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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NB Lung Association Warns E-Cigarette Risks Unknown

Many of us are turning to e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking, but the Canadian Lung Association is calling for a ban until there's more research into their potential health effects.

That, according to the Director of Health Promotion for the provincial chapter Barbara Walls, who says the dangers of e-cigarettes are not fully known. 

Wells tells CHSJ News the most worrisome thing is the chemicals that are found inside them, including propylene glycol which she says is used in hydraulic fluid. Wells also says a study has also shown that six of the nine non-nicotine e-cigarettes sold online in Canada, actually contain trace amounts of the addictive drug.

The CLA also calling for all laws relating to smoke-free areas to include electronic cigarettes.

Teenager Pleads Guilty In Armed Robbery Hoax

A teenager facing charges in an armed robbery hoax at a gas bar in November pleading guilty in court.

The 18-year-old admitting he was one of the four people involved in the planning of the staged armed robbery at the Co-Op on the Westfield Road and helped spend the more than $900 stolen from the business.

Two girls, ages 15 and 16 and a 20-year-old man, who was working at the gas bar at the time of the robbery, were arrested a few hours after the incident, after police stopped their vehicle in Grand Bay-Westfield.

The teen will be back in court for sentencing on the morning of February 12.

Baby On A Bus Requires Medical Help

This had to be incredibly frightening for the parents and other people on the bus near the mall in East Saint John.

Emergency crews responding to a baby in distress on a Saint John Transit bus after 10 this morning.

The baby had a fever further complicated by a lot of clothing but after some of the clothing was removed the baby was fine.

Trace Adkins Will Headline Fredericton Festival

Trace Adkins coming to the rescue of the Maritime Countryfest in Fredericton this June.

The singer will fill in for Ronnie Dunn who has cancelled all of his tour dates this year.

Other performers include Deric Ruttan, Kelli Pickler, Chad Brownlee and Great Big Sea.

The event coming up June 13 and 14th at Officer's Square in Fredericton.

For ticket info and to see the rest of the talent line-up, click here

Woman Charged With Attempted Murder In Baby Taylor Case

A third charge being laid against a woman in connection with the discovery of a newborn baby's body in a snow bank near Salisbury in 2009.

The baby's mother, 30-year-old Christine Margaret Wood of Riverview, is now facing a charge of attempted murder. Last year, Wood was charged with indignity to a dead human body or human remains and concealing the body of a child.

Police allege Wood disposed of the dead baby boy trying to conceal the fact that she had given birth to him.

She will make her next court appearance in February.

Apprenticeship Programs Being Harmonized Across Atlantic Canada

The province announcing a new initiative to harmonize apprenticeship programs across the Atlantic region.

The Council of Atlantic Premiers, will invest $3.5 million dollars into the program. Along with $4.3 million from the Federal Government. 

Ten trades across the Atlantic provinces will be harmonized. This includes electricians, technicians, cooks, and bricklayers. The goal of the project is to create more jobs and keep people working at home.

For more details on the initiative visit,

Fredericton Police Nab Man On Canada-Wide Warrant

Police in Fredericton arrested a 34-year old man wanted on an outstanding Canada-Wide Warrant for aggravated assault yesterday.

He was also wanted on charges of uttering threats, criminal harassment, and family violence charges, and probation breaches all originating out of Calgary.

He also faces outstanding warrants in New Brunswick for  assault, threats, and break and enter.

RCMP May Not Even Be An Option For Saint John

Despite all the controversy over common council's vote to look into the cost of the RCMP policing Saint John, it might all be a moot point if the RCMP isn't willing to go ahead with it: so says  police association president Jamie Hachey, who tells CHSJ News he's been hearing that Saint John might not meet the criteria the RCMP have for considering a community.

He says he's heard it's RCMP policy not to intervene where there is a labour dispute, and also that they actively engaged in areas with populations of 5000 to 15,000 people and not above. Hachey says he'll be interested to hear the report from City Manager Pat Woods when it's complete. 

Hachey says he questions why the Mayor feels the report that was done on policing costs in Moncton is irrelevant and says it's worth doing some looking into.

Citizens Who Saved Suicidal Woman Honoured

A dramatic rescue on Reversing Falls Bridge has resulted in kudos for some quick-thinking citizens.

Student Jane Foster was driving across the bridge in July 2013 when she noticed an elderly woman talking to another woman who was standing outside the railing. She and her passenger, Curt Delaney, pulled over and tried to hold on to the woman while she struggled to jump over the side.

Once police arrived they continued to try and pull her back over and managed eventually to pull her to safety. Delaney tells CHSJ News it was a bizarre experience.

Foster, Delaney, Bill Clark, and Constable Peter Osbourne all were given an award from the Saint John Police Commission for their bravery in saving the woman's life.

Black's Harbour To Vote On Policing Tonight

Black's Harbour Village council has a big vote tonight on whether or not to keep RCMP policing in the community.

St. George has already voted to drop the Mounties.

Black's Harbour Deputy Mayor Natalie Harris tells CHSJ News they looked at what they are spending and whether or not they are happy with the service they are receiving.

She tells us they think they can get a better service if they went with a regional joint police force adding they think this is the best thing they can do for the amount of money they are willing to pay for policing.

Black's Harbour and St. George pay $500,000 combined for their RCMP contact.

If Black's Harbour votes to get rid of the RCMP,  the village then needs permission from the Department of Public Safety to proceed with a new municipal force.

Debate Over Municipal Police Vs. RCMP Continues At Police Commission

As Saint John examines the cost of its municipal police force versus the RCMP, all eyes are on what other communities in the Maritimes have been paying for their policing--and whether a move to the RCMP would make sense from either a fiscal or law-and- order perspective .

Newly-minted Police Commission Chair Jonathan Franklin tells CHSJ News he's already crunched the numbers, and Moncton is paying more for so-called "drive-through" RCMP service. Franklin acknowledges a report prepared by a member of the Police Commission might seem self-serving, but denies he would ever skew data in favour of the SJPD.

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News it's not enough to extrapolate the numbers from Moncton--instead, he says, we need a Saint John specific report. Further, Norton says the Moncton report was the farthest thing from his mind during the vote because to him to be appeared unrelated to the questions council was asking.

This controversy over the report comes after a member of a popular Facebook group in support of the SJPD posted a letter he wrote to the mayor and council. He charged the Mayor with withholding information, writing "I find it extremely interesting that the Mayor, who broke the deadlock, voted to pursue this request, as a member of the Police Commission, is well aware of this study, but chooses to go down the road of spending our tax dollars to prepare, receive and evaluate another quote, because he doesn't like the results of the original study."

The Mayor says he has made no effort to withhold the results of the Moncton report, and fails to understand why there's so much resistance to asking questions about the cost.