Fredericton to honour the wedding of William and Kate will give you the chance to wear that fancy hat and eat scones and bangers.

The Lieutenent Governor is opening Governor House to royal watchers  by reservation only and we're told it's filling up fast.

Barry McKenzie of the province's Monarchist League tells CHSJ News it's the next best thing to being at Westminster Abbey.

He says for those of us who can't make it to London it's a chance to celebrate a common interest in this event.

To make a reservation with the Office of the Lieutentant-Governor call 506-453-2505 or by e-mail

For the Wedding Breakfast Buffet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel call 506-451-1804.

Port Land At A Premium

The port doesn't have enough land and is not in a good position to attract a second container line.

That word coming from Pat Riley of local 273 of the International Longshoremen's Association in a submission to the Port Authority on its land use plan for the future.

 Riley tells CHSJ News the expansion of American Iron and Metal's operation on the lower west side has a cause and effect leaving no land to spare.

 As for the east side of the harbour, Riley says the longshoremen argue Long Wharf will still be needed to handle cargo. He maintains both limestone and salt have been approved for handling at Long Wharf and environmentally are clean cargo.

Layton In Saint John As Polls Show Surge For NDP

On the heels of polls showing his party is surging in popularity, NDP Leader Jack Layton will be making a campaign stop a stop in Saint John this morning.

Layton will be holding a rally on the boardwalk outside the Hilton at Market Square. Some polls suggest the New Democrats are picking up strength and have more support nationall than the Liberals as the final week of campaigning starts.

Don Desserud, a political science professor at UNBSJ, says whether or not the gains translate into seats will depend on how spread out the support is. Desserud says it needs to be centered, like it seems to be in urban areas of Quebec, in order to make a difference.

Desserud says what Jack Layton has done well is make the party look like a viable contender for those people looking for an alternative to the Harper Conservatives.