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Friday, May 24, 2013

Provincial Park's Long Term Future Up For Discussion

The Boys & Girls Club of Grand Manan saved the season this time -- but what about the next one?

A one-year agreement being finalized with the Club to operate the Anchorage Provincial Park, after the province decided it would not open it's doors as a way to save money.

Tourism Minister Trevor Holder tells Tide News the Boys & Girls Club will have the opportunity to renew after this year.

Holder says they are hoping to have the park open for campers by early June.

Tara The Dog Found Safe

Looks like all the media attention paid off.

A stolen Alaskan Malamute named Tara has been reunited with her owner. Owner Elad Shalom tells CHSJ News he got a tip from someone saying they knew where the dog was and he went to the home with police. They admitted to having taken the dog and surrendered her in the presence of police and RCMP.

Shalom says he's dropping the charges and donating the $1000 reward he was offering to the SPCA, because all he cares about it getting the dog back.

Someone had stolen the dog from the Shalom family because they believed she was left outside too often and not properly crated.

City Keeping An Eye On Water Levels

The wet weather is not only a problem for the many outdoor fundraisers and events planned this weekend but it can be downright dangerous as well.

With teeming water pouring down King street and in many different areas, the City telling us they are keeping an eye on the water and the regular trouble spots for flooding.

As the roads and highways get waterlogged, motorists are reminded to drive with caution and watch out for hydroplaning.

The greater Saint John area remains under a rainfall warning with more than 100 millimetres of rain forecast between today and tomorrow night.

Owner of Stolen Dog Offering $3000 Reward

A man who claims his family pet was stolen by misguided animal rights vigilantes is campaigning to get his family dog back. 

Elad Shalom says after his Alaskan Malmute, Tara, went missing he posted about it on Kijiji to see if anyone had spotted the distinctive white purebred. In response he received anonymous messages back from someone saying they had taken the dog because they thought Shalom was keeping her in a sub-standard crate. 

Shalom tells CHSJ News Tara is a show dog who has won numerous awards including Best Pet and Best in Breed. He describes Tara as a family member and says his children miss her desperately. The family moved from Israel to New Brunswick less than two months ago. 

Starting Saturday morning, Shalom is offering a $3000 reward to whoever finds both the dog at the thief.

Visit the Facebook group campaigning for the dog's return here

If you have any information about Tara's whereabouts you can contact the owner directly at 506-654 6664 or by email at

Painting Turned Into A Competitive Sport Tonight

You might not think of painting as a competitive sport; however, tonight Saint John's creative types will be duking it out at a new event called Art Battle. 

Twelve talented artists will take the stage and will compete, the audience will vote to determine who has earned the right to represent New Brunswick at the Art Battle National Championships in Toronto. Organizer Andre Samson tells CHSJ News the range of art is incredible, with some people bringing in specialized gear like electric fan blades to create their paintings. 

It's a first time event for Saint John, although art battles are held regularly in Montreal, Vancouver and elsewhere.

The event is licensed at gets underway at the Sanctuary Theatre at 7:30 and costs $15. 

Caught for Failing To Pay The Taxman

A Fredericton woman must pay a fine of $3,000 in Fredericton Provincial Court for failing to file her taxes. 

Della Jean Brophy was convicted for failing to file her income tax returns in 2009 and 2010 along with her 2010 corporate tax return for Perfect Timing Transport.

She was fined $1,000 for each count and has until May 23rd of next year to pay.

Brophy has until June 21st of this year to file the outstanding personal income tax returns.

Four Person Jury Delivers Recommendations at Drowning Inquest

The four person coroner's jury determined 17 year old Yifan Wang died of accidental drowning.

The jury made nine recommendations including additional lighting at the deep end of the swimming pool, province wide standards for aquatic centres and swimming pools along with an additional lifeguard at the shallow end of the pool.

They would also like to see portable phones for the lifeguards, the use of spineboards for swimmers who get into trouble and are pulled from the the water and provincial paramedics should be required to have a minimum of Advanced Paramedic training as they do in Nova Scotia.

The inquest began on Tuesday at the Sydney Street courthouse.

Some Students Smoke Pot, Drink Booze and Energy Drinks

The province releasing the results of the 2012 Student Drug Use Survey Report.

It's been in use since 1996 to gather info on the use  of alcohol, tobacco, gambling and more to understand student behavior and respond the right way.

More than 3500 randomly selected students in grade 7, 9, 10 and 12 completed the survey.

The results found 48 per cent of students consumed alcohol, 22 per cent smoked cigarettes and 28 smoked pot.

11 per cent report taking oxycontin or codeine without a prescription and 57 per cent drink energy drinks.

The numbers are consistent with the 2007 survey and down significantly from the 2002 edition.

Doucet Credits The People Of Grand Manan With Saving Anchorage

Now that one of our Provincial Parks is off the chopping block, one Liberal MLA hopes the government will still help out.

The Boys & Girls Club of Grand Manan Island finalizing a one-year agreement with the province to take over operations of the Anchorage Provincial Park for 2013.

The park was set to close this year in an effort to find efficiencies and cut costs.

Charlotte-The Isles MLA Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News the club came up with their proposal only weeks ago.

He says they have had little time to prepare with the camping season upon us adding they will need a lot of help because it's a big undertaking for a volunteer group.

Doucet says when the closure was first announced, the entire island took part in signing petitions and letters to keep the park open.

He adds he applauds the people of Grand Manan for keeping the issue alive.