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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hunting Age Changed

As of Saturday, 12 year olds will be permitted to hunt game and small varmints under the law in New Brunswick. Previously, the legal age was 14. The New Brunswick Wildlife Federation made the switch as part an initiative to get more young people interested in hunting.

12 year old hunters will have to be accompanied by an adult--and before they can carry a firearm, they will be required to finish a firearm safety/hunter education course or bowhunter education course offered through local offices of the Department of Natural Resources. Most provinces in Canada already have a legal hunting age of 12.

Results Of NB Air Quality Study Released

New Brunswick is breathing a little easier according to the release of the provincial air quality survey results. According to Environment Minister Bruce Fitch, the closure of some of the larger mills and the generating station on Grand Lake have made a significant improvement in the quality of the air we breathe. 

He tells CHSJ News the main concern is that we become complacent when we see positive results--because we always have to keep moving forward.

The survey keeps an eye on carbon monoxide, acid rain,ground level ozone and a variety of other factors--and all the surveyed sites in New Brunswick conform to the Canada-wide standard.

MLA Says A Vote Is A Vote

It might not be a popular decision, but a vote is a vote: so says MLA Jim Parrat regarding the decision to charge families from Greenwich and West Westfield to use the River Valley Community Center. 

Parrott says despite what some citizens say, they made every effort to get the word out about the vote to discontinue funding for the center by leaving letters and mailouts for residents.

The residents say a new vote needs to be held because the previous one didn't include the demographic that uses the center.

Former Case Worker For Province Jailed

A 40 year old Quispamsis man has learned his fate for defrauding the provincial department of Social Development of more than 36 thousand dollars.

Kenneth Neaves has been sentenced to 1 year in jail after Judge Anne Jeffries determined he committed a breach of both trust and authority.

Neaves was working as a case worker for Social Development, using clients and even family members to perpetuate the fraud from 2007 to 2009 when he was caught by a fluke.  

Judge Jeffries told the court it appears Neaves had woven a web of lies to such an extent he could not recognise reality and tried to blame others. She also speculates he would have continued with the fraud had he not got caught.  

The judge also pointing out the Court of Appeal has determined people who steal from their employers should go to jail.

No Break At The Pumps

Gas prices continuing their ascent with a significant increase in the price of self serve regular after the weekly setting. 

It is now up to $1.32.1 a litre in the city with diesel at $1.36.1. 

Propane also more expensive with a listed maximum price of 94.6 cents a litre.

Heating oil has risen to a max of $1.17.7.

Board Of Trade Bullish On Business Climate In City

Business is booming in Saint John according to business leaders in Port City.

A tour put organised by the Saint John Board of Trade showcased growth in health knowledge, I-C-T, energy and developing the former Coast Guard site down by Market Square.

Board of Trade Chair Larry Hachey tells CHSJ news that we take ourselves for granted and beat our selves up alot so this was an opportunty to showcase what was going on and people were surprised at how vibrant the city is.

Southern NB Railway mentioned it was bringing New Brunswickers who were out west back to the province to work for their company. 

The I-C-T sector is said to now employ 3,000 people in Saint John with over 100 companies.