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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moose Fence Gets Repairs

The "Moose Lady" has done it again!

Cathy McCollum tells CHSJ News a spokesperson from the Department of Transportation has let her know that temporary repairs to the moose fence in the Petersville Hill area will commence immediately and tenders will be going out for permanent repairs.

McCollum successfully lobbied the Graham government to erect moose fencing along a portion of highway 7 after her daughter was involved in a moose-vehicle collision.

The fence has been damaged for a few months according to McCollum and she says she's thankful there were no accidents because of it.

21-Gun Salute Rocks Long Wharf

The city celebrating Loyalist Day and the city's 226th birthday with a bang as Saint John's own 3rd Field Artillery Regiment performing a 21-gun salute down at Long Wharf.

Troop Commander Andrew Melvin tells CHSJ News the Royal Salute is not a common sight as it is typically reserved for the Queen's visit or Remembrance Day.

He says the unit is the only one allowed in Canada to do the 21-gun salute because Saint John is Canada's first incorporated city.

More Co-operation Needed Between Mental Health Patients And Doctors

Those with mental health issues are facing many difficulties when seeking help from health care professionals.

Health consultant Neasa Martin tells CHSJ News those needing help often feel they are not part of the treatment process.

She says if doctors help patients make informed choices rather than telling them what to do, it makes them feel empowered and they're taking an active role in their own recovery.

Martin was the keynote speaker at a MindCare seminar being held today in the city.

Grand Manan Ferry May Be Back In Service Today

All is well in Blacks Harbour after the Grand Manan 5 ran aground near the Blacks Harbour wharf this morning.
Ed Trecartin of Coastal Transport in Saint John tells CHSJ News the incident is mainly a disruption to service.
He says no one was hurt and there was no danger of the ship going down.

All passengers were taken off the ferry around 10 this morning and transferred from the vessel to life-rafts.
Divers will now do an inspection of the ferry looking for any damage.
Trecartin says the ferry is tied up at Blacks Harbour and everyone is safe.
The 11am run was cancelled and they hope to be back in operation this afternoon.
For information about the Grand Manan Ferry schedule, call 642-0520.

Grand Manan Ferry Runs Aground

The Grand Manan 5 ferry has run aground near the Blacks Harbour Wharf and all passengers are being off-loaded into life rafts and taken to shore.
The incident took place about 9am this morning and some reports have it stuck on a rock.

Wendell Sperry of the Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre in Halifax tells CHSJ News no one is in danger but when transporting people from one vessel to a smaller boat, it's standard procedure to use life jackets and life rafts.

During high tide, an effort will be made to get the remove the Ferry from the rocks.
The Coast Guard is sending a vessel to the area to provide any assistance that may be needed.

Police Investigate Uptown Stabbing

A busy night for city police. City police receiving a call just after 9:30pm that a man had been stabbed in the throat at 209 Charlotte Street. The suspect fleeing on foot up Charlotte towards Duke Street. Ambulance responded to the scene as the man was bleeding profusely.   The 53-year-old man is in stable condition in hospital.

Just after 10pm police responding to a second call, this time on Waterloo Street. A woman entering a variety store covered in blood saying she had been assaulted. City police telling CHSJ News a man was taken to hospital for minor injuries and they are still looking into it.

City Hosting Loyalist Day Celebrations Today

Break out your tri-corner hat! Today is a special day in the city as it is not only the 228th anniversary of the landing of the first Loyalist Fleet but the Port City's 226th birthday.

The city will be marking the occassion with a 21-gun salute via 3 Howitzer cannons. The salute will happen at Long Wharf at noon.
For more information on various events going on in the city, click here

Moose Lady Warns Of Fencing Breach

Moose-fencing advocate Cathy McCollum, who successfully lobbied the previous government to erect moose fencing along a portion of highway 7, is sounding the alarm over damage to the fence in the Petersville area.
McCollum tells CHSJ News she saw two sections of the fence low enough for moose to pass through and has contacted the department of transportation.
She says there is no excuse for it not being fixed adding she was told it was because of the frost but she doesn't think there is any frost now.
McCollum tells us she spoke to a rep from the DOT yesterday, who told her they are looking into repairing the breach and will keep her advised.
She wants to warn anyone driving in the Petersville area to be careful, especially at night.
Our newsroom placing a call to the Department of Transportation to see where things stand.

Quispam Homeowners Seek Help Over Drainage Issues

Homeowners on Merritt Hill Road in Quispamsis asking council to address water drainage issues in their area. Paul Chamberlain of 15 Merritt Hill Road says water sometimes builds up in his ditch and then spills over onto the road.

He says they are trying to reasonable but he wants to see something done about it adding it would be nice to have a property that their taxes dictate they should have.

Council deciding to let staff look into the issue to see if there is some way to divert the water. Town Engineer Gary Losier says it may be as simple as clearing the pipes of any debris.