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Saturday, February 1, 2014

BBB Has Tips On Hiring A Reliable Snow Contractor

Hiring someone to shovel your driveway without first doing your research can end up with you getting left out in the cold. 

That warning coming from Jill Atkinson of the Maritime Better Business Bureau who says they've heard numerous reports over the years of people taking money up front for snow removal then disappearing. 

She tells CHSJ News it's important to get the deal in writing, make sure the person is insured and bonded in case your property gets damaged and take the time to ask for references and be sure to check those references. 

You can also check with the BBB for a business review on the contractor by calling 1-877-663-2363 or by visiting their website.

Health Canada Studying Effectiveness Of Morning-After Pill

Does how much you weigh impact how well the morning after pill works for you? That's a question Health Canada is now working to answer.

They're studying new data suggesting a higher body weight could reduce the effectiveness of emergency contraceptives. They're also looking at whether labeling changes will be needed for the pills.

The product labeling for the drug Norlevo was recently revised in Europe to say in trials, the emergency contraceptives were not effective in women who weighed more than 176 pounds.

There are four emergency contraceptive pills available without a prescription in Canada, they are Next Choice, Norlevo, Option Two and Plan B.

Break & Enter On The Lower West Side

A woman being assaulted with a weapon during a break and enter at her home on the lower West side. 

The Saint John Police Department telling CHSJ News it happened on Rodney Street just after 1:30 this morning. While police can't say what type of weapon was used in the incident, they do say it was not a gun or knife. The woman did not sustain any major injuries.

Two women have been arrested. It's believed the three of them do know each other.

UNB Cancelling March Reading Week

After a strike that spanned more than two weeks, the University of New Brunswick is cancelling the March Reading Week pending approval by the Academic Senates so students can make up for lost time.

Classes will also be extended until April 17, so that students can finish the Winter term and have the opportunity to graduate on time. The exam period will now be April 22-30, including exams on April 27. The university says this arrangement will mean only four teaching days are lost and the summer term can start as scheduled. 

All tuition and fees are now due by 4:30pm this upcoming Friday for both undergraduate and graduate students. Classes start back up on Monday after a tentative deal with the union representing faculty. The university is posting updates here.

Vehicle Goes Off The Road, Catches Fire On Highway 1

A man being taken to hospital with serious injuries after his vehicle went into a ditch on Highway 1 past the Crowne Street exit.

Platoon Chief Barry Oickle of the Saint John Fire Department says when crews got to the scene around 6am this morning, the vehicle was flipped onto its side and was fully engulfed in flames. The driver got himself out of the vehicle and was brought to safety by two people who had stopped to help.

Oickle says fire crews and police then worked together to get the scene under control, with firefighters extinguishing the vehicle blaze and officers directing traffic.