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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dogs Find Smokes And Drugs Outside Prison Walls

A canine unit finding a large haul of tobacco, hashish and more outside the walls of the Dorchester Penitentiary.

It found 16 bales of tobacco, 223 grams of hashish, a cell phone and a charger with an institutional value of more than $40, 000.
The seizure took place on Tuesday.

More Criticism Over Tory Plan To Delay Minimum Wage Hike

The labour critic for the Liberals Chris Collins is supporting the call by the co-chair of the province’s poverty reduction panel, Leo-Paul Pinet for a public debate on the Alward Government’s recent decision to delay a 50 cent increase in the minimum wage and the possible introduction of a two tiered minimum wage. Collins dismisses talk that 50 cents an hour is no big deal and the delay is only for six months.

He says this doesn't help the single mother working at Tim Horton's or the young couple making minimum wage trying to pay a mortgage and feed their children.
According to Collins, if you're working fulltime, an extra fifty cents an hour would mean an additional 80 dollars a month.

Province Gives Storytent Project Over $12,000

The Storytent project in Crescent Valley getting a $12,000 boost to help kids disover a love for reading.
Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Trevor Holder making the announcement saying literacy is important because it will open doors for kids.

Literacy Co-Ordinator Cheryl Brown says they begin by collectiong a wide selection of books and pack them in their wagon with tents and ground sheets.   She says if it's raining they prepare for it and the kids often help them set up and then they get ready for reading.

Brown adds the program has been going on for 9 years in Crescent Valley and is offered in 8 different locations within the community.

No Construction Starts Despite Approvals For Proposed Marine Terminal

The proposal has now cleared both federal and provincial environmental approvals -- but -- Irving Oil says it doesn't have any plans to move forward with its Eider Rock marine terminal at this time.

The terminal - road - and - associated pipeline were originally part of the proposed second refinery that was shelved two years ago.

Provincial approval was given earlier this year while federal approval came last month.

Irving Oil says the projects have a long term value for the existing refinery -- but -- nothing is scheduled related to the approvals.

Feedback Sought On Election Of Regional Health Boards

If you have any thoughts on how we should handle the election of members of the Regional Health Authority boards -- there is an opportunity to have your say.

Public consultations by a Legislature committee will begin here in the city on the 19th of this month.

The committee is seeking input on regional health authority boundaries - electoral boundaries - and election rules for board members.

Those issues need to be addressed prior to election of board members beginning with the municipal elections next spring.
For more information click here.

French Statues Removed For Repairs

The huge wooden statues of Samuel de Champlain and Lady La Tour that were in Loyalist Plaza have been taken away to be repaired.

One of the statues weighed a thousand pounds and both were lifted by crane and then taken to Samuel de Champlain where artist Albert Deveau will take a look and carry out the repairs.

The city's Cultural Affairs officer Bernie Cormier tells CHSJ News some of the wood has rotted but he's confident they can be fixed up to live another day. He says being outside in all sorts of stormy weather conditions has taken its toll.
The plan is for them to be placed along harbour Passage by Fort La Tour once construction on the Harbour Bridge is completed.

New Acting Fire Chief In City

There is another change in the senior ranks of the Saint John Fire Department.

Acting Fire Chief Mark Gillen is leaving for a job with Defense Research and Development.

He's being replaced temporarily by acting Deputy Chief Kevin Clifford.

A head hunting firm is now conducting a nationwide search for a permanent fire chief and it's expected a new one will be appointed in the next two months or so.

Gas Prices Stabilize

It had been expected gas prices would go down after the weekly setting but such is not the case.

There has been no change at all.

Self serve regular is being sold this morning around town for 127.3 a litre. Diesel is at 130.1. Propane is listed at 112.8 and heating oil, also the same, at 113.7 a litre.

New Tim Hortons Will Be Built Near Causeway

The rumour mill is true for a change....... Tim Hortons will be opening up a new location on Bayside Drive near the Causeway.

One of our listeners is raising concerns over the potential traffic issues this could cause especially during the morning commute.

There have been traffic jams caused by the drive thru at Russell Street and Thorne Avenue along with the one on Waterloo Street.

The city tells CHSJ News the plans for the new location meet all the necessary requirements for planning. The driveway will be over 80 metres from the intersection of Bayside Drive and the Causeway so planners believe there will be enough room for cars to line up on the property without causing congestion.

Close Call Along Highway One

You don't see this too often..........One of our road warriors describes it as a close call as he reports a pickup truck was hauling a trailer last night eastbound along Highway 1 just before  the Fox Farm Road when it struck a bump.

The trailer somehow got away from the pickup and tumbled over an embankment. This happened around 8:30 and it was towed out about three hours later.

 No one was injured.