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Monday, October 14, 2013

BREAKING: Body Of Missing Man Found

The body of a missing 21-year old being discovered two days after his disappearance.

RCMP confirming search and rescue found Adam Joseph Andrews of Saint John at noon today.
Rothesay Regional Police say his body was in the Quispamsis area, so they will be handling the investigation from this point forward.
Andrews was reported missing to City Police on Saturday after not showing up to work. The search started in Saint John but moved to the Hammond River area after his empty vehicle was found in that location that same night. Police found his cellphone and sneaker near the car.

An autopsy being conducted tomorrow to determine the cause of death.
The RRPD say they will be releasing a statement after they review the details of the postmortem.

Greyhound Adoption Group Celebrates 10 Years

Hundreds of dogs best known for their speed racing from the track to their forever homes through an adoption program in the province. 

The Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program, which is based in Moncton, bringing up their 700th dog from the US this weekend and at the same time, celebrating their 10th anniversary. 

President and Founder, Deb Levasseur, tells CHSJ News she started the program after she lost her English Setter and began researching the breed. Levasseur says one of the biggest myths about greyhounds is that they are overly energetic animals. She says they are a laid back, calm breed built for speed, not endurance. Greyhound races typically only last 30 seconds. 

MGAP is having a meet and greet in Brunswick Square on October 26 from 12pm to 2pm. For more information about the program, visit their website by clicking here.

Search For Cormier Expands To Upper West Side

Volunteer search groups looking for clues in a teenager's disappearance now moving into the upper West side of the city.

Search coordinator and family friend Amanda Hensey tells CHSJ News they have covered a large portion of the wooded areas on the West side, but so far, they have come up empty. She says 19-year old Gen Cormier was not the type of person to simply vanish without telling anyone where she was going and calls her disappearance very out of character.

Hensey says they are not losing hope that they will find her.

Cormier was last seen on September 29 in the back parking lot of the Reversing Falls restaurant. A fund has been set up online for people who want to donate to the volunteer search effort, click here for a link.

Milltown International Bridge Temporarily Closed

A heads up to drivers planning on crossing the border.

The Milltown International Bridge in St. Stephen is temporarily closed to traffic coming into the province today and tomorrow between 8am 1pm. Regular service starts back up at 1pm each day.

Drivers are encouraged to use the St. Stephen Third Bridge or the St. Stephen Ferry Point International Bridge as alternate routes in the meantime. The closure is because of construction in the US.

Ashley Smith Is The Touchstone

Progress is being made but more has to be done to ensure young people with mental disorders in the province get the treatment they need. 

That claim being made by Maureen Bilerman of Dots NB who became an activist when her own teenage daughter ran into trouble getting the help she needed. 

Bilerman tells CHSJ News the early intervention being done at schools in Charlotte County and the Acadian Peninsula is producing, in her words, some amazing results. 

Bilerman uses Ashley Smith as her touchstone and, if she were here today, would the mental health treatment be there to make a difference in her life and avoid a tragic end. 

The 19 year old Smith choked herself to death while jailed in Kitchener, Ontario. Her death is now the subject of an inquest in Toronto.

Province Accused Of Passing Up Clean Energy Jobs

New Brunswick is missing the boat when it comes to funding clean energy projects according to Mark D'Arcy of the Council of Canadians. 

He tells CHSJ News the provincial government could create jobs by following the lead of other jurisdictions in giving tax credits for investing in such things as a community economic development fund and co-ops along with payback loan programmes for residential energy retrofits to make your home more energy efficient.

D'Arcy says this is happening right now in Nova Scotia, P-E-I, Ontario, Vermont, Massachusetts, Germany and Scandanavia but not in New Brunswick.