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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Invest in Kids launches parenting model for Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and the Invest In Kids-a national charity that aims to transform the way parents are educated and supported- are introducing a parenting framework called Comfort, Teach and Play.

Karon Foster of Invest in Kids tells CHSJ News that it is based on research that includes child development, bonding and attachment. 
To see video examples of the Comfort, Teach and Play framework for Moms and Dads, go to

Flowers still make good Mother's Day present

Flowers are still a popular Mother's Day gift according to Paul's Flower Shop owner Mark Farwell.

Farwell says flowers are like a breath of fresh air in spring, and they just make mom feel good.

The most popular flowers are tulips, lilies, daisies, and roses.

Farwell says there is still a large variety of selection available, so it's not too late to buy flowers if you're late in your shopping or you've accidentally forgotten to pick something up.

Non-Profit Housing Association plans to work with municipalities

Members of the province's Non Profit Housing Association got a bus tour of affordable housing sites in Saint John while they were in town for a three day conference.

Executive member Tim Ross says too many people have the false belief that building affordable housing draws crime and drugs to a neighbourhood.

He says the association plans to fix this by working with municipalities.

The association currently has over 62,000 units in the province housing 32,000 people.

City Arts Board wants Peel Plaza to be a public place

Saint John Arts Board Chair Mike Wennberg says art is the key factor in making Peel Plaza more than just a set of buildings.

After a presentation from Wennberg suggesting a public art committee should be formed, Police Commission Chairman Christopher Waldschutz says installing art at Peel Plaza is inevitable.

The City has already adopted a policy saying they must put 1% of capital towards public art.

Wennberg hopes the piece for Peel Plaza will be outside where people have access to it.

Energy Minister speaks on rate hike

(Energy Minister Jack Kier)
       (File Photo)

Home and business owners are growing concerned with what's going on at Point Lepreau with a three per cent rate hike by NB Power set to be reviewed by the Energy and Utilities Board next month.

Refurbishment costs continue to balloon as does the schedule as problems arise with no solutions.

Energy Minister Jack Keir says the $475 million dollar over-run to the deferral account and million dollars a day for replacement power hasn't been included in any increase to this point.

Minister Keir adds taking Atomic Energy of Canada to court to re-coup some of the costs is still a possibility.

Commercial airs inviting you to Saint John's birthday party

       (File Photo)

A birthday party isn't the same with-out plenty of your friends and starting tonight, a nation wide invitation is going coast to coast from Saint John.

A commercial will air during tonight's episode of ""The Amazing Race"" inviting all to come join in the summer long celebration of the city's 225th birthday.

The commercial was done by Hemmings House Pictures here in Saint John and features the city's dramatical images, art and entertainment scene.

It also features a song written by Saint John singer Clinton Charlton and his band the Formers.

The birthday party gets started next week on the 18th and includes the concert, ""Making History"" at Harbour Station that night.

Venue Saint John buzzing with business

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Saint John hosted 318 meeting and events in 2009 which brought in over 11.7 million to the local economy.

Sally Cummings of Venue Saint John tells CHSJ News that it's a busy time for Venue Saint John with a slew of big events in the Port City this year ranging from the Acadian Games in June and a Women's Barber Shop singers convention in November.

Venue Saint John gave away a $2500 dollar ring in their Glitz and Glam promotion for a Mother's Day to a woman from Ottawa who took part in a convention for 400 meeting planners.