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Monday, June 22, 2009

Weather And Tanker Traffic Delay L-N-G Ship

Strong winds and other large crude oil tanker traffic are being cited as reasons for a revised schedule for the arrival of the first L-N-G tanker at the new Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Red Head.
A Canaport L-N-G spokesperson tells us the wind speed is critical with the tanker berthed in the outer portion of the harbour -- meantime -- there are other crude oil tankers needing to offload their product.
The big L-N-G tanker is now expected later this week.

The New Health Minister Is Up For The Challenge

[Health Minister Mary Schryer----File Photo]

Newly appointed Health Minister Mary Schryer says the early morning call from the Premier came as a bit of shock.
Schryer says it's touching that that the premier would give her a post that is so important to everyone in the province.
She says she isn't concerned about taking a heavily criticized post--because she sees passion and criticism as something different.
Schryer says it will take some adjustment balancing the health portfolio, as well as the status of women file.

Schryer says her first order of business this morning was to call all stakeholders to introduce herself, and extend an invitation for meetings.

Political Scientist Weighs in On Cabinet Shuffle

The changes to the cabinet come as no surprise, and a Political Scientist at UNB Saint John says it's an interesting shuffle.Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, what's interesting about the changes is there are no demotions, or new faces.
Desserud says newly appointed Health Minister Mary Schryer will have her work cut out for her as it's a tricky position. He says not many Ministers go into the position excited and happy about the job---but someone with a fresh outlook on the job might be the ticket.
Desserud says he doesn't expect the public to be overly excited about the changes---because no one is being punished. He says the public reaction will help determine when the next election may be called.

LNG Tanker Now Due Later In The Week

(Canaport L-N-G terminal in Red Head - file photo)

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse today of the first L-N-G tanker to come up the bay to the Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Red Head -- forget it.
The company now says the ship isn't expected to arrive until later this week -- but -- it says the start up of the facility will still fall within the scheduled window.
Canaport L-N-G has been running a series of radio ads advising residents not to worry about flaring at the facility when the tanker arrives -- it's part of the commissioning process and will be reduced to a small flare once the onshore tank has been brought online.

Cabinet Shuffle

Seven Ministers are getting new responsibilities as Premier Graham shuffles his cabinet.
Mike Murphy is moving from the Health Department, to become Minister of Justice and Consumer Affairs, as well as Attorney General.
Mary Schryer will take over Health Minister duties, and will remain responsible for the status of women.
Roland Hache is the new Education Minister, while Kelly Lamrock is taking over social development duties.
T.J Burke will take over the role of Environment Minister, with Greg Byrne becoming the Finance Minister.
The new Business Minister will be Victor Boudreau.
These portfolio changes are effective immediately.

Baby Falls From Third Storey Window

If you think your weekend was exciting, wait until you hear what happened to James Blagden.
It was Saturday night at 9:30pm when the 37-year old Blagden was standing on Victoria Street in the North End with his friends and noticed a small baby hanging from a third storey window. He ran over and broke the fall of the child. The two year old baby boy did hit his head on the sidewalk and was taken to the Regional to get looked over.

The baby and Blagden are both doing fine.

ER Doctors and Province Make Agreement

A new deal is being inked between the provincial government and doctors in hopes of eliminating staff shortages in emergency rooms.
Doctors will be paid for clinical work, as well as teaching and administering call schedules.
Physicians will also be compensated for developing collaborative practices with nurses.
Details are still be hammered out between the province and the doctors.

Turbine Rotors in Town

The circle of life for a pair of re-fitted turbines is almost complete. They arrived back from the U.K. on the weekend after they fell into the harbor last fall while being loaded onto a barge for a trip to Point Lepreau. NB Power spokes-person Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, they will be stored at the port for about a week.
McLean says they hope to have the turbines ready for a second trip to Point Lepreau by early next week after the lobster season has come to a close.

Contenious Issue Up for Debate

On the common council agenda tonight is a report on the comprehensive review of fire services in the city. Back in May, city council asked the Fire Chief to review services and find a way to reduce costs. The review will look at consolidating stations, the potential use of volunteers, and any other cost cutting measure.

Council is looking for a complete review to be finished no later than September 30th. Tonight's council meeting gets underway at 5:30pm.

Think About Use of Pesticides

The Conservation Council is asking people to remember using cosmetic pesticides affect your neighbours.Dave Thompson tells CHSJ News, people often do not consider how pesiticides are not limited to your own lawn.

Thompson says the Conservation Council is requesting people refuse services that use chemical pesticides. Late last week, the province announced the sale and use of more than 200 over-the-counter lawn care pesticide products on domestic lawns will be banned by this fall.

Trouble for Vessel

Tough finish to the weekend for some people on a sailboat. Rescue flares were spotted near Ragged Point around one o'clock and the In-Shore Rescue and Water Rescue Unit were called in to assist.

In-shore staff reached the vessel first, got her steady and towed her into shore. No word on what the problem was and no one was hurt.

Recreation Plan for Rothesay

It should become a little clearer as to which way the Town of Rothesay is going when it comes to recreation tonight. ADI Architecture will unveil it's plan they have put together for the municipality on where they think the town should concentrate their efforts and funds.

There has been a lot of pressure on town officials to get on board with the Q-Plex facility in Quispamsis but officials say there is more sports than just hockey that need attention in their town and the Kennebecasis Valley. Tonight's open house gets started at seven at the Bill McGuire Center.

First Liquified Tanker Arrives Today

The first shipment of liquefied natural gas will arrive in Saint John today. The first operational tank was supposed to accept its first shipment on Saturday, but because of the rain was pushed back. The Canaport LNG site will permanently employ 70 employees, with security officers on site 24 hours a day.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony is coming in September when all three storage tanks will be operational.